Her Boss Twin Babies (English)

Her Boss Twin Babies (English)

By:  Ms. RED  Ongoing
Language: English
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Are you willing to take a gamble with someone you love even if he's still in love with someone else? Are you willing to take on the role of Mother to his two sons?

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89 Chapters
Chapter One
Would you believe me if I said that... I went from begging on the streets and selling rags to being the secretary of the President who owns the largest corporations in the Philippines? Even me doubt it, it's like a dream I created when I was young.__________________________________[Laura]When I was five years old, my parents died in a car crash. I was placed in an orphanage because we had no other relatives who could take care of me. "Starting this day, this place will be your home" the nun said while looking at me with pity. But the orphanage burned down when I was in sixth grade. Because of that, I became homeless at the age of twelve. "Sir, Ma'am... spare me some coins, I'm hungry." I beg on every person who passes by. When I learned how to sell different kinds of products, I started selling candies, bottled water and rags. It was s
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Chapter Two
Because of his childish personality, I had no choice but to accept his job offer as his secretary.I can still feel my lips tingling with rage right now.How can I turn down his offer? He threatens to fire Anica's husband, who works for him. And he even threatened to close the Coffee Shop I work in if I refused to be his secretary.And now, here I am the newly appointed secretary for the CEO and this company has a lot of paperwork to complete.The work environment is so suffocating!  I'm already exhausted and angry just by seeing all the paper works.It must feel good to release this frustration by punching his handsome face and smacking his perfect body. "Ms. Caasi!" I sigh in despair, he's calling me again. He calls me every now and then, enough to make my knee numb from walking. He's such a clingy Boss. I threw down my pen on my desk and stormed into his office.As soon that I open the door to his
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Chapter Three
"I can't do this anymore,I'm so tired!" I sighed, slamming my face against the table and closing my eyes to rest.Paperwork and meetings are both so boring that they make me sleepy and tired. I'm grateful that I have a job, but I'm so done with this type of work. I resigned before and chose to work in the coffee shop because I needed a break from all of the hard work I'd done in the past....But here I am, worried about a piece of paper that will make me vomit just by reading it.I messed up my hair. I'm completely exhausted! I just want to go home and sleep in my bed."Get the hell out!"When I hear a loud bang on the door, my soul almost left me in shock.What's that? I ask as I raise my head. So, what happened?I saw fear on the faces of the other employees who work on this floor. So, what happened?I motioned for Irene, one of the workers here, to come over to me."Can you tell me what happened?" I ask. She even approached me closely
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Chapter Four
"Oh, you're still here... you're not going to work?"I turned around when I heard Eugene's voice and the bedroom door closing. I give him a friendly smile. "I need to go to the hospital; Gail is about to give birth, and I need to monitor her," I said, placing the food I had prepared for Gail.Gail is the woman who is carrying Eugene's child. I've been with her since Eugene and I decided to take care of the child. The two are still not talking and they haven't seen each other since their encounter at the Company. I'm not sure if Eugene is still angry at Gail, everytime I tried to make him come with me to visit Gail he always makes a alibi so he can't go with me. Maybe he still can't accept Gail's decision and he's not ready to face her yet. I just kept quiet and do what I can to help them, specialty Gail who's now in the Hospital.I'm not sure if Eugene is still angry at Gail, but every time I try to convince him to accompany me to visit Gail, he always comes up with an excuse why he
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Chapter Five
"Go, one more push... I can already see the baby's head; one last push in the count of three. One, two, three push!"Gail gave her all in that final push, and the next thing we know, the baby's cries fill the entire room."Ungahhh!""You did it, Gail!" I whisper, tears streaming down on my cheeks."I'm so proud of you, Gail... good job," my lips tremble in relief and joy. Eugene suddenly entered the room, his gaze instantly fixed on the small body in front of him."Congratulations! It's a healthy Baby Boy!" the doctor announced. I left Gail for a moment to approach Eugene, who hadn't taken his gaze away from the baby that the nurses were cleaning."Hey," I say, trying to get his attention."Hmm?" he replied, my brow furrowed as I heard his raspy voice, and I noticed his teary eyes when I looked at him.I wiped my own tears away. I, too, am relieved to finally meet a healthy and safe baby.I also look at the baby and observe how they clean him.Looking at the little angel in front
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Chapter Six
"All I want for him is for him to be happy, and I know that will definitely happen because you are with them; knowing that makes me happy to die peacefully because I know my boys are in good hands, and I know you will love them as if they were your own," she said in a low voice, and I can hear how she is suffering just to say those words to me.I took a deep breath and wiped away my tears before facing her again. I looked her in the eyes, which were clouded with tears. When I saw her cry, I couldn't stop myself from crying again. Just by looking at her, I could see and feel her pain, and I knew she didn't want to die and leave Eugene and their children behind. Every step I took towards the bed where she was lying felt so heavy. When I finally reached her, I instantly held her hand and gently squeezed it before giving her a slight smile."Gail, don't say that. No one can defeat your love for them, no one can match the sacrifices you made just to bring your children into this world; ev
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Chapter Seven
We tried to locate Gail's relatives after Eugene said his goodbyes to her. But, according to what we found, Gail had not communicated with any of her relatives in a long time. We also had no idea where to look for them, so Eugene decided to hold a small and private funeral for Gail.I walked over to Gail's coffin and placed the white flower I was holding. I smiled when I saw her resting peacefully; she seems to be happy and satisfied right now... When a light breeze blows against my skin, I close my eyes and feel it... It's a very soothing wind, like a goodbye hug from her."Goodbye Gail, even though we've only been together for a short time, I won't forget you; don't worry okay? I'll look after them." I said for the last time. ----Things happened so quickly, and now we're in the Baby ward, where Eugene's two baby boys are. I rubbed his back as he began to cry, holding the glass and looking at the twins steadily. I looked up, wiped away my tears, and asked the nurse if we could see
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Chapter Eight
When we arrive at the unit, it's almost twelve o'clock. We didn't want to be away from the kids for too long, so we waited until visiting hours were over before heading to the office. Eugene needed to sign some important documents so he wouldn't have to go to work the next day. Finally, the twins will be released tomorrow."You should get some rest, Eugene," I said as I tapped him on the back. "I'll just prepare everything we need to bring tomorrow and then go to bed," I said as I approached the twins' bedroom door.Because we were unaware that they were twins, the clothes I brought to the hospital were insufficient. Everything was only meant for one person. It's a good thing that the clothes I ordered last night arrived today so the twins can wear a matchy outfit tomorrow. "Let me do it, I know you're tired." he offered worriedly, I just shook my head trying to fight the drowsiness.I pushed his arms away when he began shaking my shoulders and gently pushing me into the room."But I
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Chapter Nine
"Are you nervous?" I asked, pointing to his ear."Why should I be nervous?" he grumbled as he pulled into the hospital parking lot."You're blushing, which is why I'm asking if I ever make your heart flutter because I said I wouldn't leave you," I teased him further. When he properly parked the car, I laughed and unbuckled my seatbelt."Don't tease me too much because I might fall for you,"When I didn't hear what Eugene said, I quickly turned to him, but he hurried out of the car.I quickly got out and went to the back of the car, where he was. What did he say? I haven't heard much."Hey! What did you say earlier? I didn't hear you," I asked as I assisted him in lifting the baby basket into which the twins would be placed later."No, it's your fault you're beautiful but didn't clean your ears," he teased as he pinched my nose.He walked away, closing the compartment. I quickly followed him.When we arrived at the nurse station, a lady nurse approached Eugene right away."Hi Sir, may
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Chapter Ten
I got up on the bed when I heard the baby crying; I didn't know who he was at first, so I just picked him up and tried to make him stop crying. Later, I realized it was Loki who was crying."Why is the baby crying?" I asked, swaying my body slowly.When Eugene returned to my room, he looked at us with worry. He started to walk closer to us to check on Loki, but Thor's loud cry startled him, and he dashed to the other crib."Hey... what happened, hm? Daddy is here," he said sweetly as he carefully lifted Thor."We'll need to clean their bodies later so they can sleep comfortably," I said, noticing the twins' loaded diapers.He approached me while holding Thor in his arms. We're now facing each other, holding the twins. I smiled when I noticed he couldn't take his eyes off Loki. He can't decide who is going to look first."I think they're starving," Eugene stated. While still holding Loki in my arms, I nodded and walked over to the milk formula and bottle on the other side of the bed.H
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