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Aiden, a skilled sniper who initially served in the border areas of the world's most conflicted, but was suddenly drawn to become the leader of the elite presidential guard, as well as to carry out a suicide mission that he never imagined before. In this mission, he must take care of a beautiful girl who is innocent, but dangerous because she is the daughter of one of the most well-known mafia in the world. Aiden's task is not only to protect the girl from those who want her life, he also has to keep the girl away from those who want all of her father's possessions in Cuba. Aiden's task to protect Calistha is getting heavier when sparks of desire between them begin to ignite. Aiden had never been with a woman before. And Calistha would be the first woman to be his weakness.

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                “Hey, look at our target properly. If you fail tonight, we won't be able to party with that bitches.”"Yes, captain."The young man returned to stalking his prey seriously, while occasionally shifting the tilted hat. Targeting someone in the middle of a dry arid desert, it's really an extraordinary challenge. Moreover, they have to blend with nature using various disguise attributes which itch very much on their bodies. But that does not deter the hired snipers from around the world who are currently assigned to Iran's borders, to help the allies eradicate their enemies.“You. Get your ass away! I will finish off our target, you are as slow as a damn snail.”Aiden threw away his cigarette butt roughly, and immediately kicked away his men who couldn't work properly. He had been waiting for Ryuki to finish off their enemies since an hour ago while finishing three ciga
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    “Hey, give me back my paper. You sucks! Emily! Give me back my paper." Emiliy burst out laughing, running down Oxford's long university hallways. Today is the last day of June, that means it's the last day to submit paperwork before summer holiday officially starts tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, Emily actually played with her, and took away her paperwork which should have been submitted fifteen minutes ago. "Emily please, Mr. Joseph will cut my summer holiday time if I am late to submit the paper," shouted Calistha pitifully. Everyone who passed her gave her a strange look. But she ignored them all and focused only on Emily who was very nosy today. She was busy laughing at her at the end of the hall. “I just wanted to make you exercise Cals. Come here, I'll give your paper back." Calistha snorted in her place as she walked briskly towards Emily. Her chest was like being hit by a high-scale earthquake due to the mad roar. That damn Emily real
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    "Who is responsible for all this?" "That’s me. That’s my fault." "You let me down, captain Aiden Lee, hurry up and get back to Seoul." Aiden stared blankly at General Sadev who had walked away leaving him with all his pride trampled on. How could that man stop him dishonorably in front of all his men and some elite troops from other countries serving on the Iranian border. But this is his fault. The shooting he did yesterday actually triggered a bomb attack that was never anticipated by his party, so many lives were lost in vain because of yesterday's unexpected event. Plus they just destroyed a village belonging to civilians who never interfered in their affairs. His sin this time was probably much heavier than his other sins for causing many innocent people to die in vain in the attack incident last night. "We will be in one helicopter, Capt’n Aiden." Holyshit! cursed Aiden in his heart. Yesterday he ordered Ryuki to return to his c
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    [Breaking News] There has been an attack on Jacob's residence that killed many victims, including Jacob himself. Currently the police are evacuating the bodies of the deceased at Jacob's house, which is suspected to be most of Jacob's men and several servants who worked at the businessman's house. However, until now the police have not found the body of Jacob's daughter, according to the testimony of one of the servants who managed to escape, when the attack took place, Jacob's daughter was hiding in the back garden.   Click   Aiden pressed hard on the television remote while glancing at the young woman who still closed her eyes peacefully on his brown bed. Finally today his new work officially started. But he doesn't know whether his job this time will be easy or difficult, because he still needs a lot of information regarding the Jacob’s family beyond the unilateral information provided by President Moon. Moreover, he also felt str
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    With moderate speed Aiden ran his car through the quiet streets of Seoul. After cruising about thirty minutes from his secluded house, he finally arrived in downtown Seoul to meet president Moon. He had to immediately ask the man's next plan after he managed to save Calistha from the masked people who broke into her house last night. But if he think about it, last night was a pretty gruesome assault. Before accepting this mission he never thought that he would infiltrate the middle of a war that was going on at Jacob's house. Moreover, last night he really did not use any weapons. He was only limited to watching Calistha from a distance, and after seeing Calistha began to tremble with fear, he immediately dragged the woman out of her chaotic house after he managed to sedate Calistha with his concoction drugs. It was a great first experience. His adrenaline pumped fast to carry out the next task from President Moon. Arriving at President Moon's private house, Aiden immediatel
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    Krieett The sound of the door opening slowly made Calistha's thoughts suddenly break. The woman then looked up while giving Aiden a faint smile. "You haven't eaten since a while ago." Aiden glanced annoyed that the box of pizza he had provided for Calistha was still intact beside the woman. Even though he had been kind enough to give her proper food, Calistha was too proud to accept what other people gave her. "I’m not hungry. I want to see my father. Has my father been buried?” "He has. Follow me." With a head motion, Aiden asked Calistha to come down to the living room. He wants to talk about the mysterious box that President Moon gave him. "What is it?" "You know that box?" Calistha shook her head slightly while looking closely at the box. This was the first time she had seen a box with such intense engraving and color. "It's your father's, he wants you to open it." "My father? You met him?” C
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    “Aiden, lots of police lines, but why is it so quiet in there?” Calistha looks restless while looking at her house which looks dark from a distance. Right now they were lurking from afar to make sure the house was safe to come in. However, Aiden felt a little strange about the condition of Calistha's house, which seemed deserted, even though there should have been many policemen on guard to secure the things that were still left inside."We're moving now. Save this just in case. Remember the shooting lesson I taught you this afternoon.""Aiden, wa-wait."Calistha suddenly grabbed Aiden's shoulder as he was about to step out of his car. With a sharp glance Aiden gave a code to Calistha for the woman to immediately lower her hand from his shoulder.“What if something bad happened in there? My legs still hurt, I can't run fast."“Do whatever you can. If you fail, you will die,” replied Aiden flatly and immediately stepped
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    Aiden glanced at the peaceful face of Calistha who was fast asleep beside him. The woman finally closed her eyes after crying for a long time at her father's funeral. Losing someone you love so much is hard, and it's lucky he never felt that way. He had always been used to living hard on the streets. He has no family. In fact, he forgot. He don't know, actually there was a part of his life that was missing, but he couldn't remember when and how exactly. What he remembers is his life after being found unconscious on the streets, then he wanders with the bad guys on the streets who teach him to survive. It had been a long time since he had remembered his own life like this. The piled up work and missions make him always forget his past memories. But his new mission this time actually gave his brain a chance to remember a small part of his past. And it was all because of the spoiled woman beside him. Today they have gone through many unexpected and stressful things, especially
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    Calistha continued to wring her fingers nervously while glancing at the silhouette of the mini market that had disappeared from her sight. She felt someone had been stalking her in the mini market. What's more, she saw that there was an old man who— ever since she entered the mini market, had been watching her movements through his dark glasses. But she thought it was all just part of her fear because of the various terrible events that had recently haunted her life. As much as possible at this time she tried to calm her mind that kept raging while holding the shopping bag containing their food tightly. "What's wrong with you?" Calistha opened her eyes wildly when Aiden suddenly grabbed her right hand and made the package she was holding just fall under her feet. With a wrinkled forehead, the man felt Calistha's cold skin tremble while occasionally glancing at Calistha's face, which looked still pale. "Are you cold?" Aiden pressed the heating button o
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    In the dimly lit room, President Moon was having a serious conversation with Luca. The man was a from London and had long worked with President Moon, then of course with Jacob. "Everything's been messed up since Jacob's death, do you have any plans, Mr President?" "Me? I don’t have any idea. All I can do now is order Aiden to protect Calistha while searching for Jacob's precious treasures. Right now we can't take over everything because even Jacob's lawyer doesn't even have any securities from all of his assets. So the only way to save all of Jacob's assets is to get his daughter to look for all of her father's inheritance on her own. Then what about all his assets in the United Kingdom? Is it safe?” "So far it's under control. But, began to occur turmoil in Scotland. The news of Jacob's death had been known by several people, so they began to devise a plan to take the treasures for their own personal gain. Are you sure Aiden can keep Calistha until all the r
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