Hated Slave Has A Twin For The Alpha

Hated Slave Has A Twin For The Alpha

By:  Feathers  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nina became friend with Dewey at 13, they got really close over the years and she fell in love with him. At 18, she found out he was his mate, her joy knew no bound but the joy didn't last a day as he rejected her heartlessly. Broken and dejected, she ran into the woods to cry out her sorrow, it was such a painful experience but she didn't expect to meet an handsome man in the wood, she jumped on the man and seduced him to make love with her and he in turn satisfied her to the brim. Ten months later, Nina stood as a slave with her two handsome children by her arms before the most ruthless and aloof alpha king, Roland, who was popularly known for killing his late wife for cheating on him with a slave. His hatred for slaves knew no height, infact, it made him gave an order that slaves are not permitted to give birth to children nor have children lesser than three years old with them. Nina wouldn't allow her babies to be separated from her. About to sentence Nina to a lifetime in the Deungeon for disobeying his order, Nina confessed to him that her twin boys were his. In a world where DNA test doesn't exist, how will Nina prove to him that her twins were for him? Will he let go of his deep rooted hatred for slaves and accept the mother of his children or will he destroy her for disobeying his command?

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    5 chapters
    Chapter 1
    "Mate!" Nina's wolf said suddenly and  she perceived a strong but sweet scent of her mate. Nina immediately cleaned up from the toilet that she was and walked nervously back to the party hall. While tracing the scent to find her mate, she was hoping earnestly that her mate would be her boyfriend, Dewey. That had always been her prayer to the moon goddess. She loved him so much and wouldn't be so elated if she realizes that someone else is her mate. She suddenly sighted Dewey having a conversation with his friends merrily, Nina knew at once that he was the one. "Mate!" She let out happily, feeling butterflies in her stomach. She was so sure that Dewey will accept her. Dewey and his friends looked up to Nina immediately she spoke the word. Dewey stood with a frown when his wolf confirmed that she was his mate. How could this weakling be my soulmate? He said back to his wolf and immediately stood before Nina. "Dewey,
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    Chapter 2
    Ten months later, Nina stood before the most dangerous and ruthless alpha in the world, Alpha Roland. He was popularly known for killing his late mate after he caught her cheating on him with a slave, because of that, he hated slaves with passion. "Please don't take my babies away from me," Nina pleaded. She had fought with the guards at the slave house when they tried to take her twin from her. It was a law in the pack that old slaves are not permitted to get pregnant nor give birth to babies whereas, new slaves are not permitted to be with babies lesser than three years old. When newly captured slaves are caught with babies, the guards seize the babies away from them. When Roland was informed about how obstinate a slave was in letting go of her babies, he demanded of her to be brought to him and here was she standing before him. His hatred for slaves was glaring on his look and then he said to her," you dared to disobey my order." <
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    Chapter 3
    Nina looked round the ugly and stinking dungeon. How long will she live here? Thinking about it alone was a torture. She looked at her two adorable babies one after the other. How can she part ways with her twins? They were her life. The two babies had their eyes closed and looked very cute. Despite being in between pain, she smiled looking at them.  The last time she breastfed them was five hours ago, she guessed that they may be hungry again and then turned her back to the door, still sitting on the bare floor, she raised her top up and let the children suck from her breast. After she assumed the children were satisfied, she looked around for where she could place them but the grounds were shabby and full of stones. Even where she was sitting hurts her ass, there was literally no where that could he comfortable for the kids. She can afford to sleep in this uncomfortable floor but what about her children? When no idea was coming to her head on
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    Chapter 4
    Miriam returned in a jiffy with the babies bed and babies milk, she find an almost smooth place in the dungeon and placed the baby's bed on it. Nina who was following her handed over the first baby to her and she placed it gently on the bed. Miriam collected the second baby and placed him on the bed.  "Thank you so much," Nina said.  "You are welcome," Miriam said and bent to place the babies milk right beside the baby's bed.  "I'm sorry I can't get you a bed, there is no unused bed in the castle but if you can ask the alpha, he may grant your request," Miriam said.  "Why would he grant my request? I'm just a slave and I'm sure he must have forgotten me here," she said. "Yes, you are a slave but I think the alpha has pity on you, perhaps because of your babies. Otherwise he would never have sent me to help with your babies," Miriam said.  Read more
    Chapter 5
    A few minutes after Roland woke the following day, his wolf suddenly told him their mate was closeby. The moon goddess was giving him a second chance mate? Why? He thought angrily and stormed out. Whoever the person was, he was rejecting the person. He began to perceive the faint scent of his mate and he began to trace the smell, surprisingly, the smell of his mate was getting stronger as he approached the Dungeon.  When he got before the dungeon, he paused at the thought of whether the slave with twin babies was her mate.  Nina had also confirmed that her mate was nearby, she was happy and elated that the moon goddess was giving her a second chance mate. Could her mate be a guard or someone with an high position in the pack.  Since she was already seated beside her babies bed, she stood and moved closer to the dungeon's door.  The smell got thicker and she nervously waited for he
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