His Second Chance

His Second Chance

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What happens when an orphan is caught in a love triangle so dense that she loses her triplets along the way? Golder is an orphan pregnant with the prince’s children. Her plan to elope due to her rejection is null as her children are taken away from her. Prince Simon, the one who rejected her becomes her only hope to getting back her children. Will they be able to overcome their differences and reclaim their status as mates, or will Simon choose her second chance mate? Or both?

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74 Chapters
Golder's POV It was another day for all the betas (royal betas) to be forced to an Alpha. Even the alpha with the look of a frog will be forced to have a royal mate. This has always been the custom in this pack. Nothing done by my Mother or any of the Lunas surprises us the young betas anymore. It has become the new normal for everyone. Even the alphas most times don't escape it. Every beta no longer dreams of mating with a ‘prince charming’ alpha with riches and luxury. If your Luna wanted you to be with a poor pilferer then so be it, as long as it brought money to the family. This happens in both worlds: the human and the werewolf worlds. And this was about to happen to me. I was gonna be turning 18 in a week’s time. Due to the fact that my parents have started looking for a mate for me, I didn't even bother to be all jumpy but I also didn't want it. I wanted to be in the bosom of another. But my parents havedecided on another. I have over heard them talking about my mat
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Prince Simon's POV It was a fine morning filled with disparity as always and Athens being its normal self. This disparity arose from the fact that choices were not made by one’s self but by your parents. Athens was just its normal mining self and I was being the boring cripple, a lie which I made all the Athenians, including my parents, believe, just to be free from the work load. Even with the fact that I have told them that I am crippled, they still dump all the paper work of Athens on my desk. As an alpha I have one who wishes to be with me, Ginny, who I like to call Pooh. We have been together in the secret and therefore she knows the my secret. The accident I speak about which led to my ‘crippled limbs’ happened a year ago while I was on my way to see my Pooh. At that time she was ill so I rushed to her only to get involved in a car crash. At that moment no one in Athens knew I could heal with my Alpha powers, so I told them the lie they wanted to hear: I was crippled.
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Golder's POVTurning down Joseph in the presence of the whole pack had been a night mare. I know Joseph was supposed to be the humiliated one, but I felt so embarrassed and emotionally down. I needed a friend to lean on at this point. I even contemplated going to visit Joseph to check on him, but remembered just in time that such will be prohibited by mom and dad. Besides, I really didn't even have the heart. After the party every werewolf was there watching, judging and making me feel so bad. But what was done was done, it was irreversible. Then they announced that there would be another mate for me. The crowd cheered up again. I didn't even like the fact that matching with a mate was made a ceremony. I got down from the podium and ran quickly without hesitation to my bed room and threw myself on my soft duvet. Then I soaked my pillows with my salty marine tears. Remembering all the moments we had shared together. I was now going to have to spend the rest of my years and moment
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Golder’s POV“Phew”I sighed as I flung myself on the bed and raised my head as Ari also jumped on the bed too.“So tell me, how was your date?”Ari asked, placing emphasis on the word ‘date’. I gave her one of those bombastic side eye looks as I sat upright and said“That wasn’t a date at all! We literally ate our food in silence after he reminded me that we were just there because of our individual packs!Ari stared at me for a while and burst out into mad laughter“Oh my darling, what did you expect? For him to just begin to chit chat as if he’d known you forages? You know that’s not how this works!”“Don’t tell me you’re on his side Ari! You also know how difficult this is for me. The fact that that’s who I’m supposed to get married to just irks me!”Ariana was about to answer when my phone beeped and immediately I saw who messaged me, my countenance changed immediately into surprise mixed with shock.“What’s the issue?”Ari asked. I was too stunned to speak, so I passed the phone
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Prince Simon’s POV‘Here I am, caught in between the rock and the hard place, the mud and the dirt. I am legitimately living a lie that can destroy my reputation as prince and probably ruin my family’s image and prestige; I am also at the verge of losing the only person I had imagined spending ever after with; I also have to choose between her and my kingdom. I mean I’m the prince of Athens and the whole pack looks up to me to make a decision that will favor them and also boost our economic activity. Besides what’s the use of having excess gold and Wolfsbane if we can’t sell them out to generate revenue? The only way to solve all this is if I get married to that Amazonian princess as my parents have already decided, but I can’t lose the one I love to get the one I don’t. It’s all not.....’“Now, who is it?”the soul at the door didn’t answer so I already knew who it was. Before I could say further, Jason had already entered into my office with loads of magazines“Jason? Why do you hav
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The DateGolder did pick the venue but she didn't pick the time and day. Friday had already arrived and the hours were sliding pretty fast too. What made it worse was the fact that she lost track of time during the day and by the time she remembered she was going on a date it was already two hours to when her ride was to arrive. And just taking her bath was going to take 30 minutes.“Oh shit, Arianaaa”Golder paced around her room and kept wondering where Ari had gone off to. One thing Golder didn't know how to do was work well when she's pressurized and right now, she was more than pressurized. She stopped and stared at herself in the mirror, she had had her bath, but her hair was still a mess and she didn't even know what she was going to put on'Should I go for a simple and classy look or should I go for a bold and daring look?'These and other thoughts were running through her mind as she ran her fingers through her hair and realized she hadn't thought of what way to style her hai
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SEDUCEDAs the night descended, the pool took on an entirely new atmosphere. The surface of the water was calm and still, reflecting the twinkling stars above. The water was lit up with the glowing lights that lined the edges of the pool, creating a dreamy and mesmerizing ambiance. The sound of waterfalls could be heard in the distance, gently breaking the silence and adding to the peaceful setting.The lounge chairs around the pool were all empty, but the pillows and cushions were neatly arranged, inviting anyone to take a moment and relax. The warm breeze rustled through the leaves of nearby trees, causing them to whisper secrets to one another. The moon cast a soft, silver glow over the entire area, as if it was watching over the pool and its surroundings.In the pool, the underwater lights illuminated the crystal clear water, making it appear as though stars had fallen and were now shining at the bottom of the pool. The rippling water created a pattern of gentle waves, like a lull
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PEACE at last?The garden was a tranquil oasis, brimming with life and bursting with colors. A profusion of flowers, shrubs, and trees blended harmoniously together to create a lush, green paradise. The sweet aroma of lavender and roses mingled with the earthy scent of freshly cut grass, filling the air with a refreshing fragrance.In the center of the garden stood a beautiful garden swing, swaying gently in the breeze. Its white frame was adorned with intricate patterns of vines and flowers, adding to the natural beauty of the garden. The swing seat was cushioned with soft, floral-patterned fabric, inviting visitors to relax and enjoy the serene surroundings.The garden was divided into several sections, each with its own unique charm. A winding path led through the rose garden, where vibrant roses of every shade imaginable bloomed. Further down, a small pond glistened in the sunlight, its crystal-clear water teeming with koi fish. Tall trees shaded a section of the garden, providing
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★Two week later★They converged for a final meeting before they leave for Athens and Adrian decided to motivateand also warn his people at the same time.He stood before his team, his imposing figure casting a shadow over them as he looked at each member in turn. The young man was known for his strength and skill, but also his intelligence and tactical mind. He knew what they were up against in Athens, and he knew that they needed to be prepared."Alright, everyone," he began, his voice low and steady. "We're going to Athens to gather information, and we need to be careful. The city is heavily guarded, and we don't want to attract any unwanted attention."The members of the team, who were dressed as traders, looked at each other nervously, but Adrian's words gave them confidence."We have to be smart about this," Adrian continued. "Remember, our mission is to gather information, not to engage in any kind of confrontation. We're not there to fight, we're there to learn."He paused, sc
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CONFRONTATIONDeep in the heart of the dense forest, there was a clearing, hidden from the outside world. This clearing was the meeting place for the Heirs of different packs to discuss matters of mutual concern. It was a place of peace and tranquility, a place where the beasts that roamed the forest didn't dare to venture.The clearing was large enough to accommodate a hundred people, with a massive oak tree in the center, standing tall and proud. The tree had been there for centuries, its roots dug deep into the ground, its branches reaching towards the sky. It was a symbol of strength and resilience, and the Heirs looked up to it with reverence.Surrounding the oak tree were several large boulders, arranged in a circular fashion. Each boulder was large enough to accommodate a group of people, and they were spaced out evenly, providing ample seating for everyone.The clearing was bathed in a soft golden light, filtering through the canopy of leaves overhead. The air was filled with
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