My handsome uncle-in-law is obsessed with me

My handsome uncle-in-law is obsessed with me

By:  Jänni  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eliza was married to Henry for 2 years but they never had any intimacy. Instead, Henry spends his time with his mistress. To get even, she decided to have a one-night stand with a stranger. But the stranger is actually her husband's uncle. Will Eliza continue this illicit relationship with Fredrik?

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30 Chapters
Chapter 1- Let's Divorce 
It was a summer night in A city.Eliza Moore stood on the balcony of the mansion looking at the red Mazda RX-8. that just drove into the yard. Even though the lights inside the car were not on, she could clearly see a pair of bright and tender arms on a man's shoulder and wrapped around his neck. They kissed lovingly as if they did not mind that someone was peeping at them. No, Eliza should not be a peeper, but a spectator instead. The man snuck into the woman's white dress, and it could be seen that his movements were suggestive and skilful. This is obviously not his first time. The woman lifted her chin and revealed her beautiful neck. Her eyes shot deliberately in Eliza's direction and her bright red lips curved provocatively. "AAHHH…"She moaned deliberately, which made the man more passionate.  Eliza looked at them coldly. When she first saw it, s
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Chapter 2- Uncle, go home with me…
'Sleepless night' was the name of the cocktail. It's the signature cocktail from Neon Night's Bar. Every day many people come here to chill and get drunk. It was a common sight for the bartender. When the bartender heard what Eliza was saying, he made a glass for her in an instant. It was transparent and very beautiful. Eliza took the glass and tossed off the cocktail. The spiciness of the mint came after cooling and gave a burning sensation all the way down from the throat.Eliza's cheek blushed, which made her look even sexier. The wolf-like look around her could not wait to take off her clothes and lick her. Some people were eager for action, and some came forward to start a conversation. "One more glass, please." A man in a suit and leather shoes sat next to Eliza and waved to order another glass for her. "I'm going to treat you." Eliza just wanted to get drunk and i
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Chapter 3- Not Henry, it's Fredrik!
On the large soft bed in the bedroom, two fiery bodies lay with each other. It was an affectionate moaning and heavy breath...It was like a raging storm mixed with lightning and thunder, and it finally calmed down after almost a whole night.Eliza was almost sober, but her body was abnormally tired. She opened her misty eyes and looked compulsively at the face near her as if the surging love in her eyes could burn people."Henry…"Her voice had broken the silence.Eliza closed her eyes and shouted at Henry's name repeatedly."Henry, Henry."Along with her mumbling, teardrops fell from the corner of her eye and then disappeared into her temples.The affectionate atmosphere immediately disappeared and the bedroom was now occupied by a depressing atmosphere. Fredrik squinted his eyes and stared coldly at Eliza.He rubbed the tears in the corner of her eye with his finger
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Chapter 4- Uncle, let's forget what happened last night.
Fredrik Young was Henry's uncle. He was taboo for the entire Young family. Although Eliza grew up with Henry, since childhood, she had only heard of the existence of this uncle. If she did not meet him on her wedding day, she would not recognize him at all."Weren't you abroad all along?""Yes, I just came back last night."It just so happened that his friend wanted to meet him. It was an urgent matter so Fredrik went to Neon Night's Bar as soon as he got off the plane.'What should she do now? She actually slept with Henry's uncle! Eliza pushed him away in panic and subconsciously wanted to move away from him, but she accidentally fell to the ground. She was holding the blanket and she was confused."Does it hurt? Why are you so careless?" Fredrik sighed helplessly and immediately got out of bed to bend over to help Eliza. When she suddenly jumped up and rushed into the bathroom like a rabbit."I am going to take a shower."
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Chapter 5- Enjoy being cuckolded 
"Why? Are you not worried that others will know what we have done?""There is nothing to be afraid of."Fredrik did not care about the Young family, even if others found out, so what? In addition, he would be happy if he could ruin the Young family's reputation."You?!" Eliza was discouraged. She knew he really did not care. She then bit her lip and asked, "So, what should I do so you can let me go?""Be with me." Fredrik stepped forward and affectionately licked her earlobe. He then took his time and said: "This will of course stop when I'm tired sleeping with you."When he would get bored... only God knows…Eliza did not know what Fredrik was thinking. She gritted her teeth and nodded, "Okay. But make sure others do not know about our relationship."Since there was no other way to get rid of him, she had to accept it. If Henry could obviously go to bed with Nicole, why could she not maintain an
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Chapter 6- Look before you leap
"You ..." Henry turned his anger into a smile and said with cold eyes:"Okay, very good. Eliza, I wouldn't just leave this matter alone! You should be careful. Otherwise, when I catch you with your lover, I will definitely teach you both a lesson."'You are welcome! The lover was your uncle'. Eliza answered in her heart, but she showed no reaction on her face. She looked coldly at Henry, straightened her back and walked away without squinting.Boom! The loud noise from the door closing behind her immediately overwhelmed Eliza's calm and she quickly held the railing next to her. Only then was her shaky body balanced.Did it hurt?Sure it hurt.Not only in the face but also inside the heart."Hmph !." Eliza flexed her lips self-mockingly.After a while, she held onto the handrail and walked step by step up the stairs.When she was back in the room, the first thing she did was take a shower.She s
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Chapter 7- Nicole Moore
"It depends on your performance."Eliza said every single nice word, but Fredrik only answered lightly with a few words, and then no more messages came from him.She almost smashed her phone in anger.But Eliza could not deny that after Fredrik had done all this, she had unknowingly set aside and forgotten all the sorrow, suffering and despair in her heart.Even if Henry did not come home all night, Eliza would not even care.In the morning, Eliza washed herself quickly and drove to work.Although she was married to Henry, Eliza never considered being a full-time housewife.She was the only rightful heir to the Moore family.Therefore, she's expected to take over Moore's family business in the future. As for Nicole, she was just an accidental product of Daniel Moore after getting drunk.Although everyone in the Moore family called her the second young lady, it was only out of respect and not intima
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Chapter 8- At the Young family's mansion
Nicole turned around and left angrily after giving Eliza a stern warning.Eliza lowered her eyes and smiled scornfully for a moment.In the afternoon, Eliza received a phone call. It was the housekeeper from the old mansion of the Young family. The housekeeper informed her that a large-scale cocktail party would be held in the old house three days later.The young family was a century-old family that was quite influential in A City. One could imagine the scale of the party. Therefore, Eliza had to be there two days in advance for preparations. She would overlook the size and details of the party, including all the arrangements.Eliza called Henry, but he hung up so she did not call again.The next day she drove back to the young family's old mansion."Young madam." The housekeeper, Samuel Young, stepped forward with a smile and greeted Eliza."Good morning Sam, where's Gr
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Chapter 9- Henry was enraged with jealousy 
"Henry, let go!"Eliza did not want to do anything with Henry in this situation, so she fought desperately.Henry saw her struggle as resistance, which she did not want him to touch."I'm your husband!"Henry taunted and stretched out his hand to pinch Eliza's neck.He tore the bath towel violently and pressed against her.Eliza was forced to back off and lean against the cold tiles.He pinched her chin, lifted it and made her look at his face:"B*tch! You show your chaste appearance to whom? Do you welcome me with reluctance? Tell me, is this how you seduce those men outside with this look?""Henry, let go"Her neck was tightly pinched and she was having difficulty breathing. Her face started to turn red."Answer me! Is this how you seduce other men? Answer me!"Henry was cruel and his eyes were full of hatred.He yelled, asked and
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Chapter 10- He was the woman you chose to marry
Henry was dazed for a moment.He then stared ruthlessly at Eliza and threatened her jeeringly:"I'm letting you off today. Eliza, I won't let you have it easy next time."Eliza opened her eyes in panic and when she saw Henry walk away with chills, Eliza's legs shook like jelly and she then fell to the ground.She was pale in the face and her eyes showed endless despair.What should Eliza do?In the study. Albert looked at his only grandson with a cold face and did not show him a sliver of kindness and gentleness he had towards Eliza."Grandfather."Henry greeted him and walked towards the sofa.When he wanted to sit down, he was stopped by Albert."Stand right there!"Henry frowned and stood reluctantly. He then asked impatiently: "What's the matter?""Are you asking me what the matter is?"Albert stared at Henry, as he was
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