The Charming Doctor Book 2

The Charming Doctor Book 2

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Janet Sanders is at the top of her game and as a result, business has never been better, even with a new killer in town. After all, since her twin brother's murder at the hands of a deranged serial killer, not much can hurt or surprise you. That is, until she finds out that her father, Dan Sanders, may have been the culprit all along. Therefore Janet, now shrouded with an ironclad will, decided to do what she knows she can do best, dedicating all of her time to two things: her ever profitable career as an escort, and making sure that Dan Sanders is sent to the deepest pit in hell, even if it means she has to hand-deliver him to the devil herself. Now that the handsome Antonio has made his way back into her life with the hopes of capturing who the media has dubbed as "The Strangler" along with Janet's heart, she's dead set on sending him packing once and for all as she has seen firsthand the steep price of "love" for the Sanders family

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1Antonio walked inside the gym to meet Michael. It had been so long since they really sat down to talk since Michael was still suspended because of his misconduct from over a year ago. It caused Antonio to think that Fairchild didn’t want Michael back on the team with them. They clasped hands together.  “An
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Janet walked through the building with her heels clicking as she strutted through the halls of her business. After a year she had surpassed Jason’s income by almost double. Women of course hated her guts so she had to stick with the same group she always had for a year.  Making friends wasn’t relevant thou
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3The walk back to the lobby was a bit rushed as she assumed she would miss David’s appointment, but once she reached the front desk her eyes widened as Antonio stood there in casual clothing looking as yummy as she remembered him to look. Her mouth flew open and she couldn’t take another step. His regular tee shirt hung so perfect to the top of his chest and she watched as he spoke to Rock. His face more tanned than before as if he had been sitting in the sun, so beautifully toned all the way to his arms. His hair looked to have been freshly cut low enough for a fade, but still his curly strands stood out. A Hispanic god wa
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4              David waited impatiently in the lobby with Rock keeping a close eye out. Rock’s eyes occasionally glanced at the tap of his fingers on his leg that bounced in a drum-like rhythm. It was clear he was being anxious. It bothered Rock that he would be so demanding of Janet after he was aware she wasn’t in a relationship with him. David was there because he chose to be not because he had to be.   &
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5            Janet grabbed David’s hand, pulling him into a passionate kiss on the elevator. “You missed me?” David asked once she retrieved air. She looked up at him confused. Her mind wasn’t processing David as him in his skin. She was picturing Antonio there. His masculinity and his bad boy swag. How he stood up to David turned her on even more.
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6            Dan sat in his office staring at the papers in his hands. A knock rang out in the quiet room. “Come in.” He never looked up to see who it was. “Why Dan Sanders, working hard I see.” He smirked at Bianca as she sat in his seat very refined and elegant, looking as good as ever. &
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7            Janet continued about her day trying to avoid her feelings for Antonio and her aggravation from David. She had to focus if she was going to make her other two clients. Then afterwards she would meet with Antonio for dinner besides going to her meeting with an interviewer.             The interview was important enough that she told Dan she wouldn’t be able to have dinner with him, but Antonio’s mission was more important, she kept repeating to herself. The police de
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8              Janet spent a few minutes getting ready for her date with Antonio. She didn’t have to get all dressed up, but she felt it was important. Even though she agreed for this dinner to be a business meeting, it was the first time they had been in close proximity since Jason’s funeral.            She wore her favorite sundress that hugged her waist and hung loosely at the bottom. Her breasts sat up firmly on her chest to entice him. If something happened, and she hoped it would, it wouldn’t take much to remind him what they had. Th
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9Antonio walked into the guest bedroom with a heavy sigh. The paperwork was on the plush bed waiting for his attention. There was a bulge in his pants that also begged for his attention. His head rested on the door, thankful he could breathe now that Janet wasn’t so close. He cursed in his mind. That was only dinner.  
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10            Janet woke up to complete her morning routine. She needed the morning to go right so the day would go smoothly. Starting off her morning with her fruit smoothie, like her brother used to, and a morning run. She gathered her towel and walked to the small fitness area.            Her eyes opened wide as she saw Antonio already on the treadmill, shirtless. She had forgotten how much man he was. The sweat glistened off his pecs as it dripped down to his abs and back. She didn&rsqu
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