My Forever Man

My Forever Man

By:  Korena Long  Ongoing
Language: English
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A love life so bland she compared it to cream of wheat. When she thought it couldn't get worse, she died? She woke up in what she thought was heaven, but Saint Peter was nowhere to be found. Can this new world turn her bowl of cream of wheat into an Ice Cream Sundae? Or she was destined to become a lonely old cat lady.

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    21 chapters
    Chapter 1
    My Forever Man 1            Hello, my name is Emma. I’m a twenty-one-year-old woman and I have had a rough last few years in my young love life. All I seem to do is work eat and sleep. So as a single woman I decided to look for my perfect man. I didn’t want to end up as a crazy old cat lady. So where do you find a man nowadays. Bars, churches, and the singles in my area will not work.  I don’t drink and bars don’t bring the kind of catch I want. With not having a man in my life I have had a lot of spare time.I work in a local nursing home as an aide during the night. I make sure the residents are happy feed and healthy. Since I work nights and they sleep for the most part I have free time. I read or listen to books. A lot. And I have a specific taste in the choice of novels I enjoy, Romance and the dirtier and more fantasy they are the better. I may have spent ove
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    Chapter 2
    My Forever Man 2Birthday Dinner Celebration!                 So, my two friends Becca and Maria are taking me to dinner and a bar tonight. As much as I wanted to just stay home and cuddle under my down comforter drinking coffee and reading my new book, they were literally going to drag me out of my house tonight. I slept most of the day as I got off my shift at seven am. So, I will be wide awake tonight and we can stay out until they shut the bars down and knowing Maria, she will just move the party to my house afterwards.                I do the necessary primping for the night shower, curling my brown hair, and just a tad bit of makeup. I hate using makeup, Becca says I need to use it to hook a man, to make myself look as good as I can. But seriously if I want a forever man they will have to accep
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    Chapter 3
    My Forever Man 3 What Just Happened?                   I remembered the nights events clearly. I remember the car crashing, the noise from the impact. The way it felt to fly out of my seat, the sensation of flying. I don’t remember any pain. With a crash like that were was the pain. I should be in pain. Even good pain meds would still leave me with some pain. I know my eyes are closed. I must be sleeping. I felt warm and cozy, and I was laying on my side curled in a ball of comfort. I bet I’m in a hospital, I thought to myself. We must have been rescued from the accident. I slowly gave a stretch. I extended my arms up and legs out straight and gave my body a big stretch. I felt my back pop in pleasure. My muscles felt fine, great actually. I waited for pain to hit me. I’m sure I was hurt. I flew out of the car, I’m sure of it. I reached to pull the blanket up higher on my body so
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    Chapter 4
    My Forever ManKing Delmor of Strophan                                My army were making their border patrol this morning when several caught a new scent. When I was informed, I had them get close without getting noticed. I got mind link reports of a young brown-haired women in strange clothing. But they reported her just sitting in a grassy area playing with flowers. They said occasionally, she would talk to herself, but it didn’t make any since to my wolves. I told them to keep this stranger under surveillance and I was on my way to see her for myself. No one ever crossed my borders without permission. All the other kingdoms knew I killed strangers on the spot, especially any travelers with no identification.            &nbs
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    Chapter 5
    My Forever Man 5 Emma This so-called king didn’t scare me. I’ve read too many books to know that he wanted to know more about me. Too cliché for that not to happen. I’m sure if I kept my answers and questions interesting, he wouldn’t kill me. He hasn’t even tried to hurt me yet. That’s a good sign. If he wanted to harm me, I’m sure he could have beaten me into submission already. Beside he was the best eye candy I have seen in a long time. The longer he walks in front of me the longer I get to watch his muscles ripple and flex as he walks. His tight ass looks so damn good in those sweatpants. When he turned to talk to me, they hang so low on his waist that I must stop myself from gawking at his V line.If they thought, I was a fairy, or a witch did that mean they existed in this world. Maybe I could meet some. I wonder what other fantastic creatures also lived here. If I ever make it ba
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    Chapter 6
    My Forever Man 6The Kings Inquisition King Delmor’s POV                I cleared my throat. Watching the annoying exchange of flirting between my Beta and my entertainment, made my skin crawl. I don’t know why though… must be the combined annoyingness of them both. I got her attention and glared at her, letting her know that I was displeased. But she smirked? Was she toying with me? She started talking. “So are all prisons here this fancy?” she asked.                I cleared my throat again, “Prisoner wasn’t the right word, I suppose. Person-of-interest? A pet perhaps?” I was trying to choose my words carefully. I think that I failed.                “A pet?! You’re the
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    Chapter 7
    My Forever Man 7Emma’s POV                I grumbled as I was led to my room by a maid. She stayed stoic the entire time and anytime I tried to start a conversation, she pretended I was just another pattern on the wallpaper. By the time we had gotten to my “prison” room, I had given up on her.                However, as I turned to leave her behind in the hallway, she stopped. Tilting her head, as if listening to something. Probably some sort of mind link. I brushed it off as nothing until she spoke up. “Your own personal maid will be coming to your chamber to explain some things to you. Ms. Lillydrop will be along shortly.” Her tone was off. It was as if she was mad at me for something. I literally hadn’t done anything. I was a little put off by it but chose to just brush it
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    Chapter 8
    My Forever Man chapter 8 My Forever Man chapter 8 I was awoken early in the morning by the sounds of birds outside the window. As I stretched, I looked towards my bedroom window and saw a very large red bird. But not just a normal red but like glowing shiny fiery reds and he was sitting on my windowsill. It was some sort of parrot as bright as a fire! I gently and quietly got out of my bed to get a closer look. As soon as I got to the window the bird turned and looked at me. It had the deepest looking red eyes, I felt it was staring into my soul. I’m familiar with parrots of my world and this was a parrot spliced with fantasy and sci-fi madness. “I suggest you don’t touch that bird.” Roselinda said suddenly giving me a scare. When did she get into my room? Roselinda was standing near my door with my breakfast tray in her hands. “Why not it doesn’t seem be scared of me?” Moving closer to it as I spoke. “That is a phoe
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    Chapter 9
    Chapter 9 King Avan Delmor “Roselinda, what are you doing running around the castle for?” I asked her, she was literally running down the hall with an arm load of branches and a basket of fruits hanging off her arm. “Master, Milady as asked for some items and considering I need to keep her pet happy I thought this needed to be rushed.” Roselinda told me. “What pet, and what does she need that it has to be in such a hurry?” I asked her. “Master, she has decided to keep a phoenix as a pet.” “How in the world did she manage to find a phoenix, she hasn’t even left her room since last night?” I questioned her. “Master, I was bringing her breakfast when she was near her window and the bird was just standing on the seal. I told her not to get close it could harm her. She could burst up in flames with it. But she wasn’t even scared, neither was the bird. It walked up her arm like they were best friends. She even got the bird to let me touch it. Your majesty no one has ever touched a ph
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    Chapter 10
    My Forever ManChapter 10 A few days have gone by since Cheeto decided I was going to be his human. That’s funny I thought to myself. I’m the only human there is, and he picked me. I laughed out loud to my own thoughts and Cheeto gave me a sideways glance and made cooing noises. A few times this week I have walked about this castle and Cheeto joined me a few time. One time when I was walking in the gardens while being baby sat by Roselinda Cheeto flew down to me and landed on my shoulders. I could hear his wings flapping in the distance, so I wasn’t scared when he landed on me, but it gave Roselinda quite the scare. It was one of those moments you had to be there to see, it was so funny. When ever Cheeto is with me the other servants or werewolves that happen to be near by tend to move further away. Cheeto was like a bodyguard of sorts. King Delmor hated when Cheeto followed me. One day he yelled at me and said, “I thought I said he had to stay in your
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