The Unknown Strength

The Unknown Strength

By:  Mez_H  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mez finds herself at an institute called Merose, after waking up from a seemingly deep sleep, but she has no memories of her past whatsoever. However, she feels strangely drawn to Merose by a nostalgic feeling. Having nowhere else to go to and no memories to rely on she decides to trust her instincts and go ahead. She is soon faced with a lot of mysteries and unopened secrets, while her memories recover slowly. A great secret lay behind the myriad of lies that had been built upon Mez's disappearance and she was determined to find the truth.

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curious what will happen next. is there any socmed to discuss your story further?
2021-07-22 12:51:05
20 Chapters
Unfamilar Nostalgia
I open my eyes to see a large hall, dimly blanketed in white light, I felt as if I had woken up from a deep sleep, my eyes felt rather heavy, and my head was cloudy. But something about the place gave me the nostalgic feeling of home. Flashes of images and faces flickered in front of my eyes, it seemed like a film of memories being replayed. My head throbbed all of a sudden as I tried to concentrate on the faces and images I was seeing. I finally returned to my senses.
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A Training Session
I learned that the whole building was divided into six chambers and the training hall was in the first. But our room was at the far edge of the dorms and the dorms being located at the last chamber of the building meant marathon racing to the hall and a long distance to cover. I was running late so I had picked out whatever gear and clothes that I found and ended up looking very unprofessional for the task.Katy explained that this was an institute for those with the special ability to use the power of the soul, a rare talent. Such people are characte
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Twisted Memories
After a nice dinner, I was more than ready to sleep especially after today's training session. My whole body felt limp, but I was keen to clear my doubts about the missing people with Katy. As I was helping Katy in setting up our beds, I asked her about the subject that had been on my mind for a while. I also realized that I remembered things as and when I fed clues into my mind. Katy, upon hearing that fact decided to tell me right away about them. She mentioned two names - Evin and Isla. "Mez, are you ok, you're crying...."
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Late Arrival
I woke up with a jolt, gasping for air, and felt damned relieved that I wasn't in the middle of a burning forest. I was still shivering from the stark terror that gripped me in my dream. Was that just a dream? No way, it felt, almost too real..."Mez! you're up! we need to head towards the main hall, it seems that Ms.Aslome wasn't entirely done with her speech."
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Agonizing Secrets, Wounds Unhealed (Part 1)
Katy, me, and Victor had been waiting for about an hour, outside Ms.Aslome's room, for Evin to step out. I assumed that Ms.Aslome had a lot to tell him, however, I was rather curious about him too, I recognized him right away, even though his face wasn't very clear in my memory. He seemed to have given everyone quite the shock with his sudden reappearance, Katy and Victor seemed confused, angry, and baffled.As soon as the morning speech was dismissed Victor came up to us completely furious, insisting that we don't let Evin get away with this and that he owed everyone a good explanation. Thinki
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Agonizing Secrets, Wounds Unhealed (Part 2)
I followed Evin through the quiet corridors of the institute, beautifully lit up by moonlight that shone through the narrow glass windows on the ceiling. He told me that we had to be completely silent so that we didn't attract unwanted attention especially since it was midnight. This was basically not the best of ideas to calm the mind, but I was really curious about this place after what Evin kept saying. Despite being the one who told me to stay silent he kept whispering random details of the place we were going to visit to me every now and then.
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Calm Soul
It looked like a beautiful summer evening, the sky, a deep shade of orangish-red, with hints of purple and pink. I could hear the crashing and falling of the waves as I closed my eyes to feel the moment with my soul. It was truly a serene sight, the turquoise waves highlighted by the sunlight and the crisp, light wind on my face healed my tormented soul.
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Myriad of Lies
"You have a lot of questions, isn't it? Now's your chance, ask away." Evin said."Hmm, ok firstly, what was that rose, in the garden, it definitely didn't seem like some ordinary plant to me, and you said you did a healing spell? And also...""Whoa
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Isla's Rage
"YOU'RE THE REASON THEY KILLED HIM!" Isla yelled, I honestly had no clue what she meant by that, or 'him', I was just extremely shocked to see my best friend again, unfortunately seeing her face stirred up another attack of memories again. A thousand memories and images flew in front of my eyes, god! Not now! This was the worst time for my memories to hit back, my head felt heavy, with the overwhelming amount of memories that returned. As I buckled to my knees, I could hear Evin yelling my name in the background, it grew fainter with each second, damnit, I had to come back!
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A Visit to Isla's Soul
As I stood in the middle of the sunflower field trying to make sense of what was happening I saw a small girl, sitting amidst the flowers, she looked like a younger version of Isla, wait, was I seeing her past? She was being ignored by her friend and was on the verge of tears, just then someone tapped her shoulder, he asked "Why are you sad? Hey! Would you like to join me in a game of tag, it's fun!" Isla who looked like she didn't want him to notice that she was crying agreed to his innocent request. The boy leaped in joy and asked,
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