Not Yours To Hold

Not Yours To Hold

By:  Brittany Carter  Ongoing
Language: English
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One wrecked plane. Two wrecked souls. JANE REYNOLDS is comfortable with her boyfriend LUCAS JOHNS. The problem is Lucas' friend REMY HANES doesn't make Jane feel comfortable, he makes her feel alive. One drunken night things get heated, leaving them with a fire in desperate need of extinguishing. When their Spanish class leaves for a trip to Spain, their expected fun turns to Hell on Earth when the plane crashes, and leaves only a few survivors. With loved ones lost, Remy and Jane cling tight to one another to survive the hot days and hungry nights. If the events on the mountain don't kill them, their guilt of loving one another might. Sometimes love wrecks you before it claims you.

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21 Chapters
Chapter One - The Crash
Chapter One- Jane I sat with my back to a hard, plastic airport seat and my knees tucked against my chest. My entire Spanish II class stood around in a semi-circle with giddy laughs and thoughts of an entire week in Andalucía, Spain in the name of learning. As badly as I wanted to be happy, I couldn't think about anything other than Remy Hanes, my boyfriend's best friend, and how he kissed me two weeks before. No matter how many times I told myself that it was a careless act of alcohol and late night delusions, I knew that wasn't true. The two years I'd spent with Lucas Johns made me feel content, safe and desired. Now that safe feeling wasn't enough, because Remy held me a if I was his and every touch of his hand sent me higher than I'd ever been. So high I felt my body quiver from the need to feel grounded again. No matter that I tried to blame it on the alcohol, we both knew it wasn't just that. His rough palms stripped me of any insecurity I wore on my sleeve. His dark eyes pie
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Chapter Two-Present Day
Chapter Two - Remy"Hanes, lunchtime."I glanced up from the roof we worked on, and covered my palm over my eyes, to see Timmy waving me down."Be down in a second," I hollered, grabbing my hammer and tools before climbing down the ladder.Timmy sat on the tailgate of his truck, leaned back against his palms, his short legs not touching the ground. The hot Texas sun beamed down on me, so I ripped my shirt over my head and wiped my face with it. I grabbed my spare t-shirt hanging from my back pocket and slid it on."You want to go to Lucas' for lunch?" he asked.The name still shot nerves down my back to this day. After we got back from Spain, Lucas' Momma opened a restaurant in his name.It was southern food, fried chicken and blueberry pie, his favorite kind. To support his Momma, I went to eat th
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Chapter Three-Present Day
Chapter Three-Jane"You look amazing."I twirled in my knee-length blue and white striped skirt, and examined myself in the floor-length mirror in my bedroom.I tucked my white t-shirt into my high waist skirt, and my white opened-toed wedges gave me a few inches that I needed. My braid hung near my ribs, over my shoulder, and my bangs drew attention to my eyes.I looked cute, a little under-weight for my age, but overall good—on the outside at least. The things that ran rampage on the inside were a different story all together.Stephanie, my first cousin, sat on my bed behind me, a supportive smile on her face. She'd been my rock when I came back home after the crash. It was because of her I had
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Chapter Four-The Crash
Chapter Four  - RemyJane's head rested against my lap while I stroked her dark hair from her face. After thirty minutes of realization that ended with screams, rants and cursing, she fainted onto the sand.I knew it wouldn't be long before she broke down. At first, nothing seemed real. Not the crash, the situation or everyone's deaths, but the little girl crying broke through Jane's shield and everything spiraled afterward.She moved after a few minutes, looking up at the darkening sky. "Where are we going to sleep?" she asked.I glanced over at Taborie sitting on a broken log, sharpening what looked like a rock into a spear. 

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Chapter Five-The Present Day
Chapter Five - JaneRain soaked my clothes to the bone. I'd never been one to be afraid of a little water, but this was pure Hell. Not only did the rain leave me with a shiver but the wind left my teeth chattering.Sarah curled into me, what extra clothing we found swallowed her tiny frame. It hurt my soul to do it, but I let Remy wrap his big arm around my waist and hold me close. His warm breath on the back of my neck felt like a little drop of water to the driest desert.I hated hating him. I hated myself for fighting with him because I knew he was right. I took out my frustration on him when really I was mad at this entire situation and myself.Since I couldn't sleep, my mi
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Chapter Six-The Present Day
Chapter Six - Remy Jane disappeared out into the night, leaving an entire room full of people speechless. Mrs. Johns said something beneath her breath and chased after her. I wanted to follow her, but I knew Jane well enough to know she was already gone. Mrs. Johns walked back a few moments later shaking her head. "Y'all go ahead and finish eating. I guess the talk of Lucas was too much for her." I felt like a dickhead for touching her. Who was the selfish one now? When I saw her standing in front of me after three years, I f
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Chapter Seven- The Present Day
Chapter Seven - Jane  Despite my many attempts to tell my mother I felt fine, she called again an hour later."Everything okay?"I sighed, resting my elbow on my knee and bracing my forehead against my palm. "Momma, I'm fine, I swear. I'm going to go to the school today and setup some of my classroom.""That'll be fun. Why don't you ask Stephanie to come, and y'all can go eat afterward?"I wasn't born yesterday, and I knew this was one of her many attempts to get me to eat with a chaperone. "Mom, I want to be alone today. It's my first time in my classroom. I don't want 

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Chapter Eight-The Crash
Chapter Eight - Remy"Another rabbit?" Taborie asked from the fire pit.I tossed the bunny by its ears toward the sand and sunk to my knees, ripping off my t-shirt and wiping my forehead with it. The sun was brutal mid-day and I felt myself needing water more every second. It took a while to gather the water from the stream and boil it but it would keep us alive."Yeah, seems the Boy Scouts taught me something."Sarah jumped on my back, causing me to fall forward with a laugh. "Looks like a monkey found me," I said, swinging her around.Her bright blue eyes reminded me of Jane's, only Sarah's didn't look sad near as often. "You caught another bunny?" she asked, sinking to her knees and licking her lips. Knowing she was hungry hurt me. "Yep, and you get the first bite, how about that?"She jumped. "Yeah!""Let us clean 'em and we'll call you when it's ready. Where is Jane?"Taborie tossed his head toward the woods. "She said she wanted to grab some rocks to spell out help on the riverba
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Chapter Nine-The Present Day
Chapter Nine - JaneThunder boomed in the distance, rattling the glass of my windows and leaving me scared on the couch like a kid. I knew after everything we'd been through that being afraid of thunder was irrational, but there I sat, curled in my blanket with my cell phone clutched to my chest.I could always risk going to mom's for the night, but I didn't want to hear her nagging about eating. Truth was I skipped dinner after going to the school, feeling full from the burger at lunch. It'd been more than I ate in a long time.It hurt to say it, but I did feel guilty eating, and it made no sense in my head but I did. Was this how anorexia started? I didn't know.I slid my finger against the unlock button on my touch-screen and pulled up my text. I didn't want to bother anybody, but I didn't want to be alone. Sighing, I tossed my phone onto my couch and went to take a shower.I turned on the faucet in my small bathroom, hurrying to finish and dress in a long t-shirt. I made it to my
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Chapter Ten- The Present Day
Chapter Ten - RemyI tossed my apron into the passenger side of my truck and slammed my door. The weekend rush really took my brain off the visit to Lucas' grave. I'd been to his funeral and it was hard enough, to visit his grave, and hear that he wanted to marry Jane broke my heart.I started my truck, fighting the urge to go drown myself in liquor or just go home. Sighing, I pulled out into traffic and went toward my favorite Chinese restaurant on the way to my apartment. I made myself a to-go plate, and got home in record time. The silence greeted me like an old angry friend, full of haunted memories.I stepped over my bills, noticing a thick electric bill sitting on top, telling me that I needed to make a payment before they shut it off. I didn't feel like dealing with it, so I left it sitting for another day.My phone beeped ten minutes into my meal and Taborie's face pulled up. "Hey ugly," he said.I grinned. "Girlfriend left you? That why you face calling me this late?"He flip
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