Mafia's Bride

Mafia's Bride

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The story revolves around Tanya Aggarwal ( 16 years old ) Indian girl - cute , bold , sassy dare mess with her loved ones and you will see hell . Drake Blackwell ( 30 years old ) - a business man in the day and a cold cruel mafia leader in the night . How will these two meet and how this meeting will change their lives . Constructive critisism is always welcome just don't be harsh . Give this book a try and I assure you will love it .

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57 Chapters
Narrator P.O.V A girl is running wearing ethnic kurta  (a long garment that reach up to knees) cursing heavily in hindi . She never thought that escaping the people who were kidnapping her or are trying can be this hard. Hey!! Bhagwan yeh log jate kyo nhi hai ( oh god! Why don't they leave me alone) .  Suddenly she took a sharp turn in the alley losing them or at least that what she thought . Suddenly more men out of nowhere starting coming towards her . Sh*t!! Oh god, I am so dead !! Stay calm tanvi I was was chanting this is my mind repeatedly. Adrenalin was pumping in my veins my whole body was on hyper alert. Taking large amount of air I succeed in calming myself. One of the man began taking predatory steps. Listen kiddo, don't make me mad just do what we are telling you to . His voice was soft yet harsh and was demanding a chill went down my spine and I gulp hard. Seeing my reaction the scary man said Sister relax we don't want to hurt you . Just come with us. Oh boy, this
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Chapter- 1
Narrator point of view The dark clouds surround the sky giving a sign that it was going to rain heavily. The gloomy environment, lighting, the thunder. It looks like that even God was showing his condolence to the young lady. Numerous people were present in the courtyard of the aggarwal's  house women wearing white suit and salwar and men in white kurta and pajamas. The corpse of Mr&Mrs aggarwal was lying there.  The dead body was covered with a huge white cloth. The so called relatives and neighbours were gossiping among themselves about the aggarwal's property . Nobody was worried about the grief stricken girl who lost her entire family in a few matter of hours. If only she knew that she  was seeing her papa for the last time in the morning she would have never allowed him and her mother to go to that damn reception . She hated socializing that's why she decided to stay home and pack her bags for Italy her flight was due in two weeks. Nothing matter now, the family her dream
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Chapter - 2
Narrator (P.O.V)Normally during the months of July the weather of Delhi use to be beautiful with occasionally occurring  rain showers and rainbows accompanying the sky giving a magnificent view to the people to the city. But from the past few days the weather had changed drastically. The rain showers are now accompanied with lightning scaring the poor soul of the little kids, instead of the rainbows heavy dark clouds are now surrounding the sky, the peaceful and perfect view had now changed to spooky scenes of a horror movie. But there is a specific someone who is still  finding peace and solace in this environment and that's our tanya . Tanya was never sacred of lighting and thunder storm. Most people generally dislike the stormy weather but our tanya from her childhood wherever she use feel sad, alone , confused the only  two things  which provide her peace first was her mother which is no more and second was the weather which is still present with her reminding her of h
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Chapter -3
Time doesn't heal the pain, the truth is that the person start living with that pain . Narrator P.O.V The sun shine brightly indicating the rays of hope after a disaster. The warm and cool breeze fill the environment . Giggling of small kids can be heard who are busy playing in the park. A girl is lost in her own world of thoughts sitting on her window sill , looking at the sunset ; her chain of thoughts were broken by the cool breeze flowing through her hair which covers her whole back indicating that she might get late for her flight. Releasing a heavy sigh, she stands up and march towards her luggage. Looking through the family album once again a sad smile appear on her face. She can see herself roaming singing with her headphones on irritating her mother, the evening time with her father on Sunday's especially when he use to prepare the food for her and his wife. She can see herself giggling, laughing , whistling and hooting on her mother's attire whenever she use
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Chapter -4
I remember being the twinkle in my daddy's eyes and then he left me without saying goodbye . Narrator point of view Black clouds covered the whole environment giving a clear sigh of heavy rains. It was raining heavily everyone was inside the airport. People generally don't like to get drenched in rain. Zayn and alex had already left a while ago . An unknown man along with his several man was gawking at tanya , seeing the lustful eyes on his men set on the girl he roar and told them not to look toward her as she was now his . After receiving a call from uncle Theo he told her to wait for a while because of the harsh weather and told her not to dare step out of the airport in order to enjoy the rain as he know how much she like being drenched in rain water . Tanya(P.O.V)Seeing the weather of Italy toady it reminds me of the bad day when I lost my whole world in a matter for few hours. Flashes of memories are playing themselves in front of my eyes reminding me
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Chapter - 5
Every moment is a fresh beginning. Narrator point of view The weather of Italy was warm with cool breeze providing comfort to the people. Tanya was sitting in the car with uncle Theo's sons Harper and Joey who had come to pick her up. There was a small smile playing on her face after seeing the small kids giggling with each other. Her long hair were flying like a free bird who had just been freed from her cage . Harper who was sitting with her was delighted to see her happy after going through so much. Joey was also smiling seeing their little bunny being happy through the side-view mirror . They had already planned to take her out on a tour in order to make her feel homely, but he is not so sure because the growing number of mafia problems in the country. Though, there is a fully systematic form of government but it's the mafia who use to rule, normally they did not kill innocent people but you never know. After all they are the people who can finish you within a sna
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Chapter- 6
Time skips to one week Drake P.O.V My name is Drake Blackwell and yeah I am the mafia leader of Italy and Africa and also the founder of Blackwell industries. People know who I am and what I do for a living they fear and respect me well they should after all I am that kind of person you should not mess with. For the past one week I am on a killing spree. If he thinks that by killing my 10 men he can challenge me that he is wrong. The world which I rule runs on power there is no place of emotions in it . The weaker you are the lower the chances of your survival  will be . That bloody bast*rd think that they can defy me and will escape. They don't know whom they are messing with. If they want a hunt and let the hunt begin nobody mess  with my family and get away from it just like that. Tanya (P.O.V) (On top is what she wore) Well, today is my first day of school and I am nervous as hell. Deep breaths tanvi deep breaths tanvi . After taking a long and relaxing
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Chapter - 7
Take a break and give your soul what it needs Narrator point of view The chirping of birds  and the jingling sound of the wind chime can be heard  freely in Theo's house. The weather is completely accurate today neither too cold nor too hot. The sun shine brightly providing a warm feeling to the people walking on nearby footpaths. Tanya is still sleeping soundly with a small smile on her face and covering herself  properly with the comfortable and fluffy duvet. Joey came all dresses up in a casual T-shirt and jeans in order to wake but now he is unable do to so because she is looking a new born baby while sleeping. It's been ten minutes he tried to wake her up but Tanya being Tanya opened her eyes a little bit and said just two minutes more. Alina came in her room and was amazed to find her still sleeping as in the first week she was unable to sleep or she use to hardly sleep. Alina went towards her bed and taking her head in her lap she gently began stroking Tanya's
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Chapter - 8
Friendship is the comfort of knowing that even when you feel alone you aren't .Narrator point of viewTanya is quite nervous today regarding the school though she had planned that if the boys again dare to tease her then she will gave them a taste of their own medicine but despite having everything planned out she is having a gut feeling that something wrong might happen moreover she had just started her school that too in a whole new country she don't want to give a wrong or bad impression in front of teachers or students as a matter of fact that she now is going to study there. She is totally unaware of the incident at the airport. She had attracted a monster to her who now have every small to big information regarding her and is keeping a tab on her. He will not leave her the way he was lusting over her is quite a proof, his lusty eyes were drooling over her in the picture captured by him at the airport he need her to satisfy his lust and he will make this happen by
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The first time I saw you my heart whispered that's the one. Narrator point of view Tanya is getting ready for the ceremony not to mention that now she also had to welcome the Chief guests as she was selected by the teachers and the students. The unknown man is drowned in blood of one of a men and is holding a butcher knife in his hand smeared with the blood of the victim. Deep gashes can be seen on the body of the victim along with the loud sobbing of the girl who just lost her father. Whereas on the other hand Drake is also getting ready for a event . Unknown man (P.O.V) Disturbing content ahead , you can skip this if you want to.How lame was this guy to think that I will not be able to catch him along with his daughter. That basta*d owe me $10,000 dollars . Nobody F*cks with me and get away just like that. I told my men to kidnap him along with his beautiful daughter who will be now mercilessly used by my men . I told them to first **** his
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