Vlaze Kingdom: VAMPIRES OBSESSION (Vampire Series No.1)

Vlaze Kingdom: VAMPIRES OBSESSION (Vampire Series No.1)

By:  ErnEst_odrE_5v  Ongoing
Language: English
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I lost some of my memory when I got into an accident 10 years ago.I just remember few things about myself. And someone has been forgetten back then, this someone destroyed me before. But today, he'll dominate me again, hunt me and become his obsession. In Vlaze Kingdom, I am the Vampire's Obsession

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Vlaze Kingdom: VAMPIRES OBSESSION (Vampire Series No.I)
SUMMARYI lost some of my memory when I got into an accident 10 years ago. I only knew that I graduated at Petrarca University. I just remember few things about myself.My mother Died from that accident.In my ten years of living I always experience weird happenings. In my dream, when I'm alone, if it is dark, I can't understand everything. At first I thought it's just my imagination so I keep trying to forget and ignored it. However I got scared for myself when it is already happening to me almost everyday. it's not funny anymore!I keep moving forward everyday but past keeps flushing in my mind, trying to dominate my peaceful mind now.But in the middle of healing myself, what if I will meet this someone unexpectedly. A someone who will change my life. Give color to me again and try to move forward to a new beginning. But what if this someone who tries to give a new way for me will also bring me in the past and
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Rosē Venice MontgomeryI run as fast as I could but not enough to get away from the unknown creatures. It is late at night and I am on my way home from the construction site across this village, visiting the workers there. And now I ended up like this!I lost hopes when the bunches of monsters are in front of me now. Also, my visions bacame blurry because of my tears.Please someone!...Someone help me! I picked up anything I touched and throw it to them. My clothes were ragged and I lost my sandals, but it doesn't matter because how I'll get away and save myself from these creepy creatures is the most matter. They're like hungry, craving for its foods. A predator hunting for its prey, which is me.They're creepy and scary so I close my eyes in fears. In my lifetime living, this is the first time I'm witnessing and experiencing these. I don't even believe in ghost nor fairytales. They're just fictional, an imagination. Human min
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I have become accustomed to always being just inside the house since the rumor of missing in our village became strong."Rosie, darling, don't let strangers in, huh?" Mom ordered.I stopped building the house using the soil I had wet with the water about earlier before turning to Mom. I know she's going to hunt again now because she's wearing dirty clothes and big pants and her black boots. She also carries a dagger that she uses.She turned to Gello who was now cooking our food. He is not my mother's family member but he has been living here since his parents died. Mother took him and shelter him with us here in the middle of the forest."Gello, keep an eye on Rosie. I'll leave her to you." Mom bid a goodbye.“Yes Mother.” Gello nodded.Mother turned to me again and approached me then messed up my hair. "Be careful Mom." I said.She just smiled and left the house. I followed her to the door and watched her leave and then went back to what I was doin
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The world we live in is big and vast so we cannot say that we know and have seen all the creatures that live here. We are not just humans, animals were created by our creator to take care of and be part of this world. It is not just what our conscious eyes see that we consider created beings.Many have been proven by scientists, many have been revealed secrets but there are still many hidden mysteries that envelop the world.Different beliefs, different opinions and different recognitions but only one recognized creator who is considered the strongest of all. The Bathala, the Alah. God. There are some beliefs that there are gods and goddesses who take care of the world to keep it orderly and peaceful.Also, mythical creatures that I can't believe they exist. Their existence that I used to bury myself and hoping that they're just part of my nightmares.The event that night when Mom got abducted by those filthy and fearsome monsters flashes to
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Who are you?" His voice was cold. I was terrified but felt a different horror. Horror for myself because instead of being scared my nerves calmed down.His presence tickled me. It gives me having foreign feelings. I don't have a strength to make a voice and answer him instead I close my eyes. Once I closed my eyes I hear his last words before his presence slowly fade."Surely, I will find your roses smell ...."I looked around the entirety of cubicle expecting somehow a man or even his shadow but no one is inside this cubicle except on me. I shook myself with madness before rushing back to class.I didn't even understand any of our lessons because in that situation my mind was spinning. Thinking if all of those are just my imagination or real? Maybe I'm exhausted so my imagination got worsen. Is that because of what I’ve always dreamed? That even here and awake doesn’t stop me dreaming."Venice."My thoughts cut when I heard Meg.
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Gello and I have been apart for almost five years. We never fail to say hello to each other. Sometimes he comes back to the country just to visit me. His longest stay at home was a week and he was coming back right away.I finished architecture while Gello did engineering. I had no trouble finding a job because of the help of professor ko. He immediately gave my work a gift as his best students.And Gello. He's back. Many things changed in him especially his body. He's not that filthy Gello that I know. He's more masculine now and I can tell how hardwork he is for building more muscles. Her body is obvious in her tight clothes and it doesn't hurt the eyes to look like the other men. Instead it became his best asset aside from his face. I'm sure his female fans will add more. Hahaha.There’s maybe a girlfriend that this 'monkey' just don’t want to tell me. Tsk."I know it's been a year but don't be so obvious that your amazed by my body. Rosie. You
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