The love I hated

The love I hated

By:  Ndudim Oluebube Blessing  Completed
Language: English
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Harry is a successful business man, who doesn't believe in falling for a woman. He lacks value for his subjects and is always very arrogant. His experience as a child led to his hatred for his mother ,who his father told him, abandoned him as an infant. He falls I love with his housekeepers daughter

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    80 chapters
    Chapter 1 ( The arrogant CEO)
    Chapter 1 It had rained heavily a day before. The morning was so cozy and snug under the duvet. Harry stretched himself and rolled from one side to the other, he wakes to the consciousness of the lady laying down next to him. It had been a rough night , not romantic but pleasure filled. Harry wakes up from his gigantic bed. He pulls himself up and wakes up the lady he had picked from the club last night. "Get up", he said opening the drawal next to him. He takes a bundle of cash and throws at her."Wouldn't you want breakfast?" The lady asked. " No , please ,just get out! I have workers who attend to my needs",he said keeping a straight face in order to appear mean to her." I don't blame you, I blame myself for hanging out with a rude man like you", she said. The lady quickly puts on her clothes , she wonders why he was so harsh towards her. He had been cool with her all through last night. "why the sudden change? "she asked herself. Well she had her money and that was very
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    Chapter 2
    Harry arrived his office quite late, the traffic had delayed him and left him worn-out, if there was anything he detested in life ,that was being patient under the traffic. Lagos traffic on Mondays are not what one should laugh about,if you had to get to your destination in time, one had to wake up early enough to beat it .The constant blowing of horns and big luxurious vehicles made his journey almost impossible. But this was what he faced from time to time, he was use to it and so he had to deal with it everytime. He finally got to work , packed his car and walked into the building in a hurry .Quickly entering the elevator ,he came across his secretary who joins him.she had a book in her hand ,which contained his schedule for the day. She was a fair ,average ,slim lady who spoke so fluently . She always appeared smart and that was what Harry liked must about her. Her very curvy figure which added to her elegant beauty was one all could take note of when she's seen. She had bee
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    Chapter 3
    Rose discusses their boss's attitude with Agatha in the kitchen. She stated how she detests his behavior so much. Agatha had entered the kitchen to ensure that Rose was done cooking. Their boss,Harry , would soon be back from work and he was going to let the heavens loose if his food wasn't ready and served on the dinning table.She had asked Rose ,who happened to be the fourth cook in a space of six months ,if the food was ready . Rose tells her she was almost done with it."Please hurry! , we do not need any query from Harry , not this time around", Agatha tells her.She turns to exit the kitchen , Rose taps her on her shoulder and askes her if their boss's attitude wasn't giving her concerns." The way he carries himself , commands everyone around like we came from the pit", Rose said bitterly."Rose! you don't have to complain. He is our boss , please face your duties in this house and stop discussing him. Please return back to what you were doing" , Agatha replied.Rose frowns at
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    Chapter 4 ( At the office)
    The next day at the office ,Harry had a discussion with Bianca about the company. They discuss on the progress so far and the turnout of things. " Sir ,the company is really making waves, so many clients are craving to do business with us . some boutiques are ordering for lots of fabrics , even fashion industries are asking for our materials for their models." ,Bianca stated. She is sitted opposite his desk and her eyes are fixed on him.Harry rolls his eyes which had been fixed on her cleavage, " That's good, " he said. " But we lack enough materials for distribution ,Sir' she replied."Why is that"?"The demand we have is higher ",she answered." Then increase the number of goods to be imported" , Harry ordered"I needed to hear from you, before I make any actions sir""Now you've heard from me,swing into action immediately.""Of course I will sir" she said, adjusting her jacket. She gets up and purposely pushes down the file on the table ,in order to bend down. She wore a short
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    Chapter 5
    That evening , Harry had gone home after work, his best friend Martins visited. He sat with him in his living room and they exchange pleasantries, smiling and chatting. Martins had been out of the country for six months ,on a business trip to Dubai, he had returned a day before and decided to come visit his childhood friend. Harry tells him of how much he had been missed , and asked him how his trip went. Martins replies that all had been successful and business is moving on well with him.Harry askes Martins about Betty his girlfriend , he had travelled together with. Martins replies that she had gone to see her parents and give them what they had bought from their trip at Dubai. Martins teases Harry of not wanting to have his own woman , and Harry replies that he doesn't have the strength for women and their problems. He tells him about his ordeal with his PA ,Bianca ."Bad man!"Martins shouts jokingly.Martins encourages Harry to keep Bianca as his woman, since he finds her attra
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    Chapter 6
    It's on a Saturday morning, Harry had gone to the gym for his weekend exercise with Martin's his friend. They always do this whenever they are together. Harry wears a short and free fitted T-shirt , With his musculine muscles all visible. One could tell he is athletic. He has his black durag on his head and his black and white coloured , canvas, Martins on the hand ,is on his joggers , he isn't as masculine as Harry is ,but has a nice figure,with his enticing dimples. They both had just concluded their morning section and had to stop at a close by restaurant for breakfast."Lagos big boy!", Martins called out, dragging out a sit attached to the table.Harry smiles back, knowing fully well that whenever his friend calls him out that way ,there is something definitely cooking."What is it man", Harry replied."Nothing really,just wondering",Martins said."And what are you wondering " Harry replied. " I know you well my friend, and I know you don't eat out , infact you've never had brea
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    Chapter 7
    Harry is in his bedroom , he sits on his bed and places his laptop on the bed with his legs crossed, he goes through his records on the system. He does this every Saturday, in order to place in order his work sheets for the week . He had to be very articulate in his job and always wanted to know what his workers where up to. He had heard stories of people's workers embezzling money from their companies and making use of the stolen money to start up their own business ,thereby putting the other company in the risk of folding up. He never wanted becoming a victim, so he had to monitor all sales made, both from the deposits to the withdrawals made. Bianca bangs into the room. She wears a short hot gown with a slim hand, almost revealing."Hello baby" ,she said , throwing her handbag on the cushion and removing her shoes. Harry looks up at her in so much displeasure ,in his heart he wonders what type of human she is. "What are you doing here?",he managed to ask. "Come on dear aren't you h
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    Chapter 8
    Aria ,Ezra and Miller are workers at NCN collections. Aria, is a short dark skinned lady, with a very long brownish golden hair. She has a bowl leg and ring neck. She is the cleaner at the company. Ezra a guy in his late thirties , he is the companies driver. He drivers the lorry used in conveying goods shipped into the country for the company. Miller is the company's messager, he has a very funny ascent which displays a typical tribal guy . It's about 6:30am ,Aria is sweeping the premises of the office ,when Miller and Ezra arrive into the company. "Did you sleep here over the night?"Ezra asked. "No I didn't , good morning", Aria replied in a rude way because Ezra failed to greet her . "Please pardon my manners, good morning", Ezra said. "Pardon accepted", replied Aria. "How was your night?" Miller asked. "It was perfect", Aria replied. They continue to exchanging pleasantries ,then Aria brings up the topic of Harry and Bianca. She asked them if they had noticed the recent relations
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    The sealed letter
    Musa takes a brown envelope to Miller , with a rose seal and name tagged 'Grace'. "This is for the boss"he says dropping the letter on Miller's desk. "Who brought this", Miller asked him. "A young man, he came knocking, he said this should be delivered to Mr Harry, he said it was urgent", Musa replied. "But this letter has no address , how do I deliver a letter with no address, you shouldn't have let the man leave. Please next time, make sure I get to meet whoever it is", Miller stated. " Yes sir ,I would inform you as my overall boss ,right?" Musa asked. " Look we have to be careful, it's not as if I'm commanding you, but imagine if the content of this letter is dangerous we would both be in trouble . So please if you can't ask the required questions about a package next time, direct whoever it is to me " , Miller said. "Okay noted Miller", Musa replied and left , leaving the letter on Miller's table. Miller immediately takes the letter to the last floors, where Harry's office
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    chapter 10
    Martins is in his apartment with his girlfriend Betty ,she had arrived that evening to see him. Since they returned from their Dubai trip ,she had been with her parents ,who she went to visit and also present them with the things they had bought from their trip. Her parents were very much aware of her relationship with Martins and they had already given their full consent to the union. To them Martins was just like a son to them. He had helped them out financially so many times and had their interest in heart. Betty's family wasn't a rich one but they tried much in reserving whatever little respect they had.Betty prepared a very delicious garnished vegetable rice. They had just finished the meal , while Betty cleared the table. "That was very delicious, I enjoyed it ", Martins said. "I'm glad you did",Betty replied happily. She takes the plates into the kitchen and returns with a napkin in her hand. Using the napkin in cleaning off the dirt's on the table, together with the littl
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