I Kissed My Ex-boyfriend, & It Went Wrong

I Kissed My Ex-boyfriend, & It Went Wrong

By:  Niharika Nafisa  Completed
Language: English
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"Sorry, it was a dare", that's what I utter after the passionate kiss. I can still feel the familiar taste of that familiar mouth. He still feels the same, he still kisses me like there's no end, he's still passionate and possessive when he holds me in his arms. But he still doesn't look the same. A devilish smirk appears across his fierce face, his eyes darkening at me, making my breath catch. I'm still obsessed with the way he looks at me. "No, Emily. Not again", I tell myself and turn back, escaping the man who knows each bit of my soul, heart and body. The tough palm wraps around my arm harshly, pulling me back against his hard chest as he possessively secures me in his arms. I knew it was going to go well. "Let me go", I whisper. "Not after you reminded how you taste, Em", his hoarse whisper lets his warm breath brush across my neck as I shiver in his grip, weakening to my knees. Amid all similarities, I can't find the old chirpy— vibrant man anymore, instead, I feel the familiar man turning into a demon who wants nothing but to consume me again. This time not in love, but . ~~~~ Kane Gabriel was a kind and vibrant man with excessively features and a heart of gold until his girlfriend Emily Benson betrayed him. Years later Emily herself walked into him only to complete a dare but she didn't know what she invited for herself— a wounded lion who now knew nothing but breaking. With a vow to taint her with pain, will Kane achieve his motives or end up losing his heart once again? Or will a new truth break him from the core?

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52 Chapters
Chapter 1 : Risky dare
"You may kiss the bride"   With the echoing sound of heavy claps, Stanley Smith gets hitched to the son of her brother's business partner.    The entire venue has been decorated for the most awaited wedding. Almost every person wears a smile on their face whether out of joy for the newly married couple or not.    Among all the happy faces, the twenty-six years old woman in a red sleeveless shirt, paired with black pencil skirt is standing like a statue, her eyes darting on the newly married couple. It's not like she is unhappy with the marriage. She shares no relationship with any of the bride or groom.    Letting out a deep sigh, she claps along with others.   Emily Benson is a young woman with attractive features any woman wishes for. Still, there's not a single streak of pride in her actions. She is a social worker and owns the most reputable agency in Austin. H
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Chapter 2 : Warning
                                                Emily's POV  "What did you think? You'll escape so easily after messing with me again?" Hatred is visible in his ruthless voice as he adds another finger.  His other hands come to wrap my jaw in a tight grip.  "Not anymore, little dove. You have messed up with me enough and escaped easily. Not anymore" I know what I have gotten myself into. He's not the same person I loved once. Not anymore. He has turned completely the opposite, filled with hatred and anger, each word from his mouth reveals his burning hatred for me. He pulls out of me, leaving me breathless.  I'm not done yet. It's so painful, so frustrating. "Kane", I suck my breath. "Ple
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Chapter 3 : Vengeance
                           Emily's POVSuzzane has been trying to reach Mr Smith since the moment we got to know about his sudden decision. I'm still in a shock— too stunned to get my brain to work. Why will Mr Smith do that with me at the final moment? Is Olivia behind this?I remember after disappearing for the dare, I didn't show up. Kane didn't let me. Did she think I ditched her and left the venue?Lord! She can't do this just because of a dare. "Emily, are you alright?"I hear Suzzane, laying my head on my desk, my eyes closed. Nodding slowly, I let out a deep sigh and get on my feet. "Are you going somewhere?" She asks."I'm around. Keep trying to reach Mr Smith" I walk out of my small cabin, striding through the corridor. With the cold breeze hitting my skin, I look around at my tiny sector, surrounded by greens, and birds chirping through the nes
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Chapter 4 : The Devil's trap
Kane She has changed so much— so freaking much that I had to function my brain when I landed here and scanned her from head to toe. This woman aged like fine wine and turned into a drug for me after the last night. I thought I would never be able to get attracted to her anymore. But the hell! She has become even sexier than before. The only difference is I can't find the woman I love anymore. Whenever I look at her, only two things cram inside my chest. Hatred and lust. As she keeps gaping at me in disbelief with her ebony black eyes flaring up in shock, I trace my thumb seductively across her jaw. The nervousness and terror in her eyes and the building tension in her body make her look even more appealing. "It's— that's not possible," she sucks in her breath, struggling to get freed from my grip as I clasp her delicate arms more tightly. "Why so?" "You won't under
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Chapter 5 : It begins
EmilyWhen the sun rays enter my room through the window, my eyes are opened wide. I couldn't sleep the entire night, sensing that Kane had been in the living room. I'm so glad that he didn't bang into my room. I literally don't believe him on that. Climbing down from the bed, I slid my feet into the slippers and walk towards the door nervously. It's still the dawn and I believe he's fast asleep. Twisting the knob, I come out of the room, discovering him fast asleep on the couch. The couch is too small to take him all in. His leg is almost on the ground. For a second, I feel bad for not letting him in. It's too cold at night and the living room doesn't even have a furnace. However, I was scared that he would end up taking my leg over again.My legs automatically move towards him with my eyes darting toward his face. Despite trying not to drift my attention to him, I can't help staring at him with my hollow eyes
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Chapter 6 : Burn
Kane's POVHer body stiffens with my abrupt question, her gaze darting down. I can see the lines of stress forming on her face as she clutches the clothes tightly in her hands. Stepping inside, I kick back the door, slamming it shut and stride closer to her, leaning toward the closet."Did he leave you?" I shrug, my eyes capturing every small change in her reaction. Her jaw is clenching harder as if she's trying to hold something back. "We got separated," her voice comes out as a groan."And what about the child?""He took him," her voice cracks as she tilts her head aside, slowly wiping her tears off. I keep gazing at her intensely. Why on this damn earth did I fall in love with this woman so much? If I hate her from the core, it's only because she was the one I loved the most. "You didn't try to get your son back?"She remains silent for a whole minute before looking back at me, her eyes simmering. "My past life shouldn't matter to you anymore. I believe there was nothing in the
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Chapter 7 : Intensity
EmilyWith humiliation, anger boils through my veins. I drop my gaze, swallowing the simmering gossip behind me. I have never thought Kane can stoop so low to do this just to hurt me. He gave me the pen drive with all my paperwork. There's no way such pictures can be in this. When I lift my gaze, I find his eyes on me— steady and intense."Oh! I think there has been some malfunctioning with the projector," Mr Smith speaks out of nowhere. "The wedding pictures got messed up. I'm sorry, gentlemen"He bows and smiles in front of the clients as the lights turn on. Mr Smith is definitely trying to cover up the mess created by us. I can still find the weird gazes sparkling at me. That's so fucking humiliating. "Nova!" Mr Smith calls out. "Until we get the entire presentation fixed, why don't you show us the rough details about the costing""Yeah. Yeah, sure," Nova forces a smile and rushes out of the conference room."Gentlemen, should we check out the rough details of the costs first? My
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Chapter 8 : Guilty pleasures
KaneWho the hell did this to the tire? I kick against it in frustration. There's no way it can get punctured while staying in the same position. That means someone messed up with the last two tires."Isn't there a single-vehicle available?" Nova curls up her face. "No""You have a spare car, right? Where's that?""I asked my driver to drop Miss Benson", I tell her. Nova's reactions stiffen as she pulls on a dirty look."Oh. I should have known that. Anyway, we can cancel the plan then. I'll have dinner with Olivia in the office""No. Wait", I scoff, scratching my head as Nova passes me a wide smile. "We can hire a cab though it's gonna take some time""I can't believe that you really want to go on a dinner date with me""Of course", I smirk. "It's been a long time, right?""Yeah. It's been so long. In fact, it's the first time I can see your interest in having some time with me", she decreases the gap between us. Keeping the smile on, I take a step back. "Let me book a cab"I calle
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Chapter 9 : Caring Captor
Kane I'm not supposed to do that. I'm supposed to make her suffer and hurt her as much as I can. But I can't help consuming her painful agony inside me as she whimpers against my arms.I stare at her gorgeous face in the fading moonlight and she looks so innocent and pure as she has always been to me. I used to die for this innocence once and it feels like I have gone back to the same moment. I don't feel like the person I had been for four years. "Kane!" Her moan is more like an urge to feel me as she holds my forearm. Okay, that's it. It's time to just let her ache. I was here to play around anyway. But my grips stay steady and my eyes remain fixed on her, her trembling lips. She squeezes her legs, keeping my hand in between as I feel her hot and wet core inviting me. Why does it feel like a punishment to me? Fuck! It should not. "I won't do that silly act again", her voice comes out more adorable and childish as I recall the clip again. It makes me smile wider and wider. Wh
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Chapter 10 : His to hurt
Author's POVThe atmosphere in Smith International has been heavy since midnight when Nova Brandon got missing. All the major meetings and conferences are put on hold when David has been trying his best to locate Nova. At a moment, Olivia insists on taking the case to the high department of the police commission when Nova finally shows up in the office. Relief gets back to the surroundings, not because all the employees like Nova, but Oliva had forced everyone to worry about her and stopped all the major work.As soon as Nova steps into the office, everyone gets back to work."My goodness, Nova. Where have you been the entire night?" Olivia snaps at Nova, seated in her cabin with her head hanging down."I'm talking to you, Nova. Do you have some sense left? We had been worrying about you the entire night and I don't know where you were messing up with"Nova heaves her head up towards Oliva with her burning gaze."It was all because of you", a groan escapes her mouth, leaving Olivia s
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