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Blood Sisters of the Michael family. The most powerful bloodline of dark witches, one of them sets out to ruin the world by bringing back their father who is a servant of an evil known as the darkness, while the others seek to stop her. Welcome to Weston Hills. A world of Witches and everything in-between.

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35 chapters
House of Witches.
“His name is Edmond Michael,” Janeka said, mimicking her mother. “The most powerful warlock. He who destroys and takes life as though it were his creation.” “We’re here.” Freya said interrupting the girls who were busy giggling at the impersonation. They had just moved into Weston Hills, a whole new environment and a fresh start. As Hayley pulled her bags out of the trunk she looked over at the house. A middle-class convenient structure with a lush green lawn and daisy bushes that hugged the white picket fence around it which opened up to the stone path leading straight to the front door, it was the limit to Freya’s savings from her part-time job, not much but Hayley had a feeling she was going to love it. The five girls hauled their luggage out of the car and into their new home. They cleaned up each of their rooms personally and then house at large together before unloading their stuff which took them quite a while.Liquid rays of moonlight poured in through the open dining window b
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The Michael rituals.
“You must observe the rituals. No matter what happens. It will keep you, and your sisters together.” Freya's mother cautioned her. Freya was seventeen years old when her mother introduced her to the Michael rituals. “I promise to keep our family together.” Freya said, staring at her mother. She was too young, but she had to do it. They were both in the woods, and the bright rays of the moonlight struck the surface of the earth. It lit the woods up brightening and almost making the darkness of the night disappear. They took each other's arms, both heaved a sigh of relief shutting their eyes, and permitting their dark magical energy to flow through them. Freya could perceive her mother's strength, she was certainly a powerful dark witch. “Please...” The man muttered, he could only see glimpses of the two figures standing around him. Freya wanted to hesitate, tears dropped from her eyes, as she felt tenderness. Her mother understood this, it was her first time, but it won't be her last.
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The unbinding.
Freya was in the closet, she was gazing at the mirror not quite sure of what to say. Is this the life that awaited her? Could she handle it now their family was experiencing numerous issues? She looked at the engagement ring on her finger, as she had flashes of Eamon. She loved him, and that was the verity. Finally, her wedding was around the corner, and she was overwrought that she was going to leave her sisters and the house of witches for a whole new environment with her spouse. She knew Janeka was old enough to lead her sisters through everything that would come their way in the future, but still, she was part of the family. She puffed out, as she walked out of the closet down to the kitchen to get herself a bottle of water. She heard footsteps, and she hastily turned meeting Janeka sauntering down the stairs. “Hey.” Janeka said. “You are supposed to be asleep.” Freya directed. “We all can survive. We are always a family, and family never dies. Don't worry about yourself. We'll
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Who is guilty?
“You know me too well, I didn't kill him.” Sabrina continued chuckling, as she stood on her feet. She was laughing because they were so miserable, she took quick steps backward, smirking as she watched her sisters besiege her. “That's the more explanation why you're the suspect.” Hayley told them. “I know you hate me Hayley, but I didn't kill Nick Simpson.” Sabrina retained. She clenched her fists when she noticed her sisters were ready to attack her. “Sabrina, you would be locked up until I'm convinced of your innocence.” Freya said as a spell escaped her lips. Sabrina fell to her knees, she couldn't move her body, though she tried countless times, and her lips trembled, as she attempted to break the spell, but it was to no avail. Janeka and Earnestine, forced Sabrina to the basement, locking her up though she almost evaded their grasp. The four sisters said a barrier spell, they were certain that Sabrina couldn't break through. She just sat on the floor, leaning on the closed door
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I think I'm next.
“Freya stop!” Hayley pleaded as she crawled to the back of the couch bleeding from her nose and leg. She was endeavoring to stop the bleeding, but she kept attempting to save her life and also Eamon's. Eamon was still striving to stop Freya but to no avail. Hayley stood back on her feet after she had crawled to the back of a couch, staggering when Eamon had forgotten she was there. She took out a dagger and seized Eamon's neck about to cut through him. “I will kill him if you try to stop me.” Hayley threatened. She wasn't going to take his life. “Please! Don't do this. I'm begging you.” Freya said sarcastically, before she chuckled, her lips twitching into a smirk. Hayley wanted to scare her into retreating, but she saw her efforts were in vain. “Do you think I'm Freya who would give the world for Eamon Brentford?” Freya quizzed. Hayley released Eamon from her grip, nudging him aside, she hurried to hurt her. Freya stopped her, pinning her to the floor before taking the dagger away
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Her future.
Janeka was terrified, as she turned on the light in her room when the text message came in, she searched her drawer until she found the car keys. Jumping out of her bed and staring at the clock, it was 9 pm. She quickly rushed downstairs, her loud footsteps waking Sabrina.“It's late. Hayley.” Sabrina said as she stepped out of her room knowing that it was only Hayley who would wake them up whenever she went to get water at night. What was she doing outside? She was also surprised that Freya was not yet back, and she had not texted any of them. Strolling down the hallway to the stairs while her hands stroked the handrail as she moves downstairs half awake. “It's Janeka,” Janeka bellowed from the living room. “Freya is in trouble.” She continued. Hearing those words, Sabrina became active, she rubbed her hands on her eyes to get a better vision. Her eyes met Janeka's blood dripping on the town's map. No doubt, she was doing a locator spell. “We have to find her.” Janeka said, as she
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I found the truth
Janeka and Justin were striding out of the woods. “Can you drive?” Janeka asked. “I can't. Astonishingly, I came back to life and I'm getting over the trauma.” Justin blurted. “It's transient,” Janeka said letting him into her car before slamming the door shut. What just happened? Did she just meet another supernatural creature? Is he the killer? These thoughts got her engaged, she starts the engine before she glances at Justin who was staring at the right side mirror. “Don't worry I'm a good listener. I would help you with all these.” Janeka smiled, as they headed down the path that led out of the woods.“I was killed by this guy. He called himself a golem. I have never heard that before.”“What would a golem be doing in this town?” Janeka asked herself.“Take a turn.” Justin yelled, as they were approaching the Weston Hills bridge. He guessed she was buried in meaningless thoughts as they had driven farther from the dark woods. Almost diving into the river, Janeka swiftly turned a
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I have chosen my path.
Her powers began to disperse through the library covering the entire room with thick black fog. Hayley was using her magic to attack her sisters while her sisters were levitating, Hayley choked them with her powers. “Every witch has a destiny. I have chosen my path.” Hayley said before forcefully sending them down the wooden floor, Janeka and Sabrina passed out while Earnestine fell groaning. “You chose the wrong path, sister.” Earnestine said, as she stood on her feet before she glared at Hayley who was smirking. “Like I said. Every witch has a destiny.” The only thing Earnestine had in mind was to stop Hayley. A black magical orb appeared in Earnestine's hands, and lightning flashed inside the orb, she wanted to attack, her hands shivered, but she thought about her little sister Hayley. She loved her so much and nothing was going to change that. She hoped that Hayley would have a second thought and become the responsible girl she was. Earnestine weakly pushed the black orb to Hay
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I met a vampire.
“How did you become a vampire?” Earnestine asked. “It's tragic.” Dale retorted. “It's so disappointing that you can't share the experience.” “It happened to me about a hundred years ago.” Dale smiled. “Wow!” Earnestine said. She didn't know why she said that, but living for more than ten decades is amazing. “I recalled that day. My brother was after me.” Dale began as his thoughts diverted into the very day he became a vampire. There were no stars in the skies, lightning flashed while Dale looked up to the clouds before getting his gaze back to the path he was threading on. He knew that he couldn't outrun that savage creature, but he had to run, at least to protect his life. Gasping, he leaned on a tree when he didn't hear footsteps scampering into the woods. He stared at his feet before looking up to the skies. Someone sped to him, he seized his neck and began to choke him. “Do you think you can escape me?” He asked. “I know I can't, but taking the lives of innocent people is
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What fact?
Hayley was sauntering down the hallway, she waved at some students who were staring at her. Strands of her blonde hair were dyed black. She grinned when she saw her friend Wendy. Wendy smiled back, they embraced each other. Acting strangely was Hayley's kind of thing, so Wendy wasn't surprised about the new hair. “How was your weekend?” Wendy inquired. “It was well spent.” Hayley smiled. “My new project is coming to an end.” “Well, nobody deserves to know you or your secrets, sister.” Wendy said. Hayley raised an eyebrow. She didn't expect it from her. “I was overreacting.” Hayley clarified. They both walked into their class. “I know.” Wendy said, as she sat down, getting her attention to the teacher who had started educating them on a topic.Earnestine gulped down a glass of water with some pills. She was happy that she had gotten the freak Vampire out of her life, though Hayley was having her way. Her eyes fluttered and she looked at the door that led into the kitchen. She was
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