Falling for Ace

Falling for Ace

By:  Actb4thinking  Ongoing
Language: English
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__________________ Ivy Reed, a twenty year old with a haunting past. Ace Romano, the Italian mafia boss and also Ivy's brother's best friend who instantly takes a liking in Ivy when he first sees her.

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5 Chapters
I V YI made my way inside the hospital, feeling my heart beat pick up with every steps I was taking. I could hear the sound of my heart beating echoing in my head making me lick my dry lips.I should never have left.I stopped walking when my eyes fell on my brother who was talking to someone over the phone. He hasn't changed, he looked exactly like he did two years ago. His brown hairs, his diamond-shaped jawline, pale skin, thin lips and green eyes. He and I shared the same hair and eyes colour; brown hairs, green eyes.He still hasn't noticed my presence yet. Whoever he was speaking to seemed to be interesting him quite a lot. I stood feet away from him, staring at him. I don't understand how he
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The house was as beautiful as it always was. We didn't have a huge house, it was of an average size. We had a huge background where my parents would often host small dinners, parties or even breakfast with their close friends. Our home was away from the rest since my parents love their privacy.Mason helped my by carrying one if my suitcases in my room while I carried the other one. My parents were in their own room, resting or doing other things. I wouldn't be surprised if so. They are tough human beings, even accidents cannot hold them when it comes to sex."Do you need help arranging your stuffs?" Mason asked, raising an eyebrow. I shook my head to which he smirked, "Ha! I wouldn't have helped you either.""Still an asshole, I see," I rolled my eyes, "wasn't expecting
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A C E"What the fuck was that, Romano?" Damian voice was louder than someone when speaking in a mic. How? Still a mystery.I've got a theory though, maybe his parents were too loud while doing it. Fetus turned deaf while being produced.You know, when a person's normal voice is loud, it usually means he's got hearing problems."That was me winning, fucktard," I replied with a roll of my eyes as I tossed the keys to him, "you owe me three hundred dollars.""You scratched my car, bitch!" Damien caught the key and held it in between his fingers, "it's you who owe me money here, not the other way
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I V Y"I met with an accident earlier today and my great son who doesn't use his brain decides to invite people for dinner. Great, just great!" Mom ranted as she placed the plates on the table, "now I have to cook for not only four person but seven with a broken arm. I love you, Mason, do you hear me? I fucking love you! Note the sarcasm."Mason flashed her a guilty smile, "I might have forgotten that you had an accident earlier," he scratched the back of his neck, "you know they don't eat much.""They don't eat much?" Dad repeated, raising his brows, "fine, Ace doesn't eat much but his parents? God damn, they eat like pigs!""How about you call them and cancel the whole dinner thi
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I V YWhile the adults began talking about their childhood and all boring stories, I found myself eating my pizza quietly since I had nothing interesting to say and I did not want to be part of the adults' conversation. It always ends up with something like marriage, kids and stuffs.I took a bite from my second pizza when Mason's phone started ringing. He excused himself before standing up and leaving to attend the call. Ace and I were the only ones not talking. I finished my second pizza, feeling full.I opened my soda and drank the whole content before standing up and went to wash my hands. After washing them, I turned around only to be met with Ace's piercing blue eyes, staring right at me.I wi
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