The Luna's Prey

The Luna's Prey

By:  S. Mendez  Completed
Language: English
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After three decades of fighting each other, the humans and the werewolves had signed a peace treaty in Alexandra's hometown. She was summoned by the Alpha to marry the playboy billionaire, Luther Sinclair, to strengthen the treaty. But she knew that peace was the last thing that humans were aiming for because from the beginning, they were the ones who were more beastly than the wolves. They had always wanted to eliminate every single wolf in town. Alexandra became Luther's wife; he was the Governor's son and her stepping stone to infiltrate the humans' society and to fulfill their revenge plan. Her mission was to spy on him and make him fall in love with her and dispose him once she had uncovered all his family secrets. But there was a problem. She didn't expect the strong attraction she had felt for Luther. He was a tease and a devil in disguise who would never let himself be pushed around. And he had a mission, too: to own her heart, body, and soul. In this new battle where the loser will be devoured and only the wicked will win, can she still guarantee her victory?

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137 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Devil and the Beast
(Alexandra)“YOU are not only the future luna of our pack, Alexandra. You are a woman. And that is your greatest strength. Men cannot live without women. Many of them may loathe the wolves, but deep down, they could not help but want you.”While walking down the aisle, those words from my mother echoed in my ears as I glanced around me. And she was right. The humans despised my kind and yet, the men’s lustful gaze all over my body cannot be denied. They were looking at me like a meal they were not supposed to eat. And they detested that about me even more. It would have been a step closer to victory if they were my target.Too bad, they weren’t.Disregarding them, I still believe that this could have been a wonderful beach wedding. The sun was about to set soon. It was my favorite time of the day. The cool breeze was perfect for the summer night. And behind me, I could hear the soft sound from the waves whenever they&rsquo
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Chapter 2: Bloody Night
THE SUN had already set when I released Luther. He held onto the chair as he struggled to breathe. Blood was still dripping from my mouth when I faced the guests. The humans looked appalled. I knew that expression all too well. I’d seen it in my family’s faces every time we’d find a new corpse of a wolf in the woods.When the humans recovered from shock, they all pointed their weapons in the wolves’ direction who remained sitting calmly. It was chaotic. Mrs. Molly didn’t stop wailing while the Governor glanced at the cameramen first and motioned them to stop shooting before he turned to look at me. He didn’t say anything, but I could tell he was cursing me with his eyes. His hand was on his back side where he kept his gun. Their guards had been alerted; they immediately surrounded my pack.The couple was about to rush to the altar when the Alpha and the Beta in our pack blocked their path.“Mr. Kendricks, what on Earth j
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Chapter 3: Shackle
IT WAS the first time that there had been a mark on a human. Suddenly, I felt like my head was going to explode. Does this mean that this despicable human was my mate?Oh, God. My breathing hitched. Out of billions of people in the world, why him? What kind of nasty trick was this?“Darling, the priest was asking you a question. You can stare at my face all you want after the wedding. But right now, kindly give him an answer, all right? We’ve made the priest wait long enough already. Have mercy. If we make him wait more than this, he might pass out before he could give us his blessing.”Luther uttered those words tenderly. It was meant to be a joke but nobody laughed since the threat in his eyes was impossible not to notice. The guests were beginning to mumble and my pack was now worried, too. I took a deep breath and pulled myself together as I glanced back at the priest who repeated the question.Not long after and I found myself sayin
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Chapter 4: All Of You
(Alexandra)“WON’T YOU regret it, though? If you do that, only the enemies will get to have a taste of me. Darling, aren’t you curious about what I’d taste like?”The corner of Luther’s mouth moved up a bit. He looked so relaxed and so confident as if he was having the greatest time of his life at the moment. “Trust me. Once you have a taste of me, you wouldn’t dream of tossing me away. I guarantee you would ask for more. You’re going to love me. I mean not to brag but other women would kill for what you have right now.”“They could kill each other then. That would really benefit me and my clan a lot.”Luther chuckled as he spun me around the dance floor. “I could almost hear the gears in your head whirring. Relax, darling.”The devil works fast, but Luther works faster, that’s what I realized during the dance I had with the Alpha. He received a report stating that after the wedding, the humans headquarter had exploded. It was the place which took us quite a while to find. And the Alp
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Chapter 5: My Favorite Wolf
(Luther) “I WANT YOU heart, body, and soul, Alexandra.” I swallowed hard when Alexandra suddenly wrapped her arms around my neck. She tiptoed and pressed her forehead against mine. Our lips were barely brushing against each other. She was one hell of a beauty and she knew it. She knew how to use her face and body as weapons. And it was working. Alexandra had the ability to arouse people’s greed. The second I saw her walked down the aisle, I’d been resisting the urge to take her to the nearest room, pin her against the wall, and claim her. Every fiber of my body wanted her. And she was not helping me fight the temptation with her this close to me. She was just making me want to gobble her up right now. “If you’re aiming for me, don’t you think you at least have to be worthy of me? I’m not just anybody.” Of course, I knew that. She was not the only one who did a little digging about backgrounds here. I’m aware that my little wolf’s existence had made quite a history. Alexandra was t
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Chapter 6: Betrayal
“YOU SHOULD have just sent us a gift. I heard you came straight from the airport. I’m sure you’re tired. You didn’t have to bother coming all the way here since the gift would have been more welcomed and more appreciated than your presence,” I told Giovanni, the Vice President’s son as soon as I saw him at the gate. Giovanni’s fully-armored guards stood behind him. There were seven of them, mine were five. And they all seemed ready to kill including my cousin who rushed forward and grabbed me by the collar. “Why did you do this? You knew my feelings for Alexandra! I was only gone for a while!” he yelled. “I was supposed to be her groom! You were aware of my plans and yet, you betrayed me, you bastard!” “I may have known your plans, but I didn’t say I would simply go along with them and do nothing. This is why you lost your chance. You let your guard down,” I replied in a neutral voice as I brushed off his hands and straightened my suit which had only intensified Giovanni’s anger. “T
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Chapter 7: The Liar and the Actress
(Alexandra) “I SEE an incredibly gorgeous man and you see an enemy. We are seeing things differently, dear.” I frowned as I glanced at Beatrix, my cousin, my best friend, and my assistant all rolled into one. She was on the left side of the hall, a few tables away from me. She raised her wineglass when our eyes met. Beatrix showed up as Kenji’s partner for tonight and no one doubted her because she was a famous model in the country. She also had an established background and was also known for supporting charities. There was only three people Luther had kept close all these years. Tristan, Isaac, and Kenji. And since the twin brothers were constantly in San Antonio, Beatrix targeted Kenji who worked in Manila, and seduced him so she would have a reason to return here one day since San Antonio was also Kenji’s hometown. Now, Beatrix got the playboy billionaire wrapped around her fingers. I snorted. “Have you forgotten what the humans did to us, to our family? It’s impossible for me
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Chapter 8: Sleeping Beauty
I BIT my lower lip so I wouldn’t burst out laughing after getting in the bridal car since the men who escorted me out of the hall after I pretended to faint were just nearby. I haven’t had this much fun in years.Luther couldn’t join me in the car since Mrs. Molly begged him to stay with her. She was afraid to be alone in the police car after her husband walked away on her. As for the aconite issue, the verdict will be out tomorrow afternoon once the Governor and the Alpha had sort things out in the morning.For now, Mrs. Molly will not get to have her beauty rest in the hotel or in her mansion. She would be spending the night in the cold prison cell since both Luther and his father cannot contact the Alpha. Before that, I know that Trix had already informed my father not to accept any of their calls at the moment. It was the Beta who told the Sinclairs that the Alpha and the Luna were away and would be back to meet them tomorrow.Mrs. Molly cannot avoid imprisonment after I exposed w
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Chapter 9: Watch Me
WHEN Luther’s hands spread my legs, I immediately opened my eyes. I sat straight and was about to slap him when he caught my hand. He chuckled as if he was already expecting my reaction. Was he just teasing me? I’m stronger than him. I could easily take my hand back and slap him with my other hand or even punched him in the gut. But I stopped the second I saw just how mesmerizing he looked as he laughed that I had to turn away. My chest felt like it was going to explode but not out of anger this time. What was this strange feeling hanging within me? “What are you doing here? What about Mrs. Molly?” I asked when I returned to my senses. I coughed. “I think with a little rest, I will start to feel better. Tell her that what she did broke my heart, but I’ve forgiven her that’s why I hope that she learns to forgive herself, too. This is my second chance at life and right now, I’m just grateful that I’ve recovered from the poison.” Luther looked at me with a knowing smile on his face. “
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Chapter 10: Home
“WHERE are we heading? This is not the direction towards Luther’s mansion,” I told Mark after he passed by the route which would have lead us to the mansion which the Governor had given to me and his son as a wedding gift. Before the wedding, the Governor toured me and the Alpha to the ‘love nest’ he bragged about that’s why I knew the way. I only had to see things once to remember them. And we are now so far away towards that extravagant nest which he filled with his people disguised as servants. “The Boss instructed me to send you to his real house, ma’am, and not to the mansion which the Governor had bought for the two of you,” Mark explained politely. “We will be there in about twenty minutes. For the meantime, please feel free to take a nap if you want to. I will wake you once we have reached the house.” “No, thanks.” Not long after, my phone vibrated. The voice message came from Luther. Like me, he probably got my contact number through his assistant. “You are not lost, darl
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