The Mafia & The Queen Bee

The Mafia & The Queen Bee

By:  Nini  Ongoing
Language: English
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A villain is just a victim whose story hasn't been told… And evil queens are the princesses that were never saved… She had the typical cliché story. The queen bitch in her school ruled over her peers while she dated the quarterback from the football team. A newbie good girl entered the picture and changed everything. After bunch of heartbreaks, stupid pranks, teenage jealousy and stuff, the quarterback fell for the new girl and everyone called it a happy ending. But it wasn't so happy for our girl. Because she wasn’t the good girl. She was the bad one. She was the rich and bitchy queen bee. When high school ended with her boyfriend of more than three years who was now her ex, vowing to keep some other girl happy forever, our girl lost it. So she let life take her wherever it desired. What she didn't know was that such recklessness will lead her directly to the most feared mafia boss of all times! How could she have guessed that going to a popular club with a fake ID and boldly dancing on top of a table will catch the eye of some dangerous people? And how could she have known that it'll also get her into some serious trouble when suddenly, gunshots are being fired all around her? Leaving a young super drunk girl alone in the night after she had witnessed him shooting a dozen of enemies was something the mafia leader couldn't do. That's why he took her with him...

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42 chapters
Chapter 1: It's Daytime
I woke up feeling groggy and totally out of it. I knew that I wasn’t in my room at my house but I was not so surprisingly calm about being at a stranger’s house. After all, he did save my life last night… Even if I didn’t need any saving. And as far as I knew, I wasn’t dead. I knew that I was fine since I couldn’t feel any pain anywhere except in my arm which some weird guy had gripped onto a little tighter than necessary.  Well, whatever. I was visibly unharmed… And still in the same short dress that I wore to the club last night. That’s a good sign, right? I had had a lot to drink the night before but as usual, I didn’t have any hangover.Read more
Chapter 2: Information is Power
You know, loneliness is sometimes far better than having people around you.  That’s what I’ve always felt anyway.  I never liked being around anyone. I did go to parties almost every night and hung out with a lot of people but that was all pretend. It was all fake.  And I hated every single second of it! I was the head cheerleader, the pretty, popular chick that everyone knew. The cliché blonde girl.  So, even if I managed the impossible by avoiding all the people who wanted to get close to me for popularity, I had to be around my squad and the football team for obvious reasons.  And let me tell you, that was beyond annoying!Read more
Chapter 3: Skills
“But she can be of some use to us, you know?” I heard whispers outside the door of the room I was staying in when I was about to go to sleep. Couldn’t they talk somewhere else? Ugh!  Gosh! These people sure knew how to annoy the hell out of someone! After that little chat with Mr. Knight, the girl who I saw murdering someone, Thea, took me to another room. And this room had a bathroom. And clothes.  Such a relief! Thea told me that I was going to be here a while so I should freshen up.  At least they understood the meaning of sanitation! Read more
Chapter 4: Enough Information
“This is… How could you have… No! This isn’t possible!” Lucas shouted. He was holding his head, looking at the screen in shock, making me chuckle.  He’s cute. “Anything and everything is possible if you have a brain… And a computer…” I shrugged.   I love being here already! “But this is still impossible!” He shrieked as he kept staring at the screen in front of him.  It is’t, buddy. It really isn’t. So, I passed the lie-detector test… And it wasn’t as exciting as I thought…  I also found out that I don’t actually like salad. Th
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Chapter 5: Learn How To Defend Yourself
“Yeah, I’m not doing this.” I smiled at Thea, crossing my arms. There was no way in hell that I was taking a gym class now with this girl when I managed to avoid it at school for four freaking years! Nope! It’s definitely not happening. She rolled her eyes at me as she started doing her stretching exercises.  “If I were you, I would start stretching because you’re gonna have to do this.” Thea told me.  No, sister. Never! “There is no way that I’ll even consider doing this shit!” I told her honestly. I don’t think that these people actually understand what kind of a creature I really am.Read more
Chapter 6: Cheese Burger
You know how everyone always says that what the boss says goes?Well, that unfortunately might be true in this case… Annoying, right?“This is nothing but a bag full of fats waiting to attach themselves to your perfectly fit body.” I commented seriously as I looked at the plate in front of me. What a monstrosity!“This is a cheese burger, Mia.” Archer chuckled. “Well, a cheese burger with extra cheese.” He added. Extra cheese?! What it would have without the extra wasn’t any better!This
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Chapter 7: Sneak Out
“What are we supposed to be doing right now?” I whispered, looking around in the dark room.I am so damn excited!“Be in bed, I guess.” Lucas answered in a hushed voice as we hid behind the couch. Ha! I feel like a kid in a huge candy shop!“We’re supposed to be getting the rest we need to work efficiently the next day.” Thea spoke in a deep voice, trying to imitate Archer’s voice.Ha! That’s definitely something he’d say… “And why exactly aren’t we doing that?” A 16-year-old, Oliver, asked. 
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Chapter 8: It's a Date
“I don’t understand.” I frowned. “What?” Archer asked. “I thought you hated me.” I looked at him. He rolled his eyes, not even giving me a glance as he kept reading the file in his hand. “I just don’t like you.” He told me as he flipped a page. He looked up at me. “There’s a difference.” He looked me right in the eyes before going back to reading his file. “I think that I am dreaming.” I whispered. “Don’t make me change my mind about this!” He said in a monotonous voice. “I won&rsqu
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Chapter 9: Annoying Other People
“Blue or green?” I asked Thea.  “What?” She frowned as she looked up from the file she was reading about the mission she was going on in a few hours.  This was one of our last few days here before we went to the headquarters so everyone was busy doing something or the other and I was just bored.  “Which colour button do you think Lucas will press? Blue or green?” I asked her. “Why will he press any button?” She asked.  “Oh he will.” I waved her question off.  “Okay…” She spoke cautiously. “Now, blue or green?” I asked.  She looked at me sceptically and
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Chapter 10: Acting Nice and Stuff
“Put a bit more force into those punches!” The annoying voice commented. Ugh! He’s annoying!I gritted my teeth as I pictured the punching bag as my annoying boss’ face and threw the next punch with everything I had in me. I wish I could’ve done that to his actual face!Now that would be super fulfilling!“Was that better?” I asked, trying to sound sweet even though I was gasping for air.Idiot! “Yes.” He said dryly. I swear, the Sahara desert i
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