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Our story

By:  luminous novelist  Ongoing
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OUR STORY is a high school romance story. It revolves around the lives of teenagers. It is a Nigerian themed story. Dive Right In!!!!!!!!!

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    14 chapters
    AMARACHI(Amarachi Edwards)"This is the fifth school you're rejecting today." my mum said. She looked really frustrated and stressed. My mum is a single parent. My Dad died when I was still a little child. We just recently relocated from our former house so I had to change school.We lived in the rural part of Lagos State and I was looking for the best school around the house. I didn't want a school far from home. I had already written down the list of schools in the area and the next school on the list was, "CROWNSTAR HIGHSCHOOL", the school sounds interesting though. "I think we should go back home and come back tomorrow because I'm really exhausted." my mom began, a tired look on her face. I sighed and said "the next school on the list sounds attractive, I think I'd like it. Let's just check it out and I don't like it, we'd continue tomorrow." I said to my mom. She hesitated for a while but she agreed. CROWNSTAR HIGHSCHOOL really looks as attractive as the name. The environment w
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    AMARACHI's POV.You look bored. Lunch break would begin anytime soon. Let me tell you more about myself." "Oh, that would be nice.""My name is Christabel Edwards. You already know that. I'm 16. I love talking a lot if you haven't noticed."Oh, I have noticed dear.I smiled at her, encouraging her to go on. "I really want to be a model, a popular one. I have a crush on Jeffrey. He's so gorgeous." She said dreamily, blushing. "Uhm, don't you think that it's too extreme." She looked at me, a frown on her beautiful face. "I mean you just met me. You don't even know me. What if I told someone that you have a crush on this Jeff guy, wouldn't you be embarrassed or something?" She started laughing immediately after I said that."Oh, t,hat? I don't really care, Amara. I even asked him out but he said he would think about it." What the heck!?? This girl is crazy!!"What if he rejects you?" "He wouldn't dare." She smirked."You must really like him. Does he feel the same way?" "Yes, he's
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    CRISTABEL's POV."where were you, Jeffrey? I have been waiting for 20 minutes now." I was so pissed. Amarachi might have thought all that she said was funny, I didn't find it funny. It seemed as though she was seeking attention."Christabel, I know why you called me. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting." He looked nervous."It's fine. Look, Jeffrey, I like you. Isn't it obvious? I want you to be my boyfriend. You can have as much time as you want to think about it. I'm not going to put any pressure on you. I know you like me too, you're just shy." "Chris, we've been friends since we were kids. We are better off as friends. I don't have any romantic feelings for you. You are like my best friend, and I don't want to lose you. Please try to understand me." Jeffrey said while holding my hands. I shrugged his hands off. I was trying so hard to hold back the tears that were welling up in my eyes. I have had a crush on Jeffrey since we were kids. It's even more than a mere crush now. I love
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    "I don't like the new girl in our class, fisayo."Fisayo looked at me with a funny look on her face and she said; "You don't like anybody, Sarah. It's a normal thing." I glared at her. I invited fisayo to come over to my house because today is Saturday which means no school and I was bored."What's that her boring name sef?" Sarah said with an irritated look on her face. "I think her name is Amarachi. It looks like she's friends with Christabel and her clique." "Did you see the way she was all over my Ade yesterday at the cafeteria?" Sarah said with a frown on her face. "Sarah! You have a boyfriend, don't you? I thought you said he was not your type. What changed?" "Look fisayo, you can't understand. Yes, I have a boyfriend but I don't love him. I'm still in love with Ademide." Adelaide was my first boyfriend. He was my first in everything. I had my first kiss with him, my first sex which I still remember vividly. I still remember the day we first met. I think it was love at fir
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    SARAH ADEOLA.It was really easy to lure Ade to my house. I'd do anything to make sure That girl doesn't succeed in taking Ade away from me. I am way prettier, I am very sure that my parents are richer. "Make yourself comfortable," I told Ade. "I am just going to go to my room and change into something comfortable," I added when Ade didn't reply. "Look I don't have time for all of these. What do you want to talk about?""Take a chill pill, Ade. I'll be back soon. You know your way around the house. My parents went on a business trip and they would not be back until next week. I really want us to talk but this dress is uncomfortable. Just chill." "Just be fast about whatever you want to do. I have somewhere to be." Ade says.I know Ade likes the new girl. I saw the way he looked at her. She probably likes him too but I am not one to back down from a fight. Besides, I am betrothed to Ade. Everyone at school knows this. When we broke up, I wasn't really bothered because I knew no one
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    AMARACHI'S POV.What should I wear?What should I wear?What should I wear?I kept thinking to myself. I wonder why I agreed to allow him to come over. You were bored. Remember?I have ransacked my wardrobe for the umpteenth time but I can't seem to find anything date friendly. Is it even a date? I might need a little help from Christabel and Michelle. BADDIES!!!😌💙💙😍Me.Hi, girls!I need you guys right now!It's urgent! It's a matter of life and death o!!I checked if they were online and it turns out they were not online. After waiting for what seemed like hours, Mitchelle and Christabel finally replied. Bel.🦋💗What is it, babe?Are you alright?Mich.💘💘Matter of life and death?Wetin sup?!Me.Uhmm. It's not really serious o.I just wanted you guys to help me choose an outfit for a date. Bel.🦋💗Hehe.First of all, who is your date?Second of all, why are we just knowing that you have a date?Third of all, when did you start hiding things from us?Amara!!!Start spil
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    AMARACHI'S POV.“Amarachi, so this is what you have been up to." I sighed. I don't know why my mum was making it a big deal. Ade didn't kiss me. I know he would have kissed me if she didn't interrupt it. “I am very disappointed in you." She said. “After all my training, you still had the effrontery to invite a boy to my house. And you had him in your room!" She continued.“Do you want to get pregnant at 17?!" She asked. “I have always told you to stay away from boys until you are ready for marriage." “Who is that boy? And what have you guys been doing under my nose? Is he your boyfriend? Have you guys had sex?-"“-start answering the questions o. Don't even try to lie"I stared at my mum in surprise. The fact that she thinks I'm sleeping around with someone I barely know is annoying. She thinks so low of me. “Mum. Ade is just my friend. I invited him because I wanted company and It's really shitty of you to think that I am sleeping with him-"“-you know, I don't get why I can't ha
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    CHRISTABEL'S POV.School without Amara today was really boring. I didn’t even think that I’d miss her so much. Her mum just had to punish her for almost kissing a guy. He almost kissed her not the other way round.Nawa. What is the difference? They almost kissed each other jare. I was already so pissed because I have been sitting here for almost two hours, waiting for my driver. He was meant to be here since. I sighed in annoyance for the umpteenth time. I’m going to have to speak to my Dad about this. It’s really annoying sitting her like a lost puppy.“Why are you still here? Is everything alright?I could recognise that voice anywhere and anytime. I am not even exaggerating.I had been trying to avoid the owner of the voice since the mini hangout. Just when I thought I had successfully achieved that, he shows up from nowhere.It wasn’t easy. It took every willpower in me to not respond to his texts and phone calls. Heck! He even turned up at my house last week. He said we should
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    I have decided to let him go. I do not deserve him. The new girl can have him.   Dressed in my elegant uniform, sitting on my well-laid bed. I apply a little bit of lip gloss to my soft lips.   I like to think that I am very beautiful. I have it all. Beautiful, soft, smooth,  brown skin. Dark, full, naturally healthy hair. I get praises every day on Instagram for my lips and attractive eyes.   So I really don't get it. What does she have that I don't?   
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    SARAH'S POV.I remembered how angry Christabel looked today at the cafeteria and I couldn't stop the mischievous smile that crept up to my lips.The fact that only Michelle ran after her, made me smile even more.I am just getting started and she's already very mad. The other guy which I didn't know until today, was really creepy. He kept mute the entire time. I was surprised to find out he is Jeff's twin brother. They are unidentical not only in physique but also in their characters.Jeff is the lively and popular one while George is really weird and he never speaks. I have never seen him with anyone except his brother, Ade, Michelle and Christabel.When I returned from school, I spent a lot of time texting Ade. Well, he said we needed to catch up. He didn't mention the dinner and it made me wonder if he was going to come with his parents. Mum said he was going to come so I didn't mention it to him either.“Baby, you should start getting ready. Your father won't be available tonig
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