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Will he give her the confidence she needs to further her career? Or will he spoil all her hard work? Samaire Grainger values her privacy and is determined to be the best at her job. But with a high-profile job opportunity on the line, she must go from the girl in the corner, the squeaky-clean wallflower, to a party girl, a heartbreaker, in just one week. To do that, she needs the help of Dominic Weston, her favorite client… and secret crush. He’s sexy, a notorious bachelor, and just the right bad boy to destroy this good girl’s reputation. Only Samaire didn’t count on Dominic’s spontaneous streak, or that his brand of improvising could turn their strictly professional relationship into something intensely personal… and incredibly hot. Now Samaire has to trust him with her future, her body, and her deepest secrets. And hope that by week’s end, she’ll have Dominic out of her system without breaking her heart in the process…

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32 chapters
        Samaire Grainger’s hands kept shaking while her chest tightened with anticipation as she turned her car into the parking lot. She took a deep breath and looked at herself in the rear-view mirror.“You stop it, Sam… Keep your mind on what’s important! Focus!” she muttered, trying to motivate herself. “Besides, he’s your best friend’s brother. He is only a client and nothing more.”          Well, her brain was saying that, but her body wasn’t listening to a word. It never did when Dominic Weston was involved. Dom, the town’s golden boy now operated his family’s wine bar and tasting room. He was also the star of her wildest fantasies… and her wicked thoughts had become more frequent since they’d started working together.          It was getting embarrassing. The
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         She was tempted to watch him walk away, but that might give all her… steamy thoughts about him and her away. Instead, Samaire grabbed her cellphone and checked her messages as if her life depended on it.          A text came in just as she entered her password.          ‘How’s the transformation going?’          While reading that text for the second time, Samaire grimaced. It was from Brian Connolly, the social media legend to the stars.“Damn it!”          At a conference, last month, she’d been flattered that he’d singled her out, and he’d even dangled the possibility of working for him. But first, he’d challenged her to create and manage an image. And he gave he
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         Dominic watched Samaire with growing concern. She shoved her hands in her long light brown hair. Her golden eyes were dull and her full lips were pinched. Her fair skin had gone white. The woman had always been uptight but he had never seen her this upset before. He glanced at the message on her phone.“‘Transform’?” he asked as he curled his arm around her shoulders.          She felt soft and delicate against him.“What is he talking about, Sam?”“Nothing… Never mind…” she whispered.“You are white a sheet, so stop with the nothing nonsense and tell me what the hell is going on.”          Samaire sighed and shrugged.“Brian Connolly helps celebrities manage their public image on social media. He is a big deal and he&rsquo
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“Really? Are you really in?”          Samaire was surprised by Dominic’s answer. He was obviously not thrilled about her plan and she’d figured she’d have to do a lot more convincing. She doubted he would go back on his word but she couldn’t take any chances with so much at stake.“Dom, you need to think really hard about this. Because once you’re in, you’re in… I can’t afford for you to have second thoughts.”“What’s there to think about?” Dominic asked as he sat down on the barstool. “One hand washes the other. You scratch my back and I scratch yours. You need my help and I need yours.”          She frowned. Was it really that simple for him?“That’s it?”“That’s it, Sam.”     &nb
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          Even so, that didn’t mean this wasn’t a game for Brian Connolly. Brian was like the bullies she’d known most of her life. They sensed her vulnerabilities and while they couldn’t figure out the source of her tension, they toyed with her until she wanted to run away and hide.          Her quiet demeanor and her ability to blend in to a crowd didn’t always protect Samaire. But this time, she wasn’t going to hide. She was going to show her level of expertise even though it would also demonstrate what she couldn’t do.          Well, that was a risk she needed to take. Samaire had to prove to the Brian Connollys of the world that her methods and style were just as valuable as theirs.“Sam, we have to do this my way. It’s faster. Easier. 100% success guaranteed.”Read more
“I approve of the shirt.” His fingers stroked the lace.“It looks like you’re not wearing anything underneath. It’s very distracting.”“I think that was the general idea. There’s a thin lining underneath that matches my skin tone.” But with his large hands against her spine, it felt as if there was no barrier between his skin and hers.“Next time go for a brighter color so you stand out more,” Dominic suggested as his hand slid down her spine. “How long have you been at the party?”“I just got here.” She sounded breathless as her heart pounded against her chest.“Perfect.” He bent his head and Samaire closed her eyes. He was so close and she wanted to curl into him. She shivered as he whispered in her ear.“So, this is what you need to do. First, relax. This is a party, Sam.” How could she relax when she was wrapped in Dominic’s arms? The man of her hottest fantasies surrounded her. Her hands were tied behind his neck and she was tempt
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Dominic found Samaire on the other side of the bonfire. Her eyes widened when she saw him striding toward her and her spine stiffened. She immediately headed to the parking lot but he caught up with her.“Why did you walk away after the dance?” Dominic asked. He looked over his shoulder but no one was around. The light from the bonfire didn’t quite reach them, and they were safe from prying eyes.“The song was over, Dom. Why are you following me?” Because he couldn’t stop himself. He was always aware of where Samaire was, who she was with and what she was doing. Until tonight he’d thought it was because he’d assigned himself to watch over her, but now he wasn’t so sure his motives had been that noble.“Everything was going great…” he said. “Marshall’s eyes bugged out and he’s probably going to make a move on you.” She wrinkled her nose.“This isn’t my goal.”“You want to create a persona. I thought we were doing that. Did you change your mind?”
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          What did she think about Dominic wooing her? Seducing her? Her heart fluttered against her chest. She would be living out her fantasy. For a whole week! Samaire tried to keep a thoughtful expression as excitement pulsed inside her.          Who cared if it was pretend? She couldn’t appear too eager as she accepted his idea. There had to be a problem with this plan but Samaire was willing to take the risk. She wanted to know what it was like to be with Dominic.          Samaire understood that if he truly was in lust with her it wouldn’t last. She wasn’t the kind of woman who could keep his attention. In fact, no woman was. But this way she could enjoy the experience and there wouldn’t be any long-term awkwardness once their ‘fling’ fizzled out.“Are you sure you want
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          He shouldn’t have kissed her.          And he shouldn’t think about it anymore, Dominic decided as he walked to Samaire’s apartment the next evening. Eagerness pulsed through him and Dominic tried to will it away. He gave an irritable sigh. He needed to focus on his job tonight. He also needed to complete this favor for Samaire without adding any complications.          But if Dominic had to describe Samaire Grainger, he would only use one word: complicated. She made his job easier but the woman was difficult and stubborn as a rock.          Samaire argued with him over the tiniest detail with no provocation. She questioned everything from his plans for Cedar Creek Wine Cellars to his enthusiasm. And being questioned wasn’t something Dominic was used to or liked.<
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        Dominic forced his attention back to the whiteboard.“Why do you need to work like this? You don’t have to do everything step-by-step in chronological order. I’m sure we could knock off a few steps.”          Samaire rushed over to the board, her arms outstretched to block him.“Don’t touch a thing, Dominic. Please! This is a system that I’ve perfected over the years. It’s working for me and this is all that matters.”          It was tempting to tease her and pretend to erase the board with the sweep of his arm but it was obvious how protective she was of her work. Almost in an aggressive way…“You don’t always need a system. Take last night… We improvised and it worked out perfectly fine.”“Just because it worked once doesn’t
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