Mr CEO's Triplets Mom

Mr CEO's Triplets Mom

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This Book is Classified into Two Books under the same title. Book One has 60 Chapters. Whiles Book Two is the continuation and the love story of the Book One main characters' children. A one-night stand with a stranger brought Ashley to her downfall. Being betrayed by her step-sister and her boyfriend on her birthday, Ashley took on an impulsive action to sleep with a stranger. Which unfortunately got her pregnant. To add to her sorrow, her step-sister and her 5 years boyfriend were getting engaged. Thrown out from her home by her father and stepmother, Ashley thought she would struggle to carter for her baby. Until she met a man who took her under his wings and protected her. But the man always wears a mask in other for Ashley not to recognize who he is. Not having anywhere to go. Families and friends turned their back on her. Life was hard for Ashley. But she was still determined to move forward with the unknown man. Ashley was overwhelmed by the unknown person's care toward her. Without having any idea, the unknown person is no other person than David Westwood. The CEO of DWC, the multi-billionaire, and the same person who got her pregnant. What will Ashley do with her triplets? What will Ashley do when she finds the man who got her pregnant? Will Ashley forgive him and forget her past? Will there ever be love between them? Read more to find out!!

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99 Chapters
Kicked Out From the House.
PLEASE REST ASSURED THAT EDITING IS IN PROGRESS (Perfectly edited now )"SLAP!!!" "Who is the father of the bastard you are carrying!!?" Mr. Miller who is Ashley Miller's father asked her angrily. " I don't know him, Dad". Ashley replied with tears in her eyes. Her father had already slapped her more than four times. " How dare you tell me that you don't know!! Is that what I taught you? To open your legs for every guy out there? You are a disgrace to our family Ashley!!" Mr. Miller spat furiously. " I'm sorry Dad. I'm so sorry." Ashley continued crying and begged her father."You are sorry? Did you just say you are sorry? What are you sorry for? Getting pregnant at the age of 18 or bringing a bastard into my house? Which one of these are you sorry about?!!Ashley just remained silent and kept crying. She didn't know that one impulsive mistake of hers will bring her down. "From today onwards I, ISAAC MILLER, DISOWN YOU ASHLEY AS MY DAUGHTER. NOW LEAVE MY HOUSE AND NEVER LET ME SE
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Not Shameless as Them!!
EditedAshley was about to be walked out from her room when Isabella said something which made Ashley stopped in her track and turn to look at her." Why are you looking at me like that my dear pitiful sister. Yes you heard me right. James and I are getting engaged Ash." Isabella said with a smirk on her face. Seeing Ashley lost in words were making her happy. Ashley on the other hand felt so much betrayed and hurt. If Isabella and James didn't fuck each other on her birthday, she wouldn't have ended up in a room with a stranger and had sex with him.All her misfortune started with Isabella and her 5 years relationship boyfriend James. It's hurt so much. But she would not give Isabella the satisfaction of seeing her hurt. Ashley laughed sarcastically which surprised Isabella. " Well then, congratulations to the both filthy couple in the world. My step-sister and my 5 years relationship boyfriend who fucked each other on my birthday. Extremely disgusting. You know what Isa..." Ashley
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Plaza Hotel ( The One Night Stand- 1 )
TWO MONTHS AGO (Flashback) Edited. "Ashley, Ashley wake-up sis." Isabella shook sleeping Ashley to wake up. " Today is your big day sis, wake and let's celebrate it." Isa said act and acted happy." What is it Isabella? Don't you have anything important to do than to disturb my peaceful sleep? Do you enjoy ruining everything for me including my sleep? " Ashley groaned and sat up.Isabella acted being offended by Ashley's remark. She pouted, and her eyes immediately became moist. " Ash, is it hard for you to know that I'm trying for us to get along? Why do you always view me in the worst way?"Ashley was at loose of words. Isabella can really act. It's not the first time she played pitiful. " Just tell me why you came into my room Isabella. " Ashley sighed and inquired from Isa.Isabella smiled and told her. " Today is your birthday Ash. And guess what, I'm throwing a party for you at Plaza Hotel this evening, 7:00 pm sharp." Isabella said happily to Ashley. " Isabella, what kind o
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Plaza Hotel ( The One Night Stand 2 ) Edited
AN HOUR BEFORE ASHLEY CAUGHT ISABELLA AND JAMES BETRAYAL. " Isabella, it's so noisy here. I feel like my eardrum is going to explode." Ash complained to her step-sister. " Oh Ash, come on, today is your day. Moreover, I spent a lot at this party. Please don't ruin it. Enjoy yourself to the fullest." Isa replied whiles she swayed her body in the rhythm of the music. Ashley felt uncomfortable in the hotel club. Though today is her birthday, she didn't want to celebrate it in this way."Uhm Isa, have you seen James around here? " Ashley asked Isabella whilst she looked around for her boyfriend. " Don't worry Ash, no one is taken him away from you. I'm sure he's just around the corner." Isabella replied mischievously. Ashley just nodded her head.Not so long when James brought drinks for Ashley and Isabella. " Isa here you go, yours contain alcohol. Ash baby, this is your juice honey, it's alcohol-free." James said and winked at Ashley who blushed at James's gesture. On the other han
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Disgusting and Drugged
Ashley felt her world turning black at what she saw after opening the door. She felt hurt, betrayed, miserable etc. She knew Isabella hated her for everything that happened in her life. But for once she believed and trusted that they could start all over as sisters.Not to mention James. Five good years in a relationship and this is what she got. She could have guessed about anything Isabella could do to her, but not to have sex with her boyfriend on her damn birthday. Ashley slowly closed the door. Tears stung her eyes. Was this Isabella intention of throwing a party for her? Was this all her plans after all? She felt like a fool to have believed her. She wiped her tears and started walking from the place. Furthermore, she felt disgusted just standing there watching the erotic scene before her eyes. But unfortunately she stumbled and fell down. Her drowsiness is still there though, but not as much as before. She was about to stand up when she heard James voice. " I Love You Isa.
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The Eventful Night 1 (Edited)
Ashley just laid down on the bed in the hotel room crying all her eyes out. The door burst opened all of a sudden making her gasped with fear. She wrapped the bed duvet around herself in protective way. She may be strong but what she heard James and Isabella said a wgike ago scared the hell out of her. Her sobbing became intense with the thick silence in the room between her and the invader. To add to her misery, the room was all dimmed, so she couldn't even see who entered the room. She only saw two men shoved someone into the room and then left. The room was all dark except the moon light that shone from outside through the window. Ashley noticed the man has spotted her and a shiver ran through her veins. She was intensely scared, just the thought of Isabella's plan made her whimper."WHO ARE YOU?" the man asked her. She couldn't reply out of fear. But something was wrong. That voice, it seems she has heard it before, but she couldn't remember where. Moreover, the person so
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The Eventful Night 2 (Edited)
" Mr Handsome, would you want to have sex with me? I don't want you to die." Ashley asked not so sure if she was actually doing. "WHAT?" David asked her shocked.Ashley just stared at him. She was not even thinking properly. All she was in her head was to save the man sitting on the floor."I said would you want to have sex with me?" she repeated her question but firmly this time. " NO I DON'T WANT TO! And don't come too closer to me." David said and got up from the floor. His pain and suffering intensified every second. He groaned and grunted in pain. Ashley couldn't bear the sight in front of her. She cursed the person who drugged the man who saved her. She wished she could see David face, but she couldn't. She started to looked for the light switch. Not only that, but she was happy when she finally found it. But to her dismay, there was no power supply. "Fuck" she cussed inwardly. She turned her attention to the man who was still in so much pain. On an impulsive decision, she
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Memory card (Edited)
Ashley woke up early the next day with her whole body aching from the intense intimacy between her and the man last night. She looked beside her and saw the man she slept with last night, but his face was buried in the pillow, so she still couldn't see his face.Ashley got up from the bed gingerly and went to the bathroom. She quickly took a shower and came out. She noticed the man still sleeping in bed. Ashley heaved a sigh of relief and looked around. She didn't want the man to see her. After all, it was just a one night stand.She spotted a booklet and a pen on the bed stand. Ashley checked her phone and she was glad everything was recorded. Yesterday when the man entered the room, she quickly turned her phone on record. She thought it was the guys Isabella and James sent after her. Ashley wanted some evidence to proof her innocence in front of her father if the unexpected happen. But things turned out way from what she thought.Ashley hurriedly edited the recording. She delete
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Like mother Like daughter... (Edited)
Ashley went home right after she left the hotel. She saw her father all worked up in the living room pacing front and back with a worried face.She immediately ran to her father and hugged him so tight. What Isabella and James planned to do with her last night really scared her.What if those gangsters really found her in the hotel room and did whatsoever they had plan to do with her? Tears ran down her cheeks. "Hey princess, where have you been all night? Did you know how much you scared this old man here? And why didn't you come home after your party. No wait, where did you sleep?" her coaxed her and patted her hair yet with a lots of questions.Her father felt something hot on his shirt and that is when he noticed Ashley was crying. "Okay, okay baby, shhh shh. It's okay, don't cry. Daddy is here for you. I'm not mad at you Princess, but can you tell me what the problem is and why didn'tyou come home last night, where were you and where did you sleep?" her father slowly pulled her
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Stalking Her
Ashley got all angry when she saw Isabella in her room. "The nerve of this bitch. " Ashley said inwardly. "And what the heck do you think you are doing in my room Isabella? " Ashley asked with her arms crossed over her chest."No, I should be asking you that Damn question. Why the fuck did you have to tell Dad about my relationship with James?" Isabella hissed at Ashley. Ashley unfolded her arms and slowly walked to where Isabella was standing. SLAP. Ashley slapped Isabella really hard on her face.."How dare you slap me Ashley? " Isabella asked angrily whiles holding her cheeks. Another SLAP. " Ashley if you dare touch me again, I wil---" a third slap landed on her face.Isabella eyes became bloodshot and she dashed to Ashley but Ashley stopped her in her steps. "DARE YOU COME CLOSER TO ISABELLA, AND I WONT HESITATE TO TELL DAD HOW YOU DRUGGED ME TO BE RAPED OR I SHOULD TELL HIM HOW YOU AND JAMES HAVE BEEN FUCKING YOUR SELF ALL THESE WHILE!!" Ashley shouted on Isabella and her fac
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