Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments

By:  Ntombie   Ongoing
Language: English
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When her marriage ended she thought it was the end until she dusted herself and reentered the working world. She never thought she was going to find her life and the love like no other. The Stolen Moments kept her on her toes and alive

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34 Chapters
Stolen Moments Chapter One
“Stop what you are doing Asante you will get hurt.” I was not shouting as I was agitated. The call was taking longer. I wanted to go back to work but Joseph was not keen. Things were not going well as his mother has also overstayed her welcome. She was not showing any signs of going at that moment. I was not even eager to know what she was discussing with the family as they were in the meeting.“Mayamiko, I am very careful so do not worry.”She called me by my name always when she came from her mother’s place. My friend Mphatso thought I was mad to have forgiven him and continued with the traditional wedding. It had been two years of marriage and still, I didn’t have kids from my womb but Asante was my daughter only when she was with us not when she came back from her mother. She was doing Standard 3 at the time and she understood right from wrong but she chose her more.Blood is always thicker than water so what can one do? She was born from an affair my husband had while we wer
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Stolen Moments Chapter Two
I was shaking because I wanted this nightmare to end. I was not ready for more aggravation.“We cannot see clearly in the scan but there is something wrong inside her Cerebellum. Although we can’t pinpoint it now because of the scar and the swelling, it showed slightly when we took a scan.”“Swelling and scaring. What did you do to my child?”I had never seen Joseph so angry it scared me. I was forced to explain to everyone what happened.“For now we need to monitor her and see how this goes. We are not promising anything as the swelling is not showing any signs of subsiding now.”“Can we at least see her?”I looked at the doctor with pleading eyes and he assumed I was the mother.“Yes but only you and the father.”They all look at me as if they will consume me with the flames in their eyes. They all looked back at the doctor. Mr. Soko just brushed my shoulder apologetic as if he was the one who had wronged me.“Why would she come in when I almost lost my daughter because of
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Stolen Moments  Chapter Three
When I entered the sitting room I was not expecting that, then boooommm....... I looked at them all were eyes on me. I was calm right as I knew that the storm that was coming was going to be stronger than any storm I faced.“Mayamiko, sit down we need to ask you questions.”She never called me with my surname like they do to any married women. At least my boss called me Miss Nyirenda.“Nyamunyirenda, we want to understand here.”At least my husband respected me that much. I sat down on a single couch while they both share the double and husband was sitting on the armrest side of his mother.He cleared his voice and started. “We want to know what truly happened here, and please do not leave anything behind.”The way he said it hit me hard. He even said ‘we’ as an indication that they discussed that prior maybe when I was busy bathing. A part of me died that day. The little love I was left for him shifted. His voice had that thing I cannot describe. He was supposed to be my knig
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Stolen Moments Chapter Four
“We need to go Please drive me.” I said, dropping the call and pulling her by her hand.“What the........”I pulled her towards the door. I didn’t have a car so I was banking on her.“What is going on, Maya?” she asked opening the car as I opened my side as well. “Asante is up and she was asking for me.”“I bet it is a bitter pill to swallow after making sure you didn’t get to see her.”We both laughed but my mind was with Asante. I was worried if she was fine or not.“But it won’t matter.”“What do you mean?”“Nothing to worry about friend just shush up and drive.”We both laughed as she played that song by Rihana that she loved so much. I was silently praying for Ashante to be well so that she cannot hate me as well.“We are here so worry not.” She was already parking not so far from the door. I waited for her as she locked the car.“Please relax. I can feel your tension from miles away. Do not show them your weakness please because I will be forced to be rude to them.”She was ri
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Chapter Five
“Good night, mother and my husband.” I left them there with their mouths hanging. I was done with pretense. I was going to bed to rest. I went to Asante’s room and locked the door. Joseph was looking so hot and yummy but I was going to choose my dignity over my desire. I loved him but I would not be the last choice for someone who loved other people more than he loved me. I heard a soft knock when I was drifting to sleep. I remembered where I was then I pulled my blanket over my head irritated. I was disturbed from my almost beautiful dream. I finally fell asleep and drifted into a beautiful dream. I was glad when no one asked me about the previous night. Joseph had gone to work and my mother-in-law was in the kitchen humming. “Good morning Nyamunyirenda. How are you? I made breakfast for you.” It was the first time she was so polite to me since I was with her son. I smiled and greeted them back. “I am afraid I will miss breakfast, as I have too much work to do. I was not wor
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Chapter Six
“You need to buy a new car this car will not get you laid.”I said, leaving with my bother. He didn’t even enter as he was afraid of starting a fight with my h…… or he was Joseph only. It felt strange not calling him my love or my husband.“You will not believe how many women want to just ride both the car and the driver.”Eeew, this is going to traumatize your little sister.”He laughed at me. He was still not married, but he had two children with his baby mama who loved him dearly. I felt sorry for her as I knew she was a good person. I had ignored it for so long that I needed to voice my opinion.“Sungani, you know one day that woman will be done with you and move on. You will be surprised when you are left to marry someone like Asante’s mother.”“That will not happen she was not groomed like that.”“Sometimes we tire of being second best. Take it from me. She is with you not because she is desperate but because she loves you and at some point that will be in the past. Do you think
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Chapter Seven
“Are you ready to go with us this weekend when we take you back to your in-laws because you are too young to leave the marriage and come and sit at home? No man will marry a woman who is coming from another homestead.”What the? I would not be rude I promised that inner voice inside but I was boiling. Father set up straight looking at us. I knew when he was looking like that at us that the results would not be pleasant. He was not as impulsive as the rest of his family.“I do not understand your point, ankazi. Please clarify.”That was as calm as I could get. My mother just shook her head and looked at her.“You can’t expect that all those cows which had calves, and some calves had calves also to go back. Besides the humiliation, my brother’s riches will vanish.”“I am the wife and I am not complaining about the vanishing riches. What will be the use of having riches when one can never enjoy with their children? Those cows were not even part of our herd. We are fine we will not get h
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Chapter Eight
My stay with my uncle and his family was very pleasant. They managed to wake me up at reasonable times but just before the break of the day.“Why is he distant these days?”I was asking his wife. You know when we talked about the obedient wife from the bible we talked about her. She never questioned or it was because my uncle led by example. She loved her husband with her might and cared for him. My uncle had been distant leading to the week of my departure.“He is worried about you. You know that he dreams sometimes.”I was confused. “Dreams, about what?”“About the future, the good and the bad part of it. But he just goes to the wild and prays about it as he cannot change the future but pray for it to be pleasant no matter how bad the situation might seem.”“I do not understand.”“For instance, if he dreams about things that will lead to the death of a loved one or something along those lines. He doesn’t pray for the dead to stop as we know when the time comes we can never run away
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Chapter Nine
“We have a surprise for you.”That was unexpected and wooow…..My brother was the first one to toss the keys toward me. I was so happy that he managed to get the car and the other property that belonged to me. I didn't dare ask the family what they did to get the things.In my mind I knew that my brother and my father went together. Knowing my in-laws were scared of father, I was not surprised they were given all my things.I was so happy I had the family to deal with my in-laws as I didn’t want to meet them so soon."This is the best present ever guys thank you so much. I am glad I went to the village because if I didn't I was not going to receive all this care and loving. I was also debating whether you will agree for me to move out or not."They all laughed at me, they knew it was inevitable that I was going to move out. I was old enough to stay on my own so they were not going to force me to stay at home. I needed my space so that I can grow and heal the way I wanted to heal.My f
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Chapter Ten
“Oh by the way my name is Samantha, I forgot to tell you as it slipped my mind because I have so many things to tell you. This company is my passion and I love working here. I've been working in here since I left college and everything is so coooool."I looked at her lips which were always moving without stopping, she talked a lot she didn't have a full stop. She just didn't know how to pause. Even though she talked too much I liked her. The passion that she had for this company drove me to know more about it. I had been working from home and I didn't have much time to research I didn't have time to interact with the people that I was working with. We only had two meetings and we had two conferences once again where we never had to sit down and discuss anything about the company.“Samantha I love your enthusiasm I think I will enjoy working with you. The passion that you have for this company is making me jealous I am even cursing myself for why I didn't do the 8 to 5 from the start.
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