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Gideon of The Helkine, Leader of the Seven Sins, feeds his desires as he pleases. He has no care in the world and a never ending lust. Without a doubt, he is unquestioned in power. But when he crosses paths with the dangerous nephilim woman, suddenly his capabilities are questioned all around. The only way for him to gain his honor back, is to conquer this unruly female. She has other plans. All she wants if her freedom, and will go to any lengths to get it, even if it means surrendering her body to this unknown warrior.

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4 Chapters
Delayed Gratification
Ansley His hands were so hot on my body. The way they glided over every contour of my flesh. The way those sapphire blue eyes made my skin burn with a white hot flame. I couldn’t think straight. I had to open my smart mouth. I had to entice his lust. Why couldn’t I have just been silent? I could’ve just slept the rest of the way—to wherever he was taking me—instead of waking up. I should have just stayed knocked out. His sinful breath fanned my skin, making goosebumps break out all over me. He pulled me close. Curse the deity! He smelled like cinnamon candy. I had to swallow my own drool. “I’ll do far more than prove it.” He put his thumb under my chin, and held my head in place. He brushed his lips against mine, the action chaste. Brief. But it was just enough to tip me over the edge. I had been in slumber for almost a decade. I was woken abruptly from my rest, before my time. There were so many carnal desires I had to fulfill before I could consider myself sane. My blood lust.
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Fiery Little Brat
Gideon By the gods, this woman was going to be a pain in my ass. I had to choose one with such a fiery temper. Nevermind her temper, she was vengeful. Spiteful. She was absolutely diabolical. She was perfect. The way she ripped his trachea straight from his throat was so masterful. The clean separation of his head from his body was going to be engraved in my memory forever. Oh, but the thing that got me the most, was watching her suck the soul from him. It made me hard just thinking about it. If she could suck hard enough to pull someone’s soul out, it made me wonder how hard she could suck my cock. How well she could wring my seed from me. I cleared my throat, shifting. This was not the place for me to be getting hard like this, but how could one resist? She was a goddess, ripe for the plucking. “Sir, your insignia,” one of the auction staff said to me. He was trembling, the poor soul. “I’m not binding her,” I snarled. “Without binding her, you know our people will do as they
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Eyes Like Sapphires
Ansley As far as I know, every last one of these bastards were on my shit list. They could all jump off a damned cliff into a batch of molten lava. Hell, I would help them. Broken wing, my ass. These bastards stole me from my nest in the middle of my slumber, bound and gagged me so I couldn’t alert my siblings, and murdered the rest of them. As far as I knew, there was only one weapon in existence that could kill my kind, and yet there was another one. This was ridiculous! They knew too much. Nephilim never told their secrets, but somehow they knew the right way to keep me weak and defenseless. They knew when to catch me with my guard down. They knew where and how to find us. Question was, what nephilim bastard snitched? As soon as this bastard got off my back, and my wings were unbound, I was going to start slitting throats. Heads were going to roll, and I was going to be bathing in these bastards’ blood. They had no idea who they were fucking with. These chains were definitely
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In The Beginning
Gideon Without a doubt, this had to be the most time consuming, joy destroying event I had ever had to participate in. Of course, it was my obligation to attend these damned auctions. Who else was going to properly authenticate the selling of these poor creatures? Surely not any of the thirty to forty other noblemen that were just as qualified. To be frank, these gatherings were just another attempt at stating dominance over other races across the realms. Though mine was one of many, Helkine were the most diplomatic of the lot. We conquered then we established our rule with an iron fist. We started with the human. We destroyed their civilizations, controlled their profits, and later abolished their sense of freedom. It didn’t take long for their cousin realms to come looking. They were the ones we wanted the most. I still remember capturing a few immortals and fae. They were just as easy prey as the mortals were. When their spirits were broken, they were even easier to conquer. Af
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