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"I will not only make you forget this pain, but I will also make you forget the thought of looking at any other man. It will be only me forever. I will please you in ways you can never imagine. Just say yes." He spoke as he pinned her chest to his. "This is wrong! This is forbidden!" She murmured as her body continued to tremble with forbidden desires. He was supposed to return from the States as the stepbrother she loathed with the whole of her heart, but he seemed to have undergone a spellbinding transformation abroad. And him? He anticipated meeting his nettlesome, egocentric stepsister, who was good at nothing but irritating his demons. Contrary to his thoughts, the jaw-dropping hot babe that came to pick him up at the airport whetted his every sense of being—everything that depicted him as a man. It's wrong. It's forbidden. Yet, they went undercover and under the covers to quench their burning desires, which seem like irresistible obsessions. But how prepared are they for the consequences when their dirty secrets are revealed?

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“Come on, Leon! This is the fourth time that we are postponing this, all because of your schedule again. Come on!" I fume at this ever-busy, soon-to-be husband of mine. Well, that is, if this damn wedding will actually find favor in the eyes of the gods and push through. I actually wish it did because I have invested more than just love in it. I have done even the impossible to make this work. Things that my dad would kill me for if ever he learned about them. Cross my heart with the hope that he will never. The things we do for love are a topic for another day.What I would like to understand is why this guy seems to be drifting slowly away from this marriage thing. I mean, he should be as committed as I am, right? Why is it beginning to feel like I am the only one interested in this wedding?“You know how important my work is, don’t you?” Leon's voice comes through the line.The same old excuse I have heard for weeks. And for God's sake, what is not important? Me? Are we tying the
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I break the eye contact before I get lost in his for good. I also realize that my legs are decussated, perhaps to stamp down that irritating throb between my legs. I don’t understand why my cheeks are burning with rosiness even after breaking eye contact. Him? He should not get me this hot, for goodness sake! I mean, Joe? “What are you not used to that is getting you to blush like a sweet sixteen, huh? Seeing a hot guy like me, or you being called gorgeous?” He asks as he fiddles with his trimmed field hockey beard. He is as annoying as ever. But in a way, I hate to admit that he is right. I mean, this is him, my stepbrother, the ever-annoying one. Why am I aroused by him? Am I even normal? What sort of abominable affection is this? I should have jumped right on his ass as soon as I saw him, cursing him for making me leave my busy schedule and come all the way here, yet here I am, ogling him as if he were a piece of meat that I could devour in a minute. What the fuck? Sweet sixtee
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In my bewilderment, or is it simply as a result of how Joe's eyes were holding mine, I didn't realize the door opening until some erotic voices and sinful moans and breathings snapped me.My eyes shoot through the open door and into the small room. They brush through the pieces of discarded clothes and shoes on the floor as they trace the bed where the salacious blusters are coming from.Unfortunately for me, it is not just my ears that are getting irritated, but my eyes turn sore after seeing the most abominable sin. From the rhythmic dance of their lower parts of the body as they meet each other halfway on pleasure to their heavy breaths and deep meets of satisfaction.I saw utter darkness for a moment.I would have asked Joe why he brought me to watch porn of all the things in the world, but that question twirled around the tip of my tongue after hearingkening to a very familiar voice."Ooh, baby! This is why I prefer you a million times more than that workaholic fool in Montana! Y
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