Lustful Eyes

Lustful Eyes

By:  Tilda Morte  Ongoing
Language: English
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Everything was seemingly perfect for the innocent and naïve Annalise, as she had the perfect life that any teen could ask for. With her mother, aunt, and the almighty by her side, she didn't need anyone, for she trusted them with all her heart. She was betrothed to a guy who was four years older than her but she didn't mind it one bit as it was her mother who arranged it for her and had complete faith in her mother's decision for her. But one day out, caused hell to break loose as she was spotted by the devil himself. He who ruled the underworld like the king. When his eyes landed on the sweet little teenager, he wanted her and all for himself. And what he wants he gets either by hook or crook. For he had already written his name on the innocent Annalise with his lustful eyes.

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30 Chapters
Chapter 1
|She was so artistic painting smiles on everyone's face but her own|A sob echoed through and her eyes fell on the shaking form of her mother. She did quite get what was happening but all she knew was, it was bad and sorrowful because she had never seen her mother like this.“Lise,” her aunt came closer to her and carried her from her chair and buried her face in Lise’s honey brown hair, and sniffed her shoulder as she watched her sister breakdown. With the help of her hands, she rested little Lsie’s head on her shoulder.Annalise closed her eyes as she let her aunt engulf her in her warmth. Small sobs broke through the day as Annalise’s mom sat by the grave of her father and cried.It was the fifth death anniversary of her father. Annalise had never seen him before for he had already left them when she wasn’t even born. Her mother was 20 weeks pregnant when her father left them. Annalise’s parents were so in love before her father Greg, passed away leaving his pregnant wife to fight
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Chapter 2
|She was a child that was forced to grow up|Mila helped Annalise zip up her dress and slowly made her sit down in her wheelchair. Pushing the wheelchair towards the large mirror which was on the wall, she stood behind Lise with a beautiful smile.Annalise looked at herself and blinked. Blinked again trying to see if her eyes were betraying her. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Mila was into makeup and she made sure to doll her niece up so beautifully. The dress fit her like one large glove, hugging her body and accentuating her tiny breasts. Light colored eyeshadow and her cheekbones were highlighted and a nude lipstick was applied to her full and pouty lips. Her hair cascaded down her shoulder in loose curls.“You look amazingggg.” Mila squealed dragging the ‘g’.“Thanks,” Annalise whispered as she looked down shyly before shifting her eyes back to the mirror but this time looking up at Mila.“Are they here yet?” Annalise asked and Mila shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.Mila
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Chapter 3
|I have more scars than friends|It had been two days since her meeting with Peter. She liked him. He seemed like a nice guy. They had exchanged numbers and he had also taken the initiative to text her first. Annalise liked this little gesture.Currently, she sat on her bed and was binge-watching some Asian dramas. Annalise loved K-dramas and K-pop music. She was a big fan of Black Pink and Red velvet. Like every other teenager out there, she binged on Doritos, goldfish, and pretzels while watching her favorite dramas. She was watching Park Seo-Joon's What’s wrong with secretary Kim. It was one of her favorite shows and every time she did, she couldn’t help but drool over Seo-Joon.She did have homework to catch up to, but that could wait for another ten minutes, or that’s what she told herself. Considering she wasn’t a smart kid, she did put in extra effort, just so she could make it into a good college. But now that her wedding was set and there wasn’t any college in the picture, sh
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Chapter 4
Loud moans echoed throughout the room as well as the sound of the headboard banging against the wall, peeling the paint, and forming a small dent.“Oh, fuck. Yes!” She moaned loudly pulling her lower lip between her teeth and peering her eyes open looking straight ahead.She was on all her fours as he kept impelling into her from the back, giving her no time to think straight. All of a sudden her head was yanked back as he fisted a bunch of her hair and pulled on them harshly enough to pluck a few strands from her scalp.His loud grunt vibrated off as he mercilessly pushed himself into the woman’s pussy, not bothering that the door was open or how loud she was crying and how the sounds of the bed hitting the wall echoed.“Yes, baby. Harder.” She moaned as her eyes rolled back in satisfaction, as he fucked her, raw, hard, and senselessly, taking out all of his frustration on the woman.Dull pain began to simmer through her body at his roughness but she didn’t complain. This was her nig
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Chapter 5
|She was like the moon, a part of her was always hidden|Annalise woke to her blazing alarm. She punched her phone that lay on the nightstand. But who was gonna tell the lazy ass that she had to pick it up, open her eyes, and tap on a particular virtual button to turn it off?She groaned loudly as the alarm didn’t pause and she didn’t want to wake up. No way was Lise a morning person. In fact, she hated mornings as much as she hated seafood. The thing was, she was allergic to seafood but mornings… no. How many times had she wished that the creator of the universe, never created the daylight but when has he ever listened to her?Groaning once again in annoyance, she took her phone squeezing one eye shut, and opening the other, she picked up her phone turned the alarm off, and slumped down on the pillow again, sighing. She had to go to school today.“Ugh!” She said and sat up and rubbed her eyes and stretched her body to rid herself of sleep.She slowly slid down her bed and sat down on
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Chapter 6
“Well, Liam you have to drop me off at a bank.” She said as Liam walked up and stood beside her, leaning on the locker.“Which Annie-bear?”“This one,” she said and showed him the address of the bank which, Mila had sent her.“The national bank? Sure.” He said handed her the phone back. Annalise smiled at him and he leaned down and pulled one side of her cheek.“Ouch!” She exclaimed and rubbed her cheek.“Don’t be so dramatic,” he said rolling his eyes off.Lise just smiled in response and Liam made his way back to Annalise’s wheelchair and held the handles on either side and began pushing her out. It was all fine, till they were ganged up by, Ayesha.“Well well well, if it isn’t the little Miss. cripple herself.” She said and circled them with her so-called ‘friends’.Ayesha was the mayor’s daughter. She had never been denied anything and had always been… bit dumb. She might have gotten to study at Eastwood high but she wasn’t up to Eastwood high’s academic standards. She was nothing
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Chapter 7
|If you don’t terrify people a little bit, then What’s the point |She looked outside deep into her thoughts. Leaning against the headrest of the black leather seats, the wind slapped her face, and thought about what Ayesha had told her.Liam stole occasional glances at her. He knew Annalise wasn’t a quiet one, she often blast loud Korean pop in the car, despite him not liking it or she’d watch some sort of k-drama with her earphones plugged in. It was highly unlikely she was doing neither. In fact, she looked bothered by something.He knew seeing Ayesha walk by his car wasn’t something to be ignored but he couldn’t help it when Lise told him it was nothing. He had been her friend for long enough to know that it wasn’t just noting. Ayesha was on Lise’s tail since middle school and he himself had shut the vile girl up many times.Not that Lise wouldn’t have done it herself, but Ayesha and her friends never gave her the chance to. With their consent mockery to bring down her self-esteem
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Chapter 8
Breathing out in fear, she opened her eyes to face her death as an arm was wrapped around her neck pressing her back against something hard and something cold was pressed against her temple, making the level of fear heighten in her.She whimpered as the metal was harshly pushed into her temple. Her vision blurred because of all the salty tears.“Oh come on, you wouldn’t want my men to empty their case in here, would you? Would you want that on your conscience governor?” Andreas’s deep and manipulative voice boomed right next to her ear. He knew the governor was known for his honest and morally high codes. So he hit the man, where it affected him the most.Andreas was a skilled manipulator, no doubt.“And I’ll start with this little kitten.” He snickers as he pushed the nozzle of his gun into her temple. That is when Annalise realized that she was going to die.From what she had seen, these people didn&rsquo
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Chapter 9
An unknown dread crept into Lise as she looked at the raging Andreas. He was shaking due to anger. His eyes burning and all he wanted to do was kill.He wanted to quench his demons with blood. The lust for the blood he carried within himself was exorbitant.Lise’s body trembled and she knew she had signed her own death sentence. Looking down at the floor, where her feet hung in the air, her toes mere touching the floor as Andreas held her tightly.He didn’t show an ounce of mercy as he held the fragile girl. She was scared and he held in a bruising way, adding more to her dread. His arm was crushing her tiny waist and she was having trouble breathing but didn’t complain. She didn’t want to make it worse for herself.She didn’t how he’d kill her but hoped it would be fast.Annalise muffles a sob when Andreas pressed her more against him, only to feel her phone against their bodies.Biting on her lower lip,
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Chapter 10
A soft groan rumbles through her body as she turned to her side and opens one of her eyes with great difficulty. Her waist hurt and so did her nape.It was as if someone hand caged her nape and waist, crushing it. A whimper escapes her lips and a lone tear slides down her eye as she parts her other eye, welcoming the artificial LED lights.“Annalise,” she heard the soft and pained voice and she instantly recognized whose it was.“Ma?” She reached for her mother frantically before May stepped in before her and dropped to her knees in front of her daughter.“Annalise,” she whispered and hugged her small body when Lise tried to sit up. May held Lise as if she’d slip away any moment. Holding her safe and securely as a mother holds her baby, trying to keep all the bad away from her child.“Oh, my Lise.” She rested her face on Lise’s shoulder and cried. Annalise was still in a daze and her eyes
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