Trapped In Beastly Desires

Trapped In Beastly Desires

By:  B.C Maurice  Ongoing
Language: English
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After an incident that occurred nineteen years ago when Kayla Jonathan lost a friend who she betrayed during a final hearing, she lived with a deep-well of guilt that could never go away until she fell deeply in love with a man on social media who eased a bit of her guilt. Unknowing to her, he harbors dark intentions against her. Before she realizes his intention, he already caught her in his ineluctable trap. He claims he's her dead friend, and promises to wreak vengeance on her for betraying him. “I’ll torture you until the last ounce of my rage falls,” he said to her. Kayla saw her friend's corpse buried into the ground, who then is this man torturing her with acrimony, but always fighting for her, caring for her, giving her irresistible urges she can't fight? She believes he cannot be her late friend, and must try to escape from him. But what happens when Kayla finds there are mysteries behind the man who poses as her dead friend? Mysteries and secrets relating to what happened the year her friend died. Mysteries that awake her curiosity to know more of him. These mysteries strongly include her. N/b; 1) You may find some unusual contents in this book, but the work of fiction can be manipulated. Whatever you find unusual is the author's own idea. 2) This book is strictly rated 18.

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31 Chapters
Chapter One
“To Qynvilee!” Glasses clinked in the air. In a restaurant sat five women at a table full of all kinds of delicious food and alcohol-free drinks. There was a state of euphoria in the air, an efficacious ecstasy that left a brilliant smile tarrying on the ladies’ faces. All five moneybags gussied up fabulously. “I couldn't be happier when I heard your company finally hit 5.6 billion dollars today. My man thought I'd gone crazy. If Qynvilee fashion company keeps thriving like this, it will be celebration all the way,” said Imani, a swarthy, dancing. “Jones is planning a family trip to Paris in two weeks. I really want to miss you guys so hard,” said Sonia, a ginger-haired, pulling up a grimace expression. Sonia wasn't minding the ‘you don't mean it’ look on her friends’ faces right then. She twigged they realized the grimace on her face was faked. “What makes you say that?” asked Nora, a dark-skinned lady with the raven-black curls stopping nigh her shoulder. “Whatever is stoppin
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Chapter Two
June was yet to recover from the shock that felt like she just had a face-to-face encounter with some gunmen, and from the look of things she might never recover from it. Throughout the meeting, June felt uneasy, suffocating herself with thoughts and immeasurable anxiety. She couldn't focus for a second, and Anthony made it difficult for her by questioning her as though she were learning in the classroom. Questions she barely answered. The meeting came to an end with June condescending and being laughed at by the shareholders. She finally lost the family business to an old enemy. The same Kings family her family battled with many years ago. Losing the company was nothing like a problem. Whether she lost a company, she didn't care because the loss ahead demanded her might, soul and everything to put into place and plan ahead. After the meeting, Anthony had approached her in the parking lot and they tore into huge confrontation that almost sent her begging on her knees when he made it
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Chapter Three
Kayla would bring Mr. Anonymous home for the very first time; therefore, things had to be done specially, and too many things had to be sugarcoated. June made every preparation herself. She chose the garden as the best spot for the outdoor dinner. The sun didn't shine to a peak, and the weather wasn't fervent, rather it was mild to the skin because the sun was about going down and the wind blew gently. Mr. Anonymous was filthy rich, so June saw to it that plenty of rich food were on the table — delicious edibles that could tease his senses and make him want to marry Kayla after having a bite. Kayla's sisters who mocked Kayla for dating a man nobody knew, were eager to see Mr. Anonymous. Apart from Tally and Lena, all other daughters of Jonathan family dressed to kill, they planned to allure Mr. Anonymous if he turned out to be good-looking as expected. Everyone was willing to be at their best so that Mr. Anonymous found something interesting in the family that would keep him. At
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Chapter Four
Throughout the ride, Kayla was disturbed by the thought she'd landed in such a trouble she couldn't escape. She often ranted and raved at him, threatened to report him to the police, and questioned him about how he was Clinton and why he wanted to harm her. But the imposter ignored her completely. Even when he gave her an answer. “You should have known better than to betray me,” was all he said, and this pissed her off the more. She worried until they arrived at his house after a long drive. Anthony's house explained he was well-to-do. It was a modern, glasshouse mansion that one could possibly prove it was worth millions of dollars. Colors were mostly white. Quite a fantastic, luxurious heaven on earth. No doubt it was a dream house for moneybags. Anthony alighted from the car, leaving the rest to his driver. He knew Kayla would be stubborn about stepping out, so he ignored her and went straight into the house. Kayla refused to get out of the car. How could she do so when danger aw
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Chapter Five
Kayla cleaned up in a bedroom Anthony gave her, a bedroom she half-expected to be as splendid as it was since she was an enemy. She proceeded to the dining area before 7:30p.m. Given that she didn't know her way around the house, Amy took her to the dining area herself. The moment Kayla walked to the dining area and saw Anthony, her anger heightened. The very fact this strange idiot claimed to be Clinton was upsetting. Anthony was on the phone when Amy showed up with Kayla. He got off the phone and offered his whole focus to Kayla precisely, tracking her as she walked towards the table. Her beauty was breathtaking, no doubt someone might get spellbound staring at her. But he wanted that pretty face looking some other way, maybe… agonizing. Kayla averted her eyes and pulled up a chair opposite him, facing him directly. When Amy left the dining area, Kayla looked down at the table, her hands nervously folded into fists. Being alone with Anthony gave her an extreme insecure feeling tha
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Chapter Six
A soothing music played at a restaurant in the dark, cool evening. Customers in the restaurant discussed in high spirits, but the restaurant was soundproofed to prevent a racket. Waiters and waitresses sailed around the restaurant, serving their customers. Nothing was more nerve-racking, awkward and embarrassing to June than having dinner at a restaurant with the man who now owned Asrijet. What would people say about it? June forced herself to be happy, smiling at everything he said at the table while her mind wondered his intentions. Tally barely took her eyes off Anthony. She sort of doubted if she had met face-to-face with such a beauty before. His kissable, reddish-pink lips mesmerized the sense out of her. Was she to focus on his killer blue eyes, sparking her brain with every glimpse he shot her way, or his ripped body that fought to tear his grey shirt open. She could not imagine pulling on his neatly combed-back, dirty blonde hair while they kiss under the shower. She'd neve
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Chapter Seven
Driving home in the car with Anthony hung Kayla’s heart above normality, leaving signs of anxiety on her face. That horrible feeling that came with being around him was nothing she could put to words, though she sensed it was unsafe. His words at the restaurant stuck around, gnawing on her mind so much that she got the urge to jump off the riding car at the thought of what he’d do to her. Often, she flicked him a sidelong glance to learn his intentions through his face. She puffed silently and imperceptibly, her eyes flitting about, her blood running cold with fear as her fingers shivered, but she held them tight to hide her uneasiness. Although her efforts, not every ounce of her nervousness hid. Anthony had been burning with the fury he fought to tame, yet the raging beast exploded, consuming his mind with dark desires. Not that he didn’t want to indulge in these crucial desires, he just controlled himself. He looked at her, but she didn’t return his glance. That profound, uncontr
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Chapter Eight
Peach and White were basically the colors in the magnificent Banquet Hall, decorated with too many alluring decors. Many were the lights in the Hall, but only the stunning waterfall crystal chandelier at the dance floor was on. On the floor of the dance floor was a monogram, A&K with a large peach flower crest around it. Beautiful flower arrangements; peach taper candles in white taper candleholders adorned every guest’s table. A few guests left their candles on, others enjoyed it off. Guests, except for the servers who were in uniform, gussied up amazingly. A love song played softly, kindling a whelming feeling of affection, which quietened the hall as guests immersed themselves in the syrupy feeling. Most guests, rather than all, hooked their attention on the newlywed who were dancing on the dance floor in the middle of the hall. Many guests cared to film the moment. Anthony was charming in his wedding looks. Perhaps he spent way more hours preparing his enticing looks. He even mad
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Chapter Nine
So, this was the scent making his wolf flip with excitement and trying to unleash himself in the public. Kayla Jonathan? It was her skunking scent calling him this whole time. Vanilla and raspberry it was, but her fragrance surpassed just vanilla and raspberry — she smelled finger-lickin’ good. There was something more to her scent which he sensed was different from humans. If he put it into a guess, he'd say she smelled heavenly and refreshing, maybe like a faerie. A faerie married a hybrid? He put his thought aside, and his eyes browsed through her. That shapeless, lanky girl he used to know had transformed into a beautiful, hourglass woman in every man's dream. He could hear his wolf growling his excitement. As if his wolf’s dopamine and serotonin rushed into his human side, he just couldn’t stop smiling. It seemed his wolf picked so much interest in her. ‘Hey, Wolan, no second chance mate allowed, not to mention this one is married,’ he warned within his mind to whist his wolf bec
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Chapter Ten
Several people were in the hotel lobby doing their various kinds of activity. Anthony stood in the lobby. One of his hands tarried inside his pocket and the other holding his phone to his ear. He was on the phone with someone who must have given him some bad news that left his brow furrowed. ‘A letter came to Toflan for you today, Anthony. No sender's name. No address or contact info. Just a paper in an envelope. I can't seem to tell whether it's a shifter behind the letter or a human. Check it out yourself, I sent it via W******p.’ Frank, his secretary spoke over the phone. Right after Frank ended the call, Anthony checked the letter. Of course he expected a complete shit. ‘A beautiful wife there, man. How interesting will it be to have a bullet in her head? Maybe… a silver bullet.’ An opulent hotel suite was romantically decorated, quiet as a graveyard. Red petals spread throughout the white bed; in the middle of the bed came a love shape designed with petals. Surrounding the bed
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