By:  Sonia Raines  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dark shadows, bloodlines and ancient magic. There was never a time I knew what normal was, not even in my dreams. Born a blood sucker, trained a warrior, blessed with gifts - or cursed which ever way you see it, and now having to protect myself from the ones that want my soul. But I'll burn before I let them. Or I might just drown... Right before I rip my heart open But you'll find me, at the bottom of the lake buried deep. Right after I rip my heart open

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Tor Pearce
Interesting read with a new twist. Mermaids!!
2020-12-19 13:21:52
6 Chapters
Every vampire born or turned had to be registered under the council, a body of five special vampires who ruled over every vampire in the country. Each member known as an elder. We all had to answer to them but I answered to no one. I was the girl whose birth was unscented, undisclosed. I had never met my mother, so I had no knowledge about authority as it went until I was nineteen. I had gone on a raid with a few of my friends as usual like the scavengers we were but I got caught by a protector. Being dragged like an animal to the council when my name wasn't found in the registry was one of the worst days of my life, the humiliation was real and I had swore to never relent to them. Suffice to say, my hatred for the council ran deep.I was twenty five now and I still felt that way. I was the same girl that didn't conform to rules."Not sneaking away again are we Emelda?" Tiberius' hearty but hoarse voice came into my hearing.
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Copyright © 2020 Sonia RainesAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission from the copyright holder. All rights for the book cover image go to the rightful owner. This book contains a little bit of mature scenes and strong language. The book depicts scenes of sex, murder, gore, drinking and cussing. If this isn't your cup of tea then don't read. Any resemblance of characters to any fictional or living persons is purely coincidental. Constructive criticism and feedback are allowed. Comments will be read and attended to in case of queries. Read, enjoy, vote, co
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Weeping Willow was a vampire dominated city, almost everyone was a vampire. Human settlements were really few due to the lack of communication with the outside world. It was wanted that way so that we could survive without worrying about the human government. It was the same way in every state and country, there was always a vampire territory for our kind. In Sydney it was Weeping Willow for us, the high order had given it to us. Yes there were lycans in weeping willow but they stayed just beyond the Crescent forest, the forest that served as fortress to us in case of emergency. I lived in the slums of weeping willow, a small village just before the Crescent forest named after the forest. Crescent village. I had never been to a different country but I could swear that I wasn't a native of mine. I was different. Ralyne was lucky though, her boyfriend wasn't from the slums. He was from Crimson Lake named after the red lake in the city, the home of the elites of
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Tiberius rushed over soon enough with a young girl. I had sent for him with a vampire call, a method created by our ancestors to access our kind in imminent danger and all we had to do was focus on the recipient, establish a connection and then send the message. The healer looked disheveled and out of place, she must have rushed here with Tiberius' vampire speed. "Quickly, come he's over here." I led the way to where Philip laid sickly, the couch. Ralyne wasn't saying a thing. The girl laid a hand on his temple to check his temperature. "He's burning up, we need to cool him down." I nodded and ran to get a bowl of ice cold water and a towel. I soaked the towel in the cold water and squeezed a little before massaging his temple with it. The girl wasn't lying, his body was boiling. If he kept going at this rate, his heart would combust. Vampires were cold creatures, we weren't accustomed to hea
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Name Pronunciation & Guide
NOTE: The story takes place in a bit of an old setting and a new one. It may get somehow confusing along the way but I'll make sure to carry you along. Emelda - Eeeh-mel-da (cos an alternative spelling would be Imelda.) I know Rania calls her Emmy which would mean her name is pronounced Erh-mel-da but it's just Rania who calls her that, cos she's young and can't really pronounce words.Ralyne - Ray-leenRania - Ray-nia (had a hard time (and I still do,) deciding if I wanted Rah-nia or Ray-nia.) I call her both though, so you choose.Lyon - Lee-yon (usually it's pronounced like "Lion" but I wanted something like Léon that isn't Spanish.) Aimee - Ay-meeTiberius -Tye-bay-rius (just the normal biblical way.) Zakerius Togar - Zah-kee-rius Toh-Gah *This will be updated as more chara
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"But that is impossible." I said trying to convince myself that I wasn't a freak. Her words shocked me so much that I had no idea whether to be elated or depressed. Like who in the world wanted to be something unheard of, an abomination? But on the brighter side, I was a sort of solution the vampires needed. While we all processed her words, Philip began to heave like he was dying and I guess he was because the venom had all gathered in his chest and was about to attack his heart any moment.The girl sauntered towards me and nodded, I stretched out an arm and she sliced through it.That scalpel wasn't ordinary because I felt excruciating pain, fuck, it was hell."To prevent you from healing fast," she rushed out seeing my pain. "Should I go ahead?" I had instinctively pushed her away.Deep breaths Emelda. I gave a nod.She carried on. My blood flowed out and Raly
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