The Alpha's Daughter

The Alpha's Daughter

By:  Debra Lee  Completed
Language: English
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Michael is the Alpha of The Red River pack. He's a psychopath. His cruelty and contempt towards the women he is meant to love and protect are vile. Will the women survive? Can they rebuild what's left of their life, or will his treatment of them forever break their minds, souls, and bodies? My name is Layla. I am his daughter. I shake my head, trying to clear my thoughts. Why would the moon Goddess let someone like him exist? How can one man ruin so many lives? I stare at the people in the room. They have lost loved ones because of my father's twisted nature. They came into my life when I needed them the most. I love them all. Every one of us suffered at his hands. How many other people's lives has he destroyed? Only time will tell.

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113 Chapters
My name is Layla. I shifted for the first time just before my sixteenth birthday. I love my wolf. Her name is Lea. She is wild, challenging, and fast. My father, Michael, is the Alpha of The Red River pack. His word is the law we are meant to live by. He rules with no mercy, totally heartless and cruel. My father’s mate Diana, our luna, is beautiful. I am his only heir, which angers him consistently as there is no way he will hand the pack to me. Females should know their place. He has made my life hell, fear my constant companion. My father wants me out of his life. He plans on arranging a mate for me when I turn 18 next week. I have run out of time. I need to leave before it's too late. I wait until my father and Diana are asleep. I crawl out of bed, run down the stairs, and out the front door. I make it to our pack's border, undress, and shift. Lea carries my clothes in a bag around our neck. I ran through the forest without stopping for a couple of hours. It's the middle of the
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Chapter One
Michael POVI open my eyes slowly, and my head pounds. My best friend Grayson and I had a few too many drinks last night. I always drown my sorrows at pack gatherings, the way the women stand around in groups chattering with excitement as they hope to find their mate is sickening. A few of my unmated warriors fell into the moon goddess trap last night, the poor bastards.Stretching my muscles, I go to climb out of bed when I notice Louise is still there.I snarl, “What the fuck are you still doing here?”She whimpers as she tries to untangle the sheets wrapped around her body.“I am sorry, Michael, I overslept,” she stammers, panicked by my reaction. I laugh as I shove her off my bed. She lands hard on the floorboards and looks at me, holding back tears as she whines.``Why would you do that?”“You know the rules, Louise. I fuck you, and then you leave before sunrise.” “But I thought you enjoyed last night, Michael.”I growl, getting more pissed off every time Louise opens her mout
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Chapter Two
Michael POV Grayson and I have been sharing Rose for a few years now; she loves sex and is up for anything. She is gorgeous and easy to get along with, definitely not good enough for either of us to mate. It doesn't bother Rose; she understands her position in the pack and doesn't expect anything from us. I smile, thinking once I chat with the old man, I will visit her. Feeling much happier than I had been all morning, I decided that I would go with my father and have a look at the girl he wanted me to meet. It will keep him off my back for a while, and if it works out as my father wants, I can mate her. I don't give a shit about having a mate, but I will need a son to be my heir. I will be the most powerful Alpha anyone has seen for years. I can feel Malaki’s excitement rippling through me, It is also a way for me to see how strong their pack is, and it is always a smart move to know what other packs' strengths and weaknesses are. My father needs to go. He is making our pack look w
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Chapter Three
Michael POV I spent a couple of hours at the gym this morning before getting dressed. I chose a white dress shirt. The buttons strain at the front, emphasizing my muscular chest, shoulders, and biceps. My blue jeans hug my muscular thighs; I grab my boots, putting them on as I hear my father bellow for me to hurry up. I roll my sleeves up to my elbows, looking in the mirror one last time saying, “Fuck your hot,” I laugh the bitch will be eating out of my hands within five minutes of meeting me. I watch as the last SUV's pulls up in front of the packhouse. “What the fuck, dad? How many cars do you think we need to take?” He growls, “I want to show them we are a strong pack, Michael. I don't intend to walk away from this meeting with nothing,” Grayson and I walk toward the last car. There's no way in hell I will suffer a four-hour trip with him. Grayson licks his lips as he says, “You look handsome, Michael. Is there a special occasion I should know about?” “You're a smart ass
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Chapter Four
Michael POV I look at Grayson, snarling in disgust, “What a nightmare; that bitch would drive me crazy if I chose her as a mate.” Grayson takes my hand, mimicking her voice. “But Michael, I love you. I want to fuck you and have your pups,” I laugh, punching the prick in his shoulder. We walk down the main street, and nothing is out of place; the complete area around the town is spotless. There are not many people out tonight; something about Alpha Leon doesn't sit right with me. How many wolves are in his pack? The town feels deserted. Is he hiding something, or is he a control freak? I breathed in deeply, not realizing how unsettled I was. I did need some fresh air; Grayson interrupted my thoughts, asking, “What are you going to tell Julian?” “Nothing until we are about to leave. He will only push someone else in my face,” I hear laughing. Looking up, I see a pretty blonde talking to another female. “Grayson, do you see that” he smiles as he says, “You're taken. I want th
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Chapter Five
Nicole POV I had just climbed into bed when I heard the front door open. My parents and sister were home. My sister is two years older than me. We were close when we were little, but she has turned into a nasty bitch the older she gets. She has a sneaky, ugly personality and causes arguments between my mother and me. My mother usually ignores me because of the lies Maree constantly whispers in her ear. Maree has always wanted to be my parents' favorite, and now she is. My father is a strong fighter, but he bows down to my mother, doing whatever she wants regardless of who gets hurt. I close my eyes as my door opens. My sister's head peeks around the door. She growls when she thinks I am asleep, shutting the door again. I have no desire to speak to her. She only wants to brag about her mate. I smile to myself. I can't help thinking about Michael. He is so handsome. His dark brown hair shines in the moonlight, and he has dark chocolate brown eyes with thick black eyelashes. He is at
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Chapter Six
Micheal POV “Leave straight away. Take Liam and Anthony with you.” Grayson stands in front of me, not moving. “Can you hear me, Grayson.? Don't just stand there like a dumb prick.” Grayson holds his hands up. “What are you talking about, Michael?” “The packhouse, I want the entire place cleaned, you fucking idiot. I don't want Nicole smelling any of the other female's scent in my bed.” He smiles slowly as he finally realizes what I need. “Not a problem. I will see you when you and your new mate come home” he stops walking away and turns to me. “No more of Rose’s pleasure for you. I finally get her to myself again” I laugh. “Like fuck you do. I will meet you at her house tonight.” I am still smiling when I tell Nicole we will leave after lunch. I look at my father, resenting the smug look the bastard has on his face. There was no way that I wanted to travel home with him, but he had latched onto Nicole and put her in his SUV. I ended up enduring the drive home with him. H
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Chapter Seven
Nicole POV Walking through the house, I have to stop myself from wrinkling my nose in disgust. The smell of unmated females is vile, and one scent is spicier and more repulsive than the rest. Pineapple sage and honey cling in the air. The female's scent covers everything. My wolf Nalia’s growl rattles my brain, and I understand; however, Michael is a handsome man, and it is only natural that he has a past. It is my first night in my home, and Michael has been gone for hours. Julian has gone to speak to someone called Marian. Looking for something to pass the time, I decided to explore more of my new home. I make myself a coffee before walking upstairs. I have seen Michael's bedroom. Alpha Julian's room is located at the end of the hall. I see four extra bedrooms, each one with a bathroom. Taking my coffee back downstairs, I sit on the porch for a little while. Loneliness settles around me. Did I do the right thing? I will miss my parents, especially my father, and I can't lie; I w
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Chapter Eight
Nicole POV I stand uncomfortably beside Michael in his office as his pack members arrive to give him their condolences for his father's death. We haven't discussed what happened last night, and I am too scared to ask him. Grayson enters, followed by a female; her pineapple sage and honey scent assault my senses as I look up. She smiles at me smugly as her gaze starts at my eyes and runs down to my feet. The satisfied expression on her face as she dismissed me had Nalia growling in my head. She caresses Michael on the back of his neck and purrs as she leans her body close to him, whispering, “I am so sorry about Julian, Michael.” Michael places his hand on hers as he says, “Thank you, Rose.” My body stiffens in anger as I watch them. An idiot could see that Michael and Rose have a history between them. Graysons moves Rose to the side as he claps Michael on his shoulder. “Sorry, Alpha, your father was a great man.” Michael presses his lips together in anger as he says, “Don't
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Chapter Nine
Nicole POV I roll over in bed, looking for Michael; his side of the bed is empty again. I have been here for six months now, and the hurt I feel knowing he is still seeing Rose only increases. I was a naive fool; as soon as Michael showed interest in me, I couldn't wait to run off with him. I won't deny that he is the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on, but I don't love him; I lust for him. Michael has not marked me, and I will not mark him as we are not true mates. Michael is possessive, but we don't have the wolves' overwhelming urges where their mates are concerned. Michaels's betrayal hurts me, but I am not physically in pain from it. My anger towards Rose has more to do with the total lack of respect she shows me as a woman. Just thinking about the bitch makes me furious. I fling back the covers on the bed; I need to have a shower before Marian gets here. The room spins, and I gag. I crawl to the bathroom and empty the contents of my stomach. I groan, resting my head in my han
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