The Alpha's Private Affair

The Alpha's Private Affair

By:  KamiKrimson  Completed
Language: English
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For the Omega named Yael, everyday it's as if he's fighting and bargaining with demons just to have a decent living. Working as a male Prostitute and bouncer all his life, he was living day by day like a rat on the run. That was until the Queen, a Hybrid Alpha named Ahbaya came his way and bought him off the Brothel he was working on.  The Omega was wary and confused, having the Queen enter his shabby room. "What do you want, Queen Ahbaya?" He asked. There was a certain air around her, as if she's sizing him up. "I have an offer." She said with a dark smile. "How about I take you out of this shabby place and make you mine?"  THIS BOOK IS A PART OF THE ALPHA'S TOUCH WORLD BUT CAN STAND ALONE ON ITS OWN.

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88 Chapters
The first time I laid eyes on the Alpha, I knew she was nothing but trouble. I was five years old when she saved a group of Omegas like me from being shipped to the Western Kingdom. I saw with my own eyes how she killed three men using only her bare hands. She had a smile on her face as she ripped their hearts out. She was twelve at the time. Years later, another Hybrid child ascended to the throne. Ahbaya Bloodmoon is her name. A name fit for a queen, hailed by the other Omegas like me, and the Gammas and a powerful Beta were all in her command. And her name fits her personality perfectly. An Alpha who has a wolf and bear shifter blood. The strongest and the craziest of all. The city's legend spoke of her strength when she killed a man by choking him in his own blood. By that time she was eighteen. With the same insanity, she swarmed into my life like a flood, and I was dragged off my feet and whirled into her crazy world unexpectedly.And this… this is the story of how a male Omega
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======A Few Months Earlier======I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, just before sunrise. And just like what Sow, the wolf inside of me was telling me, someone was indeed watching me in my sleep. It was Dane. "Good morning, Yael! Rise and shine, pretty boy!" I turned in the direction where I heard the familiar voice of Dane. "Are you sure you’re not in love with me, Dane? Because Sow can feel you watching me in my sleep. He thinks you're creepy. As hell." Dane walked towards me, wearing the odd fitting uniform all the Gamma’s wear once their wolf came out. Tight leather outfit from her neck down to her ankles. As she calls it, a mock towards a female Gamma's sexuality, while men get to wear the real armor. "Don’t be so full of yourself, Yael. You know you’re not my type from the start and on top of that you stink, like a stray dog. Luka hates it. She doesn't like men who will fuck anyone with a hole or two just for the sake of money." I stared at her and smiled. I'm kind of use to
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The moment Martha left, Alpha Ahbaya and I remained standing in the room. It’s as if we were having a staring contest. The one who loses will fold. And I didn't want to give in. Not to her. Not to anyone. I promised my mother that I won't bow down to anyone. The only remaining thing left of me is my pride. If I lose it, then what am I?But the curiosity in me was itching to ask. “Why me?” Alpha Ahbaya smiled again, she looked at me and smiled, as if my existence provided her all the amusement she needed in her miserable life. What’s with this woman? Ever since I opened the door and my eyes met with hers, she had been looking at me, almost a bit too intently. "Because I can own anyone in my city, Yael. The moment I saw your pretty face, I knew you'd make a good pet." My jaw clenched after hearing her answer. She’s so full of herself that I wanted to shove her against the wall and bite her lip off! Women of her status sure are shameless. But since I don’t want to go to work tomorrow
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I looked at Ahbaya as if an appendage grew on her forehead. “You’re kidding, right?” I asked, maybe I just simply misheard what she said. An Alpha like her would pamper someone like me? What a joke. If not… then maybe she was hit in the head so bad while fighting off the rogues out of this Kingdom that it made her stupid. Ahbaya raised her eyebrow and suddenly laughed. "Do I look like I'm kidding, Yael? I want you to have sex with me. And why do you seem so surprised? You’re an omega working in a brothel. Fucking women till their eyes roll on the back of their head is your job, isn't it?"Then she spoke again, breaking me off from my trance. "I want to have sex with you. Every time I crave for you, every time I'm lustful and every time I want to taste you. I want you to be there, satisfy my needs then disappear. And… once you accept the contract, you cannot sell yourself to anyone else. You’re exclusively mine. You’ll live in my castle, stay in the room I appointed you to. You will
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“How am I going to sign this contract?” I asked, eyeing the blade she offered me. “You’re asking too many questions, Yael. Just make a small cut on your hand and drop it on the paper.” Ahbaya teased. I looked at her with wide unblinking eyes, dubious about her words. “But I’m an omega. Omegas don’t do contracts, Ahbaya.” “You’re making a contract with an Alpha, and mind you, I’m the queen.” Was her firm reply. “I overrule any rules, making your contract with me valid.” I frowned. "Fine." I stared at the dagger Ahbaya offered to cut my palm, and through my blood the bond is sealed. But before cutting my flesh, I stared at the scroll for a couple of seconds, contemplating if I should or not. I wondered ‘what would happen if I tore this piece of shit right in front of her eyes. Would she kill me?’ The contract Ahbaya had offered somehow changed my outlook on life. She said she had the scroll prepared for a long time. And I am not the first who has received it. And one of the cond
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"You shouldn't smoke, you're too young. I mean… how old are you, twenty two or twenty three?" Ahbaya asked as I lit the black cigarette. "From a quick fuck to a concerned mother." I answered her with a crude smile on my face. Maybe I sounded utterly ridiculous that she suddenly laughed. “You sure take a lot of roles in my life, my Queen.” "I told you to stop calling me ‘my Queen’ too. I prefer if you call me by my name, you sure don't listen well." "Well, you…" I stopped and suddenly grinned. The devil in me wants to come out. " didn’t listen when I told you I don’t want to have sex with you…” I paused when I noticed how tense she was. With that small gesture, I felt like I won something. “...yet here we are.” I heard her take a deep breath as if she’s holding out her temper. "You will never stop, will you?" “Nope.” I said, then gave her a wide smile. Since I had her attention, and clearly she’s starting to get pissed off. I might as well stir into the skid, right? Why not g
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Five days passed by quickly since the last time I’ve been with Ahbaya. I thought she’d go back to my apartment to pick me up, but that did not happen. So I went back to my normal life. I acted like nothing happened. I simply accepted it all, thinking that I was only a fetish the Queen wanted to taste. And now, the dream is over and I’m back to my usual nightmare. I look at my co-workers and I feel like they’re on the same page as I am. Just getting by, wanting to take on everything day by day. As I exhaled another puff of smoke from my mouth, I walked closer to the other Omegas and tried to amuse myself with their ramblings. Hoping that their lives would distract me from thinking about her. Felix is a wolf shifter like myself. While Chase is a bear shifter. Hence the nickname, teddy bear, which he hates by the way. "Well, I'm single again." Felix announced it as if the newspaper’s hottest news. But based on his reputation with the ladies, Chase and I aren’t surprised anymore. “I
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The moment I stepped in the Castle, I thought I just needed to enter, go to my room and unpack my things and fuck Ahbaya till her eyes roll on the back of her head. “What’s the password?” The druid with dead eyes asked. My eyes rolled on its own as I spoke with Ahbaya through the connection. ‘What’s the password?’ ‘Bloodmoon.’Really?! Bloodmoon? What a textbook password! Anyone with brains could’ve figured that out. “Bloodmoon.” And amazingly, the scary looking man did let me in. As I entered the back door, I was greeted by the statues of wolves and bears. I looked for the room where Ahbaya assigned me too. The last time I was here, I was so astonished with pretty much anything that I didn’t notice anything except for the gigantic statues. Now, I see everything.The writings on the wall. The black, red and white family crest of the Bloodmoons. Reaching the rows of rooms with marked doors, I swiftly entered my room, Before I could even close the door, I saw Ahbaya sitting on th
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It's been three days since Ahbaya came to my room. I try my best not to think about her. Because every time I do, a weird feeling always seems to take over me. A feeling so overwhelming, and suddenly, I become this incapable human being who no longer functions for a day. What makes it worse — I have nothing to do. Only a few books keep me company. For I asked her this one thing, to expand my knowledge of the world. But this is not enough. The things, rather — the emotions that I feel? Concern? Impatience? Guilt? Anger? Whatever it is, I don't understand why. Nevertheless I don't want to understand either. Yet a part of me can’t help but wonder why. I thought I would think of her less because of the said schedule. But it had the opposite effect. My head ends up wondering about her. What she is eating. What she’s doing. Who is she with? What time she’s sleeping. And… who is the man she’s laying with. I know, I’m ridiculous. That’s why I’m trying so hard to distract myself, so that I
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"Take it off for me." She told me through a series of soft whispers. I could feel her breath against my skin, she was so close I could see the small details on her face. The mole just above her lip, and the small bumps on her skin where my fingertips left its touch. I took off her clothes, giving her what she wanted. I began to trail kisses from her neck down to her chest, then licked one of the most sensitive parts of her body. I acted on impulse, and I felt shivers on my skin hearing her moan filled with pleasure. I felt her nails dig on my scalp as she pressed my head against her chest. I bit her nipple and sucked on it a couple of times, doing so as I looked into her eyes. Ahbaya looked at me with half lidded eyes. A seductive look, and she gave me a sly smile. Ahbaya arched her neck and moaned again. Louder and louder. And I can feel my body heat up and my manhood was aching against my pants. Next, I slowly massaged her breast, my thumb circling around the bud. I took my
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