The Surrogate App

The Surrogate App

By:  ice-cold-apples  Ongoing
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"One word. Surrogacy." "Two words. Not happening." Elodie shook her head her response very fast. ———————————— Elodie, co-owner of the Gates Tech Company, a multinational technology company is forced to opt for surrogacy when she can't stand her husband, Micah Gates; a sexist, egoistic, manipulative, and power-hungry man; the thought of carrying his child repulses her. Allegra, her best friend suggests a surrogate app that allows users to find their perfect surrogate mother. Eira Faez has been a surrogate for four years, after joining the surrogate app she finally gets a match with a mysterious profile only to realize a wealthy couple needed her. A lot hid behind closed blinds. What is brought to light a facade created by PR stunts to boost the image of Gates Tech Company. However, nothing remains in the dark for long and everything is revealed to not only the families, but the public. Love unexpectedly blossoms between Elodie and Eira who are instantly smitten with each other in their first encounter.

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‘Thirty-five, thirty-six, thirty-seven- ‘ She counted in her mind as he roughly thrust inside of her. She couldn’t bear to hear him grunt and growl in her ear so she wore tiny ear muffs to block his unpleasant sounds.‘Thirty-nine, forty-‘ She was stunned he even made it that far. He went rigid above her as he felt his penis pulsate inside her. He growled lowly releasing his cum inside her, she could feel it fill her causing her to sigh softly glad he was done. The man grunted heavily, falling on top of his stoic wife.He stayed still, inside her, she removed the muffs from her ears and scowled at the man on top of her; then she heard snores. “Fucking bastard.” She sighed and pushed him to the side where he curled himself pulling the silk sheets around his figure.She looked at him and rolled her eyes, all he did was selfishly satisfy himself and as a wife, she fulfilled that duty without question. She was, however, sick of him. So sick that she nearly spat in his face each time he wa
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Elodie sipped her black coffee as she went through the reports she was handed by her assistant; she had been responding to emails for five hours, and her back and neck were starting to disagree with her. She had been informed of a testing accident that happened in one of their labs and her employees had to be sent to an Emergency Room after sustaining minor injuries. Their subject, however, bless his soul, passed on during the experiment. One of their wires disconnected as they were trying out a new gadget they had created, a prototype of course, which meant they needed to go back to the drawing board and discover the risk so they could fix it as the project was due in two months.She sent condolences to the family of the young man, he left behind his pregnant wife who the company would have to take care of for as long as she and her unborn child lived. It was what the contract stated, everyone in the testing lab knew the risks including the subjects so a binding contract had to be si
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Micah was rarely in the office, they were co-owners, however, it felt like all the work was left for Elodea and he would only claim credit for work he didn’t help with. See. A-son-of-a-bitch. He always claimed what wasn’t his. Allegra scowled and placed her burger down, she wiped her mouth with a napkin and then wiped her fingers.“I don’t know why you’re still with him.” Allegra spat, Elodie sighed dejectedly.“Ela close the blinds.” She ordered her AI.“Closing blinds.” The automated voice responded as the blinds closed. Much akin to Alexa but far much advanced. Bespoke.“You know I can’t Ally; I really want to. I will.”“That’s a load of bollocks! You said the exact thing five years ago and here we are, still married. When he does nothing but mistreat you. You know I can’t stand it.” Allegra was livid, her hands trembled, akin to her lips. She felt tears pricking her eyes. Elodie swallowed harshly and moved to embrace her, “I know, I know. I’m fine luv, soon I’ll be able to rid mys
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Eira and her best friend Mary were laid on Eira’s bed watching dating shows on her laptop, her best friend had just arrived from Cuba from a business trip. Eira had missed her dearly for she had been gone for six months, she brought her loads of souvenirs from the work trip. Mary and Eira had been best friends for about six years, Mary met Eira during one of her trips to Turkey. They met in a restaurant and hit it off immediately, they had so much in common which drew them even closer. Mary sympathized with Eira’s home situation, being kicked out by her own family and treated as an outcast for being a lesbian. It was simply harsh, but it didn’t seem as though Eira viewed them in the wrong. ‘I understand it’s hard for them to accept me, I didn’t even wasn’t that. I just wanted them to know and possibly be comfortable, and not think that I would suddenly “infect” the rest of the women and young girls in the family. That was what stunned me, but I forgave them, they are my family after a
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Down in the building, laid a secret laboratory, authorized entry to only Micah and a few groups of scientists, lay a man in a gurney with multiple tubes fitted in his body and transfixed to a large monitor. Micah and the group of scientists all wore gas masks and gloves, a large machine slowly released a gas into the room. The man on the gurney screamed in agony as he breathed in the gas, his veins could be seen bulging, a green substance glowing inside them. Micah and the group watched closely, one of them writing notes on a clipboard. Micah was working on a private project, no one except those in the room knew about it. He was testing the project on human beings to get maximum results. He had kidnapped a few people, men, women, and children, and locked them in cages. He would take them one by one each day, his experiments were dangerous, life-threatening, and illegal. He had injected the man with a lethal drug, and the results he would achieve went into making other similar drugs.
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Elodie had never been nervous about meeting anyone new, she grew up accustomed to being introduced to strangers. It was her norm. At only seven her father introduced her to big people in the company, he would take her to his office and even make her sit through some meetings on Friday to ‘groom’ her. She closed her first successful deal with an investor at only fifteen. And so she was used to it at least she was supposed to be very comfortable with meeting new people. However, for some particular reason, she was jittery nearing their scheduled meeting. Clients didn’t even make her as nervous as she had been the past two days. She was overly excited to meet Eira no doubt, she only hoped that she wouldn’t make a fool of herself. ‘Come on, you have been doing this your whole life. Just take it as another meeting with the bloody stakeholders and you’ll handle it well. You’re in charge El.’ She pepped herself with encouraging insights. She had been in a foul mood ever since Micah moved
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Eira squeezed her palms under the table trying to relieve her nervousness, she couldn’t look Elodie in the eye for more than five seconds. Not when the woman looked like she was trying to read her bare soul and strip her right there. She kept her gaze tightly on Edmund who went on to explain the basics of what their contract entailed. She would admit she barely heard everything he said since he mentioned she would be given a dummy contract to first read through it all and request for changes where she felt oppressed or fixed in a spot. She couldn’t pay attention when she could feel the intense stare Elodie had on her. It made her skin crawl with excitement, she could almost feel goosebumps rise in places they shouldn’t. She couldn’t wait to go home and tell her friends about meeting Mrs. Gates and how intimidating she was. At one point she made the mistake of staring at her longer than how she did before and caught Elodie’s tongue sticking out and slowly licking across her bottom li
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