CEO's Contract Marriage

CEO's Contract Marriage

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Khushi snuck onto a floor she wasn't supposed to be on to acquire her favourite actor's autograph. However, she had no clue how her life would evolve as a result of that one foolish decision, and she would find herself naked in the bed of the most popular businessman, Darsh Sinha. They had no choice but to marry each other to salvage their reputations. Would that marriage be blissful, or would it turn their lives completely upside down? Khushi yearned to love her husband, but Darsh refused to let her get close to his heart. One day, Khusi suffered an accident and lost all memories of Darsh. When she couldn't recognise him this time, Darsh felt empty and heartbroken. Would they be able to find their true love or would they end up divorcing each other according to the contract marriage at the end?

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28 chapters
"Lunch to room no. 403, Khushi." A colleague instructed me."On my way," I said as I wheeled the food trolley towards the staff elevator.Khushi Acharya, a 21-year-old woman, belonging to a lower-middle-class family, was employed at Kolkata's renowned five-star hotel as a waitress, "Star Palace." It was a makeshift arrangement until I could find something more substantial. Or, at least, that's what I assumed.Only if I had done better in school, like my sister and Sushant, might I have gotten a high-paying job like them. Despite being the group leader and planner, I had the lowest academic ranking. In a nutshell, I'm cool with my buddies but a loser in society.My parents were constantly concerned for my future. But, as usual, I was careless, and I got what I deserved. However, I had no complaints. I was content in my current situation since I could eat, sleep peacefully, and help my parents with money. And I still wondered if I had any specific goals in my head. Maybe my goal was ju
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"Strange," said the black-haired man, his demeanour indifferent. "I thought you came here to seduce me."WHAT?That immensely egocentric man irked me with his first sentence. And it was his usual apathetic expression that bothered me the most. He said presumably the affair had been nothing more than a game for children."What makes you think I'm interested in seducing you?" I objected."Because I am a billionaire, charming, and famous?" He said it with a sidelong glance at me as if I were the most uninteresting thing on the planet."Who exactly are you, and what have you done to me? Tell me, or I'll call the cops on you!" With my dominant voice, I intended to frighten him. Albeit, the individual in front of me chortled as if I'd said something absurd."You don't know who I am?" A cynical grin curved his lips."Yet you crawled into my bed, completely naked?" He included it, staring down his nose at me with contempt."What? Are you crazy or something? I didn't show up on my own! I was—"
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The car ground to a standstill in front of the Star Palace's back door. It was the same hotel where I was evicted a while back. Even though I didn't particularly enjoy my job, it was humiliating to get kicked out. I exited the car once the man unlocked the door for me. "This is—""Star Palace." He completed the sentence for me."Please follow me." Turning toward the hotel's back door, he included it."Uh, Mr.—, uncle Hemant?" I blurted out, unsure of what to name him. I didn't want to address him by his first name as he requested.Uncle Hemant stopped in his tracks and spun around. His orbs were wide with wonder."Do you mind if I call you Uncle Hemant?" I inquired, observing his unwavering stare."As you wish. I won't mind." Finally, he spoke out, smiling. Uncle Hemant seemed like a nice person."All right, Uncle Hemant, I just wanted to let you know that the manager won't let me in since I lost my job, and he forbade me from ever coming back." I briefed him on the existing scenari
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"What?" His response caused my jaw to slump."Ahan. Don't mistakenly assume it's a marriage proposal." Darsh paused before picking up the wine once again."It's a deal. A contract that will protect both of our lives from this catastrophe." He slurped the wine after finishing his statement."How?" I demanded after a few moments of consideration."Well, I'm a well-known and prosperous businessman." "Along with respect, friends, and fortune, I've acquired a slew of adversaries who ardently want me to perish. They plotted this plan to destroy me."The corner of my eyes stung again. "But, why me?""They chose a random girl from the staff to carry out the plan because getting a girl from outside would have been far riskier.You were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. That's why you're bearing the burden of the consequences." Darsh clarified, which infuriated me.They just randomly ruined my life?"H-how selfish..How could they--" I uttered with my trembling voice."I agree. And
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"So, you're the so-called wealthy businessman, Darsh Sinha?" My father enquired with wrinkled brows. To which Darsh replied while stuttering, "Y-yes, Sir."I brought Darsh to my house the same night since I knew my parents would slaughter me if I appeared in front of them without conclusive evidence after the false news circulated. He served as a shield between my parents and me.I urged him to construct a storyline about how we could get out of this dilemma and proclaim our wedding to my parents. It was a contract marriage, but we chose to keep it hidden from my family since they were too conservative to accept it.Darsh swallowed, awkwardly seated on our living room couch, peering at my father. Uncle Hemant was striving desperately not to laugh as he watched Darsh getting terrified of my father."Where do you live?" With each query, my father's tone rose more acrimonious. My mother only glared at Darsh as the cops scrutinised their suspect."I live in Delhi," Darsh responded."How d
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I was dragged to my bedroom after the "Haldi" ceremony. The door remained shut, and I was glued to a chair until the two women claiming to be make-up artists had completed their work on my face.It was the most anticipated wedding day. Our home was crammed with relatives, friends, and family. While some of them assisted my father with his work, others simply showed up to testify if I could be married to the business tycoon for real or not. My father requested the rituals to go according to our Bengali heritage shortly after my parents returned from Darsh's residence in Delhi a few weeks back. And Darsh never complained. He always listened to my father, which I found adorable.My door was banged on."Who's this?" I inquired, feeling the scowls of those women. They didn't like being interrupted."It's Mandu, Di.""Why is this door locked? Open it. Come on." In an enthusiastic tone, Mandira, my cousin, uttered from outside the room.【Di- older sister.】"Please, let her in," I asked the
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After a long night, the wedding rituals were completed. We were provided a room to rest in because Darsh and I both had been fasting since the previous day. Fasting was a prerequisite for the wedding ceremony. The dawn was approaching, and we had no choice but to spend it awake. The bride and groom would stay awake and chat or talk with other family members as part of the "Basor Ghor" tradition. It was a bonding ritual."Now you can eat." Mandira, along with my other cousins, walked into the room. Her platter was piled high with various foods. And, after nearly a day of fasting, the plate of food made me feel like throwing up."I'll be fine with a glass of water," Darsh spoke out, sounding just as sick as me. His gaze was directed at mine."And I'm sure Khushi is good with it as well." He then patted my head gently after spotting my nearly green face.He is showing his caring side once again? No, Khushi, you need to focus. It's a contract marriage for crying out loud!Heaving a sigh, I
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Anannya moved away after finishing her monologue, a cynical grin on her lips. I stood there with an astounded look on my face.It felt like a hard, humiliating whiplash on my face to wake me up from the remaining dream. My senses swiftly veered towards Darsh, who was already casting us a bemused gaze. Most probably wondering what we were discussing.Until that night, I was anxious about whether Darsh would regard me as a partner ever. However, after meeting Anannya, I lost all hope.A woman who was successful in her career and had the appearance of a goddess. Who would have looked at other women if they had had a companion like Anannya? She embodied everything a man might wish for in a partner.I finally perceived why Anannya made me feel uncomfortable at first glance.Why didn't I expect Darsh to have a lover? Why? Why am I always so stupid?It turned out I was the third wheel in their perfect life.Every individual has the right to love.Before the Star Palace incident, they must ha
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◆Darsh's P.O.V.◆I stood in front of the mirror, appraising my appearance. It was my reception party at the same hotel where some people attempted to trap me in a vicious scandal. I let out a chuckle as I had reflected on the snakes who tried to destroy my life and how I used the adversity to my advantage.Marrying a poor girl out of love not only restored my reputation and business but also enhanced it. Despite my enormous riches, everyone began to regard me as a humble and generous man."Thanks to whoever planned it," I smirked and straightened my tie. Although, for a brief moment, the trap almost got me there. It would have been quite difficult to deal with the issue if I hadn't spoken with my lawyer, Rohan Yadav.I have to meet him as soon as I get back to Delhi.I was dressed in a royal blue tuxedo with matching shoes and my favourite wristwatch.Another brilliant idea of mine was to not allow the media into the party with the excuse of celebrating it discreetly with a few peopl
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◆Darsh's P.O.V.◆"One drink, I promise. To honour your wedding." I could have disregarded Anannya's request, but I didn't. I needed to know her motive behind attending the reception party. Thus, I flung open the door and welcomed her inside.After getting comfortable on the small couches opposite each other, I poured two glasses of red wine for both of us. Her off-shoulder dress charmingly revealed her gorgeous frame. I almost got carried away appreciating her beauty for a second. Fortunately, I remembered that I was already married to Khushi. And our lives could be ruined by a simple blunder. As a result, I turned my view elsewhere. "I didn't expect you here." I went directly to the point without wasting any time."Not even small talk, huh? You went for the investigation." Holding the glass, Anannya smiled grimly."Should I not?" Over the rim of my glass, I cast a glimpse at her."Darsh, you've changed so much." Anannya muttered as her face grew gloomy. "I can't even imagine you a
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