Rouge Silverflame

Rouge Silverflame

By:  Winter Eskola  Ongoing
Language: English
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A she-wolf raised to believe she some day would be a rouge like her parents before her finds that fate has more in store.

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    12 chapters
    I woke to the sun filling my room again and cursed under my breathe, I slept through my alarm again and now was running late to school. The fact no one tried to wake me didn’t faze me anymore, ever since Alpha James and Luna Cathy got approval to skip me being their heir when I was thirteen they stopped pretending to care. I used to be angry about the fact they took me in and stopped caring for me once their own children were born but then again I understood. I was born a rouge; that’s all I’d ever be and they had only let me into the pack because some mysterious history between James and my mother. I was born to a she-wolf from the pack but she had gone rouge to be with my father, a wolf from another pack; which pack I will never know. My mother died giving birth to me at a human hospital, my father broke laws to bring me to James who had just taken over as alpha from his father before him; the man who refused to take my father into the dark woods pack. James didn’t kill my father th
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    Muttering curses to myself I rolled out of bed, glancing at the clock on my nightstand 11:10am. Great I had already missed my first three classes for the day, if I hurried I’d make it in time for my afternoon classes. I yanked off my work uniform I had fallen asleep in, irritated I didn’t have time for a shower and pulled on a basic pair of jeans and one of my favorite band tees. Tossing my hair into a ponytail I dashed down the stairs grabbing my car keys and a banana for the road before bolting out the door to my banged up Ford truck. She was a older beast but she was what I could afforded when I bought her at sixteen with no help from James or Cathy; I had needed a better way to get to work then walking so she fit the bill. I pushed the key into the ignition and smiled as she roared to life, Cathy always complained when I first got my beast of a truck that it was to loud but stopped when I said the only way I could afford another car was if I had help with the bill, she clearly didn
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    Driving home my mind wandered, my birthday was a week away and although I had a decent savings account built up I was nervous because so much was unknown. When I got my job at fourteen I made sure I opened my own bank account thankful that the bank let me due to the fact everyone knew what happened with the Alpha and Luna basically disowning me, the first question I asked was if there was a way I could access it off pack lands; thankfully I found a bank service that serviced all packs and even areas in between. The banker who set up my account told me they even serviced rouges for if they got a job and that all locations were ran by wolves even those on human land. It eased my mind knowing I’d have access to my money no matter what happened next week but I still hoped that the Alpha would let me stack on pack lands just a little longer, graduation was in just two months time so maybe I’d get luck.Pulling up to the pack house I was surprised to see no one was home still with the fact
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    The conversation
    The drive home was calm, I felt strangely at ease; when I talked to Alpha James again all I had to do was convince him to let me stay till graduation and then everything would be okay. That seemed like a decently easy task compared to trying to get a place to stay and the idea of living with Scarlet’s family was a happy one. Pulling into the driveway I was surprised to see lights still on with the fact it was just a little pass midnight; normally the house would be dark when I got home from my shift. My nerves were on edge seeing the lights on and I remembered before I left the fact Alpha James wanted to talk to me, I tried to not think about that to long though. Maybe Charlotte had stayed up past curfew again and the Alpha or Luna was up waiting for her, it had happened before. I tried shrugging off my unease and turned off my truck before heading in. Walking in I quickly realize I had every reason to feel uneasy when I see Alpha James sitting in the front room, the look on his face
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    The rumors
    I ate breakfast in my truck in the school parking lot, watching as people slowly arrived. A new buzz filled the air as everyone rushed to talked to their friends. I tried to ignore it all, I only had one more week till this strange party the Alpha was planning and from the sounds of it some of the outside packs were getting here early already. I hoped out of my truck praying that maybe the whole pack didn’t know but knowing that most of Charlotte’s friends would know by now. I was shocked when I overheard two omegas whispering to each other, “so the Alpha invited them for her?? Not for Charlotte?” “Yup, supposedly he’s hoping one of them will let her go to their pack so he doesn’t have to make her a rouge after all these years. Heck Luna named her Rouge and now he’s doing this. I doubt it will work though.” I tried ignoring them but as I was walking towards first period I overheard many of the same conversations, all about me and the packs that were coming. Some were kind, some were no
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    Old rumors new days
    “What happened” Scarlet whispered leaning towards me at our table trying not to get caught talking in class. “Supposedly I attacked Duke unprovoked in the hall and gave him a black eye, oh and supposedly I used my wolf to do so.” I replied rolling my eyes at how ridiculous all this was. I heard a giggle escape Scarlet but a stern look from our teacher ended the conversation at that point. I was still wondering how Duke got a black eye but decided it probably was him and his friends trying to get me into trouble so pushed it to the back of my mind to focus on science class. We were discussing why shifting was important for a werewolf especially if we had to eat raw meat and how it digested definitely in wolf form compared to human form. This was a semi common topic for people to get grossed out learning so our teacher had to keep the class focused but I could hear someone in the back of the classroom whispering to their lab partner. “Not like Rouge will ever need to know this, stupid wo
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    New faces
    "Who was that?" Scarlet squeals after rushing to my side. "I'm not sure but dam he was hot." I sighed. "So many new people around here lately. It's so weird since Alpha rarely lets other packs onto our land." I catch Scarlet watching where the stranger left. I nod before she has to run back to her seat because our teacher finally walked in. "Mrs. Mei, Rouge attacked me!" Flint took no time to start trying to get me into trouble. "Oh Mr. Flint I was informed of the incident, you may go see the nurse then the princiable is expecting you." Mrs. Mei replied, I swear I saw a glint of her wolf in her eyes as she looked at Flint clearly upset about what she was told. "SHE ATTACKED ME!" Flint yelled. "FLINT OFFICE NOW!!" Mrs. Mei yelled clearly loosing her temper with his lies. I was shocked to see him slump his shoulders and leave, although muttering to himself. "Now class as you know we have some new faces around campus, that is not a reason to look our minds. We will not be provocking each
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    New Faces save me?
    "Rouge." I heard a voice trying to get my attention but everything felt numb, the voice sounded muffled like I was underwater. Suddenly a pair of hands were on my shoulders shaking me softly. "You can't shift here my dear we need to get you out of the school." A husky voice I semi felt was familar was whispering into my ear, his hot breath against my skin. "I don't have a wolf." I mumbled not understanding why he was thinking I was about to shift. "Sure darlin but you still need to get out of here." His husky voice still sounded so distant and I couldn't place it. "Scarlet tell her next teacher she'll be in the nurses office." I heard him till Scar before suddenly I wasn't in my desk but in his arms, everything felt weird and I knew I needed to focus but the desire to just close my eyes was so tempting. I felt weirdly safe at the moment a safety I hadn't felt in years if ever. I could feel that he was walking but I didn't question it. the pressure from the barrier was worst then it eve
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    "Wayne, how can you say I won't get in trouble for this?" I asked. "Simple your Alpha doesn't want to upset my pack and if he punishes you for being with me he will cause issues with my pack and yours. I'll contact him later and explain that you felt unwell and I took you off school grounds so you could relax without all that teenage drama going on and I could make sure your okay." He replied as if it explained everything but I figured it was the best answer I would get so didn't push to much. Something about him told me he might be quick to anger and as sexy as he was I didn't want to push my luck. I got up pulling myself from his arms as much as I enjoyed the feeling of being wrapped in them I knew I couldn't get attached to him so quick, I might never see him again after my birthday. "So what pack are you from?" I asked as I stretched out my body. "I'm from the blue moon pack." He replied calmly and I looked at him curiously. Not much was known about the blue moon pack other then t
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    Not today
    "Not today." A voice I couldn't place whispered in the darkness and suddenly I was laying on the floor with Scarlet kneeling next to me crying. My body hurt but the barrier was still in place but I could tell it was much weaker then it was before. "Scarlet I'm okay." I whispered trying not to startle her but she still jumped a little. "Rouge, oh my goddess I thought you were going to shift. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't get the alpha like I normally would if it was someone else and I couldn't risk mind linking my mom and him finding out." She sounded so sad. "Scarlet, one if I shifted with you this close to me I could have hurt you or worse. Two I don't know how I didn't shift, I could sense my wolf; it was about to break free but then I heard someone and it stopped and I'm guessing I never shifted but the voice seemed to calm my wolf in a instint." I told her, starting to sit up but she reached out and laid her hand on me nodding no. I looked at her but didn't question it as sh
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