Mrs. Martinelli The Perfect Mafia Wife

Mrs. Martinelli The Perfect Mafia Wife

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Love For The Wicked Book Three. In my eyes, the world is a huge sandbox created for the big boys. Girls, money, business… and I always strive to come out on top until my father gave me an ultimatum. I needed to find a wife, or I’d lose my rights to the family business. I found the perfect woman for the scheme I devised, of course. She was beautiful, feisty, the picture-perfect wife to make my father believe I was done playing games. In return, she needed a favor, the kind that takes nine months to deliver. The rules were laid out meticulously, from the no touching to fake falling in love. After a year, we would part ways amicably with no hassle, no demands, and no regrets; after all, it was all just a game. As my plan took its course, it dawned on me that playing house was a game I never should have played. She started to grow on me, from that sexy little pout to the late nightcap, the endless dirty banter, and even the fights we had. I realize I enjoyed having her around. Trouble is, how will I make her believe I am not playing games anymore? That I don’t want her to be just my contract wife, that I don’t want twelve months with her but more?

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50 chapters
~Rylee~I don’t know what disappointed me more—finding out that my boyfriend of three years played house with another woman in our home or the fact that I couldn’t even put a bullet between his other woman’s eyes because she was my sister.Just minutes ago, I was grinning from ear to ear, dashed out of the cab straight from the airport.Working twenty-four seven for Klaus Martinelli was damn exhausting. I craved the familiarity of my own place, the comfort of my own bed, and the arms of the man I hold dearly in my heart.But the sight of my boyfriend tangled in my Egyptian cotton sheets with my sister made working for that infuriating Italian a sweet wonderland.So I did what a rational human being would. I woke them up and threw them out of my place, but that’s when things went south. You’d think they’d have the decency to volunteer and leave on their own accord, but no.“This is my house too!” claimed Mason. He didn’t bother covering up and started an argument with a pissed-off me i
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2|A Family Man
~Klaus~There comes a time in a man’s life when he realizes he’s not as young as he once was. That he cannot drink like there was no tomorrow, party like his reputation precedes, fuck every woman without a care in the world. For me, that moment came when I woke up in an unfamiliar room, tangled in the sheets with two naked women. One had her legs draped over my middle, while the other had her boobs pressed in my face.“Cazzo,” I groaned, tossing away the leg keeping me down. She fell back into her slumber, snuggling with the busty boobed chick. I sat on the edge of the bed, getting my bearings.Everything was blurry and disorienting. Clothes, alcohol bottles, cups, and condom wrappers – more than my fingers could count – were scattered on the floor. My world spun as I scoured for my phone.The closed balcony doors muffled the traffic from the street. The curtains were open, permitting a sliver of morning light inside.I found my phone on the bedside table, and a thong dangled from the
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~Klaus~‘Fucking Kino,’ I groaned, ignoring Dianna, Dina, Darlene – whatever this blond’s name – nails dug into the back of my thighs as I thrust my cock down her throat; her eyes watered. The pendulum movement had the headboard banging on the wall.My mind reeled with my father’s words. For years, he threw hints after hints that he wanted a family man to take over the mafia. I took them as a joke he’d like to throw around at meetings and parties. A fucking mistake on my end. Now I am about to lose the only thing I ever worked for.I had always been a mafia man. There was no other option for me. I made better of myself in every aspect of the business, eyeing the price of becoming Don when my father retires. All my hard work will go to waste just because I am single? Huh. Life is never fair, but this is some kind of prejudice.Dina coughed as I pulled out of her mouth. She gasped, retrieving the air she gave up to please me, corkscrewing her hands up and down my dick. Like a man on a m
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~Rylee~It took me two minutes to wallow in the pain of Kara and Mason’s betrayal. I allowed myself two minutes to be human. I deserved it, the time to cry, to ponder the choices I made, and to berate myself for fantasizing I could find love in this world.In those two minutes, I had already devised a plan. I have to leave this place and move on with my life. Starting over is what I’m good at, but that doesn’t mean I liked it. I wanted to settle down, tired of moving from one place to another and going back to zero.I didn’t bother to check everything inside the house. I still had the backpack I carried with me from New York. Going straight into the basement, I pushed the rickety bookshelf left behind by the previous owner, which I turned into secret storage. Behind it was a safe containing a wad of cash in different currencies, passports from different countries, a black pouch, and dad’s Scarce Perrin Revolver.Without another glance into the house I considered my home, I trudge on t
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5|A Payment
~Klaus~Fucking wildfire.I bit my lower lip, spotting Rylee in that body-hugging silver dress.She’d probably point a gun at my head if she knew what I had been doing for the past two days. She hated being stalked, being watched. It’s ironic since it’s what she does for a living.She blended in with the crowd, swaying her hips in Dillon Francis, DJ Snake’s Get Low booming on the speaker.I stifled a groan as she raised her hands; her skirt rose, revealing those legs for days that had been looped around my waist in my fantasies.Goddamn.My jeans grew tighter as I watched Rylee rocked that body, pushing a few guys who tried to grope her. I restrained myself from going down there and drove them away with my fist.It was hard to be patient. This is why I never liked waiting.McKay came in, and Rylee put her plan into play. I had to keep my distance, knowing that she would feel someone tailing her.I didn’t step in until she triggered the alarm in McKay’s private room. She put up a fight
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6|Turkey Baster
~Rylee~I bit my lip, fighting back a giggle at Klaus’ comical look. Expressive viridescent eyes blinked once, twice, as though he caught something in them. Capturing this on camera would have been epic. Maybe I could request a CCTV copy from the restaurant.“Come again?” He reached for his glass of wine, sipping more than a mouthful.I did the same, repeating my last statement. “A baby.”He swallowed hard. The gears on his mind shift as he digests what I said. “A baby…” he parroted, sampling the words. “Like one of those little… thing…” he searched for words. “… that cries and whines and forces people to become celibate?”That did it for me. I laughed wholeheartedly, gaining a few eyes from the couples dining close to our table.Our table stood out for its intimate arrangement in the middle of the busy restaurant with that classic vibe. Klaus booked a booth that had a good view of tonight’s jazz performer. The dim light deliberately made the food and my companion appear tempting. Apa
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7|It’s Not ‘Only You'
~Rylee~Spending the rest of my night with Klaus was the last thing I wanted to do. I planned to rest, watch some chick flick movie on NetFlix, call Sloan in the morning and be on my way to another job a little later in the day.I knew I was in a limbo of denial, but working kept my mind busy, keeping me sane, keeping me from dwelling on questions such as ‘why is love never enough to make people stay?’ ‘Why did Kara and Mason betray me the way they did when all I did was love them both?’Finding a needle in a haystack is easier than figuring out people’s intent, just like this six-foot Italian lounging in my suite. He occupied the chaise attached to the sectional where I sat. I left the balcony door open, allowing the warm Nevada air inside.His legs were widespread, a forefinger pressed against his lips. He had his body angled so he could stare into my eyes. He shifted, setting an ankle over his knee, and reached for the goblet filled with pinot noir, taking a sip.I changed into mu
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8|Public Parts
~Klaus~ “You want me to what?” Rylee asked, her brows meeting in the middle. I chewed on my lower lip, enjoying the exasperation on her face. It was past midnight. Complimenting the Pinot noir on the coffee table was an old school cheese Pop Up Pizza. The bottle and box were almost empty, keeping us company while I put Rylee up to date on all the events in New York. I lay on the couch while Rylee sat crossed legs on the carpet. She pulled up her red hair into a messy bun. Her suite’s soft, warm light made her sun-kissed skin glow. I’ve never been with a woman who couldn’t care less without makeup around me. Just Rylee. And mind you, she didn’t even bother to change clothes or cover-up. From where I was, I had a good view of her nipples, and her satin shorts did little to conceal that oasis I longed to dive in between her legs. Since we acknowledged what we both wanted out of this agreement, I had been questioning my choice. Twenty-four hours hadn’t even gone by. The sun was not ye
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9|A Losing Battle
~Rylee~ The balcony curtains danced with the morning air. I’ve scrutinized the teardrop bulbs of the chandelier dangling from the ceiling since Klaus left. I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep. My forehead and nape still buzz with electricity from Klaus’ touch. Last night was something else. Not just the deal we had, but Klaus was different. He was still his annoying self, but I felt this tug in my chest when he kissed me. A small part of me hoped that it wasn’t my forehead he kissed, but my lips. ‘God. I’m in so much trouble. Why had I agreed to be his wife again?’ My phone beeped, interrupting my obsession over that little lingering peck. Rain: You still in Sin City? Rylee: Yeah. You here? Rain: Nope. I’m in L.A. Meet me at The Smashed Pig. I giggled as I typed. Rylee: You are so dead. Can’t wait to see you! Rain: I know. Wear a sexy skirt and go commando. I’d like to grope your pussy under the table and make you come. I rolled over the bed, falling into a hysteria of laughter
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10|Trouble In Paradise?
~Klaus~ I asked Belinda, my housekeeper, to change the beddings, curtains, and cover of every piece of furniture in my penthouse. I even told her to tidy up even if I knew she cleaned every corner of my place every other day. I was never one to make a fuss when I had visitors or friends coming over. But this is Rylee we are talking about. I felt the need to put my best foot forward. Why? I don’t really know. Ghost was supposed to pick her up at the airport. At the last minute, I told Ghost I’d do it. “Get one of those pick-up signs,” he said, chuckling, tossing over the keys to my 918 Spyder. I groaned. Since Las Vegas, he’d been giving side comments about how I was acting like a schoolboy excited to see his crush the next school day. “Shut the fuck up, Ghost!” I slammed the door so hard, I cringed as my favorite car rattled. “Fuck.” Due to my annoyance, I was way too fucking early in JFK. While waiting for Rylee’s plane to land, my eyes drifted to guys holding flowers, chocolat
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