The Tribrid's mates

The Tribrid's mates

By:  Shorty  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cassandra Wright is born as a werevolve from her father's side and a witch- vampire hybrid from her mother's side. Her mother killed herself to pass down her magic to her daughter as it is a curse she's been living with. Cassandra's father took his mate's death hard and started to abuse his own daughter. He killed her on her seventeenth birthday and the tribrid was born. Cassandra suffers from anxiety because she can't control any of her abilities and from the abuse she suffered. She meets her mates not one but two. But will they be able to help her control her abilities or will it take over her life and destroy her and anyone who's close to her. What will destroy Cassandra first her abilities or the army her father send after her?

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    A scream rips through my lips as pain radiates through my body. I can't feel anything just pain from the punishment I received. A layer of sweat covers my body as I reach behind to feel my back that's been torn apart, blood rushing out from the wounds I received. I lift my hand to feel my face is swollen, my nose bleeding and lips split open. Tears running down my face and blurring my vision. The floor around me is covered in my blood. I hear footsteps approach and turn my gaze to the man approaching me a wide sadistic smile on his lips."Please I'm sorry." I plead tears rushing down my face and onto my lap.I see him lift his fist and feel as it connects to my jaw. My face whips to the side and I know my jaw is broken, my body collapses to the floor. Darkness takes over my eyesight and I feel a hard kick to my chest, then my stomach and I know I'm not far from passing out. Another kick to my face and I'm taken by the darkness. Thankful that I can't feel anything anymore.My name is C
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    A deafening scream wakes me and I sit up realizing that it came from my lips. I blink to adjust to the harsh sunlight shining in the room. My breathing is harsh, lungs constricted. My body is covered in a layer of sweat. I look around to see I'm in my bedroom I release a sigh and try to calm my beating heart. I'm okay I'm save I tell myself it was just another nightmare.I ran away from my old pack when I was seventeen exactly a year ago. Today is my eighteenth birthday. I stumbled across a small town a few hours away from my old pack and I met a girl while searching for a place to sleep. She refused that I sleep on the street instead she took me home with her. Her name is Casey.I have been living with Casey since I ran away from my old pack. She's a werevolve and helped me by giving me shelter and even helped finding me a job. She's the only person I have told of what I am and I've come to trust her. I don't trust easily anymore yet I feel I can open up to her. She's like a sister t
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    I'm in my bedroom in the Crescent moon pack I'm on my bed just staring at the ceiling I miss my mother. I still can't believe she killed herself yesterday. Suddenly my bedroom door flies open I sit up and see my father step in he has a bottle of amber liquid in his hand almost empty. I look up at him his eyes pitch black which indicates his wolf is at the surface, his face red from anger. Before I can even say a word he throws the bottle against the bedroom wall beside my bed and I jump up. Scared of him I have never seen him like this before. I go to get to the window to get away from him but he lunges at me grabbing me by the throat and he squeezes. He lifts me up so I am eye level with him. He doesn't stop squeezing my throat.I choke and gag feeling the oxygen leave my lungs. Tears brim my eyes and my lungs burn. I grab his wrists trying to pry them of my throat but he squeezes harder. He throws me across the room my back hitting the wall and I fall to the ground my face hits the
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    Reid POVI was sitting in my office just getting back from training when my phone rang. A smile crossed my face when I saw the caller id I picked up the phone and answered." Casey I hope you're on your way already?" I asked for some reason my wolf was excited for my sister to come home.Ever since our parents died two years ago in a war with another pack its been just us two and my mate of course. I was 23 when they died but my sister was only seventeen at the time. She didn't want to be around the pack anymore where she was constantly reminded of our parents death so she wanted to leave and go train for a chef in the city I gave her my blessing but she has to do check ins every two months and stay for a week so we can catch up and I can make sure she's okay." Yes we already left we're just outside the border gates but I drove my car into a tree can you please come fetch us?" she pleads and my stomach drops." How the fuck did you manage to drive your car into a tree and who is we?"
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    I woke up abruptly and sat up I look around the room I was in. Wait I'm in a room I don't recognize where the fuck am I? I'm instantly wide awake and the memories came drifting back I passed out after seeing my mates. I found my mate no mates as in two. How was this possible?I don't want my mates I'll kill them the moment I loose control I can't let them suffer because of me. I shake my head I have to get out of here. Suddenly I hear a voice in my head but the voice isn't mine.' Please don't leave our mates.' the voice pleads.'What the fuck? I'm really going crazy now.' I thought to myself.' You're not going crazy Cassandra I'm your wolf my name is Lexi.' she says shaking her head.' You're my wolf? But why are you only talking to me now I have been shifting for two years now? Why the fuck have you been ignoring me?' I yelled at her getting pretty much pissed off right now.' I haven't been ignoring you Cassandra I was with you the whole time we just couldn't communicate with each
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    As I made my way down the stairs the smell of coffee invade my nose. That smells nice I thought. I make my way into the kitchen and I froze. Kaden was sitting on top of the kitchen counter with Reid between his legs. Reid's hands was in Kaden's hair and Kaden's hand was inside Reid's pants. They were kissing very passionately. I couldn't stop the arousal that flooded me at the sight of them." OH fuck sorry" I muttered and turned around to leave but was stopped in my tracks by Reid's voice."You could always join" He said in a husky voice. My face instantly turned red at his words and I looked away trying to hide my embarrassed face.Reid chuckles and steps away from Kaden."Want some coffee?" Reid asks and I just nod like an idiot because I can't seem to get words formed.He hands me a mug and our fingers touch sparks rushes through me and a shiver runs down my spine. I quickly grab the mug to avoid his touch. I look up and see he is staring at me with an unreadable expression on his
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    Reid POV The moment we got home I laid our little mate in bed so she could rest. I don't know why she passed out upon seeing us but I know there's something else worrying her besides be unable to control her abilities and I will find out.I stayed the whole night in her room just staring at her. Yeah I know it's sounds very creepy. I just couldn't help myself. Kaden was with me the whole time as he too felt something was off.When the sun begun to shine into the room me and Kaden went to our own bedroom to shower and get ready for the day. we both hopped into the shower and Kaden was the first time break the silence." Something is off about her Reid and its not just the struggle of her abilities" he says his tone full off concern." I know" I answered my tone clipped. silence stretched into the room as we got out of the shower and got dressed. We made our way to our little mate's bedroom Casey was already inside hut our mate was nowhere to be seen" Where is she?" I asked Casey and
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    I woke up from the sun shining on my face. I opened my eyes and immediately closed them again. Trying again to open my eyes I blink to adjust to the light. I don't remember getting into bed actually I don't remember anything after I had an anxiety attack in the forest. How did I get back?'Our gorgeous mate carried us back when you passed out' Lexi answers my thoughts.As I was about to reply it's then that I felt movement behind me in my bed. I glanced over my shoulder and the sight before me was breathtaking. Kaden was laying next to me still sleeping. I slowly turned around as to not wake him and stared at his gorgeous face. He looked so peaceful as I wandered my eyes across his face. My gaze fell and saw he was shirtless. My eyes traced his bare muscular chest and his sexy six pack. My fingers twitched to touch all the lines of his body. I slowly lifted my hand and ran it down his chest tracing the muscles. Arousal instantly hit me full force between my legs. I continued to trace
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    It was like everything happened in slow motion for me Kaden falling to the ground and seven rogues lunging at him. A high pitch scream tore me away from my shock only to realize it came from me. As the rogues lunged at my mate all I saw was red. They will fucking die for this.I got up faster than ever and I felt a hand pull me back as Reid tried to hold me back. " Stay here I will go" He ordered and shifted mid air to help our mate.I couldn't just stand by and see my mates be torn apart to I ran faster than I ever could. I felt my wolf and vampire at the surface giving me all their strength as I ran to help my mates. Reid was fighting two rogues while the other five tore into Kaden. He was laying there unable to move with all the injuries he sustained. I grabbed one of the rogues and plunged my fist into its chest and ripped his heart out throwing the rogue against a tree with his heart. Two rogues lunged at me and I ripped their heads off with my bare hands. The remaining three lu
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    I woke up to soft sounds, opening my eyes the room was dark with only the moonlight shining through the balcony doors. I reached for my phone on the bedside table to check the time only to realize I'm not alone in bed. I sat up and reality set in I'm not in my bedroom. I looked to my left to see Kaden sleeping peacefully next to me a soft snoring sound came from my right as I turned I saw Reid asleep. I was in their bedroom being sandwiched between my mates. I sighed these two gorgeous men was mine.I slowly shoveled down the bed as to not wake them I need something to drink for my dry throat. Once I was out of bed I made my way downstairs to the kitchen I poured myself some water and greedily drank it. When I was done I made my way back to their bedroom I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. So I went to the balcony and opened the doors and inhaled the crisp night air. The breeze felt good against my warm skin. I sat down on one of the couches and looked up to the moon. The sky was f
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