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Jacob Summers was a playboy and liked to sleep with all kinds of women. He was strong, domineering while Bethany Middleton was a sweet type of woman who used to worship her father. She was independent, wise and strong, but she had a one-night stand with Jacob, an enemy to their pack. After her pregnancy was discovered, she was kicked out of the pack, and became a rogue.

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It has been a traditional practice in our pack, The Dark Furs, that all women upon reaching the age of eighteen must undergo a physical examination. I just turned eighteen so I was required to be examined. While other girls my age were excited about it, I was nervous as hell! My father, Roger, would probably become furious as a mad man if he would discover the truth!“Let’s go, Bethany!”His voice startled me, and my eyes widened upon seeing him standing in front of me. He was the alpha of our pack, and I was supposed to inherit everything from him. However, something terrible happened that night, and I couldn’t tell him about it. Well, not yet! “Father, I can manage, really, I will be fine…alone,” I tried to sweet-talk my father who wanted to accompany me to the clinic. “There will be a lot of girls there, so I will be fine. Besides, who would dare to hurt me? I am your daughter,” I claimed proudly but Roger Middleton seemed to be not convinced.“Exactly. I am your father, so let’s
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“Examine my what? Seriously? I thought that the urine test will be enough!” I complained because it would be embarrassing to spread my legs in front of her, regardless if she was a doctor or not.“There are other issues that must be checked thoroughly, and it can only be accomplished if you will follow my instructions, Miss Middleton. Don’t worry, it’s quick,” she assured.A loud intake of my breath could be heard, and the doctor smiled. Since I didn’t want to cause a scene, I followed her instructions and pulled down my underwear before going to the gatch bed. “How long can we have the results?”“After an hour,” she replied.While laying down on the gatch bed, spreading my legs and without any underwear, I felt so exposed. At the same time, I was so worried. When I heard the doctor approaching, I closed my eyes. Even when she was wearing a glove, I could feel her fingers touching me down there, and examining it like a rare kind of specimen.“Done,” she said after a few minutes.I imm
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(flashback)When the door opened and he entered, I took a deep breath and pressed the button to go down to the seventh floor. When I saw him again, my eyes widened in surprise. I should have done it sooner, but flirting with a man was easier said than done! I may have a few bottles of liquor but I was focused on my goal; to test my charms with a man I saw earlier. His name was Jacob Summers, and he has been my long time crush since I was young. Unfortunately, he has a bad reputation. He’s a womanizer who loved to sleep with several women. As a woman with strong confidence, I had this dream of taming the playboy from the Lunar Furs. Earlier, I noticed how many times he stole a glance at me, and he was so cute at that moment.I knew that it was a risky thing to do, but for once, I wanted to do something exciting! Anyway, my father was busy doing a conference with various leaders of other packs. It’s for the peace agreement, but I insisted on going with you to the hotel. I lied about cr
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(FLASHBACK)He was speechless for a moment and just stared at me. Then he asked, "Would you like to do it with me right now? Are you sure?"When he asked, I had the option of withdrawing or revising my statement. To be honest, he didn't look like the person I'd met at the bar earlier, and he acted differently. Besides, he didn’t give justice to his reputation!Earlier, the man at the bar had been flirting with me, which was why my friends thought we'd get a room right away. Was he grumpy because I played hard when we were at the bar? "I regret playing hard to get with you, Jacob," I said as I tried to undress one by one, and his eyes widened in disbelief. I undressed without hesitation in front of him."Wait," he said, motioning with his palm to stop what I was doing, and I arched my brows in response."I don't mind having casual sex, but you're a stranger, and you could be infected," he said, and my jaw dropped in surprise."One-night stands are for strangers," I told him, and he chu
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The smell of disinfectant was too strong but I couldn’t complain. Only Saint Anthony’s Hospital has the most affordable rate for someone like me. I could barely pay the bills but I saved enough for my childbirth. Several expectant mothers like me experienced the same pain of labour, but the only difference was, that they had someone to pat their back while I had nobody.I was alone!Then, a sickening pain shot through my stomach, and I wrapped my arms tightly around it. It was all I could do so that I wouldn’t collapse and wither on the floor. My stomach hurts, and my back hurts. I winced in pain while I tried to massage my back. It was challenging, and my clothes were already drenched in sweat.Then, it was gone, and I was relieved!However, a few seconds later, I could feel a dull ache on my back and lower abdomen, and it was like I was having the worst menstrual cramps. I wanted to scream in pain, but I chose not to. Panic gradually took over for a brief moment, and I believed that
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“And if I leave today?” I considered leaving the hospital despite feeling sore all over my body.“No additional cost, but it’s not advisable for you to be discharged from the hospital right now. You have to stay here for a couple of days to recuperate,” the nurse insisted.“I want to. Who wouldn’t? However I have no money right now, and whatever I have left is for my daughter’s milk,” I explained, and the nurse tightened her lips.“I’m sorry, Miss Bethany. I wish there is something I can do right now but I’m also tight on cash,” she said.“It’s alright. Can you help me get discharged right away? I will just pack up my things,” I told her, and the nurse nodded.As soon as the nurse was gone, the other women in the ward looked at me with compassion. They felt bad for me, but they were not in a position to help. We were all struggling with our finances, and that’s the reason why we chose Saint Anthony.I smiled at them while trying to move comfortably, and a few minutes later, I was read
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However, my old truck decided to stop working! The women looked at me worriedly, and I could see their desire to help. Once again, I went out of the truck to check what was wrong, when a service van stopped. I read the label, and it belonged to the charity. I smiled at the missionary who came out first, and she smiled back.“Is there something wrong?” She asked.“My truck seemed to be not working,” I replied. I pretended that it was not a big deal but then my child cried loudly. “Excuse me,” I said before going to check on my daughter. She was probably hungry, so I nursed her first before getting out of the truck again. This time, I carried my baby with me.“Cute,” the missionary said, and I just smiled in response.“I heard that you are in need of a place to stay, but unfortunately, we are full,” she began to explain and I just nodded my head. “However, we can watch for your child while you look for a job. What do you think?”“Wow, thank you, Sister!”“Come inside, and join us for a
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Dale probably heard my loud intake of air and turned around. I moved fast to hide but I was such in a hurry that I knocked something on my way back to the guest rooms. What was I thinking? I shouldn’t have followed him in the first place!“Stop there, Bethany,” he called in a calm manner. I tried to ignore him, but he never gave me the opportunity to leave. "Stop or you'll be sorry!"“I’m sorry, Mr Blackwell. I didn’t mean to pry into your business. I only followed you because you forgot to give me a key to the room,” I told him.The man scoffed at my reasoning and he remained suspicious about me. "What did you notice?""Nothing," I lied once more."Are you certain?"“No, hmm yes,” I stammered with my response because I wasn’t accustomed to lying.“Tell me the truth,” he ordered.“It’s too embarrassing to say it aloud, but I saw you having fun with the gold statue. Don’t you have a girlfriend, Mr Blackwell?” As soon as he realized what I meant, his face turned into crimson red.“Shut
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Jacob's POVI cursed heavily as soon as I got out of my father's study. For the nth time, he ordered me to take a wife, otherwise, my marriage to an Alpha's daughter would push through.A frown was probably visible on my face because the servants I encountered in the hallway tried to avoid me. It was beneficial for them to avoid me when I had a hard time controlling my temper.I sauntered towards the secret door leading to the basement of my beta's house. He kept my women there, and tonight, I decided to take one of them to satisfy my lust.The preparation for a possible war has kept me busy for several days, and during those busy days, I had no time to fucking a woman. I needed to release the stress building inside my body.I just got in when I noticed that the door leading to Dale's residence was slightly ajar. I should focus on my needs but my curiosity got the better of me. Slowly, I walked towards the slightly ajar door, and my mouth gaped open when I heard Dale arguing with a wom
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BETHANY’S POV When he mentioned Jacob’s name, I was instantly worried. What if Jacob would suddenly come? Then, I recalled an incident where we almost bumped into one another and he didn’t recognize me. Well, why would he even recall that one night stand? Perhaps to him, I was just another horny woman who needed a good fuck! "Do you know him?" His inquiry left me speechless! It didn't, however, justify the things he wanted me to do. When I dared to face him again, I snorted, but then I realized he looked familiar. For a moment, I wondered where we met before but I couldn’t pinpoint the exact time and location when I probably met him in the past. “Be truthful, sir! Why are those women there?” “My dear, should I remind you that it’s none of your business? I hired you to work here as a cook, or as a maid. No more, no less. Please know your boundaries,” he reminded me, but I couldn’t just ignore it! Those women probably needed help, and if I was in a position to help them, then, I wo
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