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Isabella needs a huge sum of money for her aged grandmother's surgery. She has nowhere to go for help and she decides to seek help from her Billionaire boss, Jayden. Jayden doesn't believe in marriages and happily ever after but he needs a wife so his mother would stop pestering him when he eventually proves to her that marriage isn't for him by getting divorced after a year. Isabella comes to him for help at the right time; a contract is signed and there will be no strings attached. After a year, they will both go their separate ways. What will happen after a night of drunken passion between them? Will Isabella be able to endure his cruelty for just one year or leave before the stipulated time for their marriage to end? Will Jayden find Isabella or let her go with his seed growing inside her?

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    Isabella's POVBiting my lower lips softly and watching the image of my boss on my laptop and other details about him, I twirl my chair around my little office with a sigh of frustration.As much as I want to give Juliet's advice a try, I am damn scared.Scared of my boss.Scared of what he would think of me.Scared that he would insult me again today like he did yesterday when he scolded me for being clumsy.But I need to give it a try. I need his help. I want my grandmother to live, I want her to witness my white wedding and see me have kids who will keep her company while I am at work.If I don't talk to my boss about the supposed help that I need, how can I make sure that grandma survives? Where will I get the money the doctor requested of us? Will grandma still be alive when I am eventually married four or five years from now?I close my eyes, twirling my black straight hair and murmuring to myself in remembrance of the hot guy I met at the club Juliet and I went to last week. I
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    Jayden's POVIt's been two years already.Two f***ing years of torture. Two years since she died with my baby.I have been through the phase of remembering the memories of the night we spent together and what led to our quarrel before death took her away. It's been nothing but pure torture and hatred for myself and what I represent.I still blame myself for her death.If only I had listened to her, if only I had given up on the dangerous family business like she used to call it, maybe this wouldn't have happened and we would still be together with our child.But I didn't. I was too stubborn to let go of the life I have been brought up into. My Father was the Mafia Leader. I was trained to become one too but Helena was in the way. She hated what we do with passion. She wanted me to cut ties with anything that will make me go into it. It was hard for me. I loved what we did. I loved being in control. I loved punishing the offenders.Helena hated it till death. Now I have abandoned eve
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    Isabella's POV This is definitely not what I have envisioned for myself. I have never thought of giving contract or arranged marriages a try despite how I have been so unlucky in relationships. I have never been in a relationship before and I am a f**king virgin. I don't know if it is the excitement of having a man talk to me that is the problem that makes them go away and never come back for another date or probably because of my sticking behavior towards intimacy. I have been sitting in my office all day long, doing absolutely nothing but crying, cursing, and wishing for the impossible. How can I be married to my boss? And for just a year? How is that even possible? Is it the fact that I will be under his roof that is the problem or the issue of being with him for just a year? I can't pinpoint the reason for my sadness. I just don't feel like going through with this. My boss is a f***ing Greek god and I am worried about my weak heart. When I first started work here a year a
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    Jayden's POV Loud music blasts into my ears the moment I step into the club.The last time I came here was long before Helena died. I usually frequent this place just to have fun with my friends and with new business partners and clients. This is where we come for relaxation after days of hard work.But I stopped coming, just like I stopped every other thing that interested me since Helena died.I stopped being friends with almost all the guys that made up the Billionaire's Club and the Private Member's Club. I pushed all of them away but Gabriel wouldn't budge.Coming back here after several years of being away, a wave of nostalgia hits me hard as I remember all that we shared in this same club with different business-minded men who have come from different backgrounds with one sole aim; success.I love being a part of the club because of their thirst for more wealth, power and more success. Every one of us wanted to keep topping the rankings of the billionaire members in New York.
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    Isabella's POV A lump of dread gets stuck in my throat when our eyes interlock and I look away quickly as guilt and embarrassment sip through me. I can't believe my boss and I are meeting in a club and I don't know why he is this pissed at me for being in a club. Eventually, I swallow the lump, gulping loudly and nodding my head at him. The music has started already and I scan my eyes to look for Juliet where I left her. She isn't there. I left her there because I wanted to use the restroom. We haven't talked about the reason why I am here because she is ranting about some stuff that I haven't been paying attention to. My mind was miles away. Thinking. Debating. Wondering. And wishing. "Isabella, I said what are you doing here?" He grabs me again, speaking in a low tone but with gritted teeth. I want to talk but I can't find my voice. How can I tell him I am here to talk to my friend about his offer? Or I am here to take away my sorrows by having a good dance and drinking al
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    Jayden's POVTapping my feet impatiently on the polished hard floor, the elevator door dings open and I stroll out with my briefcase.I take long eager strides towards my office, wanting to get in, call Isabella and force her to do my bidding. She is my employee and this is just like every normal job I can force her to do for me in the office.I can't possibly make do with all these girls throwing themselves at me to eventually seduce me to their bed and ruin my vows.I can't do that. Isabella is the woman I need. She is the one I need for one year. She is submissive and controllable. Shaking my head at the thought of trying once more to get a girl, probably from a church or a dating site, I enter the office, ignoring the greetings of a staff member who walked past me.I stride to the high-backed office chair and slouch in before tapping on the intercom. It rings for a while before she picks it up."Come to my office now!" I command with implacable authority.After dropping the recei
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    Isabella's POVTelling the cabman to wait for me, I climb down from the cab in a hurry and dash into the house.I am overwhelmed by what has happened to me today but I don't want to give it much thought until after the surgery is done.Grandma and I could barely sleep last night because of the severe pain she was feeling. The medications she usually takes to deduce the pain were finished and I was waiting for my next salary to buy her another.I was already thinking of giving my boss's offer a chance because of how much she was in pain. But something kept holding me back and now I don't know how it happened.Suddenly, I have become $50,000 richer in just a matter of seconds.When I enter the small living room, grandma isn't there sitting on her cane chair, watching old movies on our TV, I hear whimpers instead coming from her room.Without hesitation, I hurry into the room to see her writhing in pain on the bed. Before I left for work this morning, she was still sleeping and I made br
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    Jayden's POVSitting at the back of the Mercedes Benz driving me home and staring intently at the picture of my Assistant, Isabella Gracia Rodriguez, I expel a sigh of relief for choosing the right person.She is the right person for the job. Now I can see the reason why she doesn't have a boyfriend, her dress sense is totally out of it, and that needs to change.She is not the social type and this is the exact person I need, not some sophisticated, spoiled brat who would ruin everything for me and make it very difficult to end this facade of a marriage we are about to venture into.Isabella isn't going to be a difficult person and my mother might like her for not being social. This was one of the bones of contention between my mother and my late fiancée. She never told me anything but I knew it. Mother is good at hiding her emotions.I scroll down and begin to see more pictures of Isabella's ruffled gowns, tank tops and skirts, plain black gowns, and all sorts of unfashionable dress
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    Isabella's POV I squeeze my eyes shut as I pace our tiny living room, impatient for my boss's arrival. Grandma won't stop bombarding me with questions about why my boss decided to help me all of a sudden after I have always complained about how difficult he can be. I know her fear. She doesn't want me to end up on the wrong track and she feels men don't do things for free. They always want something in return. To escape from more questions now that she is finally back home after a successful surgery, I decided to do something which is to invite my boss over. First, I can't hide the fact that we will be getting married soon from my grandma. He wants us to be married as soon as possible. Second, I can no longer hide the fact that I now have enough to pay for our bills. I have settled the house rents, and the electricity bills, I have gotten new clothes for myself and grandma and I have sorted out other expenses, including stocking up the house with enough groceries. Another reason
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    CHAPTER 10
    Jayden's POVI stride out of the elevator the moment the door dings open, with my new Personal Assistant right behind me.Her name is Anna and she was recommended by my mother after I told her that my wife-to-be is Isabella and she would no longer be working for me again.I don't know what my mother thinks of the idea of getting married to Isabella, my Personal Assistant but I have the belief that my plan will work.I am doing this because of her after all and after a year just like the contract stated, Isabella and I will go our separate ways and that way, my mother will let me be and stop pestering me to get married again, and have kids.I have a feeling my mother recommended Anna for a reason and I am sure she is one of her friend's daughters. Anna doesn't look at all like someone who is in dire need of a job. She comes to work with a portable car and she dresses glamorous which makes me wonder why she is here in the first place.My instinct is telling me that my mother purposely
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