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“why do you hate me so much and live him?” Night asked while cageing her in his arms. looks like owner of body in which Sandra was in love with someone else. “ look I dont know who HE is so I dont love him and neither you” At Sandra’s reply Night seemed pleased and got off her. What the hell! Sandra was in body of girl she saw in her dreams. she doesnt know how but here is the question If she was in body of girls in her dreams then where is soul of this body? . "Morning cupcake!" Enola eyes were wide awake after she heard an unfamiliar voice getting up she only foundnd herself gawking at most handsome man she had seen in her entire life “ My wife likes what she sees”Johnathan said what the fuck? Enola didnt even knew this man but he was talking about marriage that was when she saw her reflection in mirror. She was spitting image of girl in her dreams. how the hell did this even happen? . . *Switched* 2 girls belonging to complete different worlds got their souls switched into each others bodies. Sandra Holland and Enola Holmes . for some unknown reason these girls saw each other in their dreams and once they were drawn into unwanted marriages they wished to be girl in their dream. once their souls got switched their wish came as reality and slap them hard across face as they were now in an unknown world in an unknowns person's body and were married to unknown men. they struggle to return to their bodies and worlds but always failed thanks to their unwanted husbands. would they able to return to their bodies and worlds Or would they fall for their unwanted husbands and accept life they have?

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99 chapters
chapter 1
"Ancient timeline*Pain! that was the first thing that i felt as i regained my consciousness. why the fuck it hurts so much?not gaining the answer if the question i slowly proceeded to open my eyes only to found myself in an unfamiliar surroundings.i bolted and sat up and started looking around. everything was sooo Red?!The room decorated with red things. the veil covering the bed i was laying on was also red just like ancient marriage decorations.my eyes were still roaming around but they stopped and widened when they fell on the mirror. My jaw dropped! i quickly stood up and ran towards the mirror not believing my eyes. My appearance was fully changed.My huge blue doll eyes were replaced by medium green almost hazel ones. the dark drown shoulder length hairs were now jet black and till my waist.my natural porcelain pale spotless skin was now tanned and had freckles. my thin pink heart shaped lips were now perfect pouty red lips. i wanted to scream on top of my lungs a
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chapter 2
my mind was processing trying to find any logical reason of what the actual fuck has happened."Looks like my little wife is nervous!" The prince teased pissing Sandra off."Look mister i don't know who the hell you are and neither i give a fuck about it but you have the wrong girl here. i am not your wife so please wither stop acting like a hooligan or go and flirt with your REAL wife!" As those words left Sandra's mouth a low but dangerous growl escaped from the man's mouth sending chills down Sandra's spine.He walked towards Sandra radiating his dangerous aura. with each step Sandra's heart beat more violently. unconsciously she started stepping backwards but got the dead end when her back hit the wall.The man now stood just inches away from her.once again his hot breath was falling on her cold skin sending shivers down her spine."Dare to repeat those words again!" The man whispered yet his voice sounded very dangerous daring her to defy him. she had to admit that she was inde
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chapter 3
The place was now filled with grunts and groans followed by screams and pleads of the guards.Poor little things!i almost felt bad for them. Almost!as i finished killing the last guard a noticed that my bright red dress was now covered in crimson red liquid. not that i mind i actually feel better now.You see being the daughter of a mafia and being trained your whole life till you bones cracked and skin cut open till flesh is visible blood becomes your best friend and comforts you actually.but being pushed beyond limits didn't mean i wasn't loved.my father loved me to his bones. he spoils me alot. the reason he trained me so brutally is because he knows the world out there is even more brutal.he doesn't want his daughter to suffer and not being able to fight back.i was soo lost in my own thoughts that i didn't even realize the doash bag was looking at me shocked.I snapped back to reality when i heard clicks of two metals bumping into each other.one dozen guards again stood in
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chapter 4
the fuck is wrong with him?i asked myself. he laid down his alluring face facing mine and looked at me like i was his favorite candy. my two thoughts came at a war of weather to ask his name or not.finally i defeated my thought of not to ask him by saying i should at least know the name of the person i am spending my night with. "What's your name?" I asked and held my breath.Why the hell am i acting like a teenage girl? ughhh!The fucker looked a bit....shockedwell why won't he? You married him had a good fight with him and yet don't know his name.my subconsciousness scolded me.He stared into my noe green eyes like he was studying my soul"Night Salazar" He said What a unique and dangerous name!How can one name held so much power?Night Salazar. i repeated and liked how his name rolled on my tongue.Suddenly i felt an arm around my torso making me snap back to reality."Hey hey!!! keep your distance"i said pushing Night away.Night Salazar. what the fuck? stop your bullsh
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chapter 5
*Modern World*Enola POVi quickly got off the bed screaming to which the idiot next to didn't even a bit surprised"Who the hell are you? and where the hell am i?" I said or more like yelled looking around to the most unfamiliar and weird yet breathtaking room my eyes have ever witnessed"Well in case you hit your head somewhere and forgot this is Black mansion and i am the owner of it Jonathan Black also your future husband."He said getting off the bed"Bullshit! i don't even know you" i argued.He slowly stepped towards me like a predator reaching his prey and that is when i noticed his features.His dark brown eyes just like those brown hairs of his perfectly matched with that tanned skin of his. Those red lips sharp jawline and that aw dropping muscular body. he was a walking piece of art.I was so lost admiring his features that i didn't even notice that grin on his face"So my wife likes what she is seeing" His words made me snap back to reality as i virtually slapped myself
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chapter 6
"How the fuck did this even happened?" I yelled not believing my eyes.i am stuck not only in the body of the girl in my dreams but also with her creepy husband all because of a stupid wish?Yes! i did wish to be her. What a stupid wish right?Well what would your devastated self would do when your so called father set your marriage with a ruthless and pervert man not to forget he was a bloody prince with a whole harem filled with countless beautiful women. whom you don't even know by saying i have done it for your good.For My Good?! My foot!He did it for his own good.That bloody son of a bitch bribed my greedy dad with countless amount of gold plates and asked my hand in marriage only because i embarrassed him or more like showed him that he has no right on me when he tried to flirt with me.and now because of that stupid man i am here. I was so lost in cursing that son of a bitch that i didn't even noticed the other son of a bitch standing behind me"Is my wife thinking about me
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chapter 7
*Johnathan POV*i panicked like hell when Sandra's body (in which Enola is present) went limp in my hands as she stopped struggling and closed her eyesWhat the hell have i done?i quickly took her in my embrace and checked her heart beat. thank God! it's still there.i quickly laid her on the bed and gave her required medical treatment. once I was done i just sat there seeing her sleep.Oh how i feel for this girl after just seeing her for once.saying she is Beautiful would be an extreme understatement.she is breath taking!i know she was the one when i first saw her. those beautiful big blue eyes like doll's. that pale skin. those soft pink lips. those dark brown hairs dancing along with wind.that was at least 10 years ago! ever since then i worked hard to be the next mafia just for her. i had to defeat and prove that am better than my older brother. which lead him to hate me till bones.like i care anywag! so once i was ready i told her dad i wanted to marry her. He was reluct
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chapter 8
He turned around a mischievous smile playing on his lips. I had a very bad feeling about that smile. "I guess you will find out cupcake!" was all he said before he left. Bastard! the girls started doing i don't know. may be they were doing what they were suppose to do?A girl came with a tray filled with food i had never seen in my entire life and placed it in front of me.what the heck was it?one plate was filled with few round things were piled up with some brown thing in between them. fruits surrounded them with what looked like a piece of butter on top. A cup filled whose top was foamy preventing me from looking the inside stuff."Is something wrong Mrs Black?" my head snapped towards the maid who asked. but my concern wasn't her question but what she addressed me with.Mrs Black?!Why the hell does that sound so strongly magical.....ughhh get a hold of your emotions Enola.My subconsciousness scolded me."Apologize but my name is Eno.....uhmmmm i mean Sandra. and i am not M
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chapter 9
*Ancient time*Sandra's POVI jolted awake after having the dream.I remember going to sleep thinking about her. i really didn't expect to see her. i ran my hand through my now black hairs frustated.that was such a weird dream! well dreaming a the same woman every single fucking night us even weirder but that doesn't count right now. the thing is this dream was different from my other dreams.when i was in my own body i would always dream of Enola in pleasant surroundings.i never remember what the dream was but i would remember it to be pleasent.for the first time i actually saw her in a unpleasant environment. It all felt like lonely, like sad and like... everything was dead!why is all of this is happening? there is a reason for everything!i need to find the answers and i am going too!Out of no where i felt a pair of soft lips on mine. my first reaction was to push whoever the fuck was away but then who ever the fuck was suddenly wrapped his arms around my torso and pulled me
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chapter 10
Sandra POVSuddenly there was a knock on the door followed by a maid saying that the breakfast is ready. In the moment i thanked God like a million times as Night gave me one last cheeky grin before he got off me.i quickly sat up and straightened my clothes.gaining the permission the maids entered with trays filled with so much food and placed it on a table near by. the sight of food made my stomach growl embarrassing the shit out of me"I didn't knew that last night activities made you this much hungry" My eyes snapped towards Night as i couldn't believe what he just said.In front of maids!The maids blushed and quickly left the room. "Why the fuck did you said that" i asked furious"Well didn't you fight with the soldiers and me last night that must have drained you"He said with a cocky smile.I was so red from anger i swear i would kill this bastard."Enough of the jokes. let's eat something we have to go to your parents home" Night said getting up."To my parents home?" i
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