Crown Of Fire

Crown Of Fire

By:  Gojosenpai  Ongoing
Language: English
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To what extent can you do, for the sake of power? Can you wear a crown with blazing fire? Can you walk through the room with all your foes behind? Can you wear this crown?

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4 Chapters
“Hah! Hah! Hah!” my uneven breathing did not stop me from running faster than usual. I trod on the leaves, and they crunched and crackled under my feet.I was rushing through the woods; I felt like my blood would pop at any time out of so much tension and fear; I was alone, in the middle of the woods, while raining and lost. The sky was pitch black; I could manage the cold and wet weather, but not the fact that I was running for my life right now. The trees howled and rattled in the south, which was the opposite of where I was heading, making it more complicated to breathe.Thirsty rogues were behind me; I didn’t even know why, of all wolves, I’ll be the luckiest dumb to be hunted by those three fuckers.“Come on, wolf! Suffice our thirst!” someone said; I bet that’s the tallest rogue among them.“We can smell you, no matter how fast and far you run!”“Damn it, am I that stinky to them?” I mumbled underneath my breath.However, the thought that I may be able to escape
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“Run! Run! Save the children, women, and elderly! Save them first!” the whole place was complete chaos. It was supposed to be a peaceful night for them after gaining the alliance with one of the respected werewolf tribes, but everything was destroyed in just a snap.Their home was halfway destroyed, houses burned, and the Alpha’s people ran for their lives. The enemy killed some of the Alpha’s men who attacked them, no one dared to stop them, the wolves were to preoccupied with hiding and running. “Father,” a boy whose age was between ten or fifteen years old, was holding his father’s wounded hand, “What’s happening? Why are they destroying our home and killing our people? Did we do something wrong?” The Alpha caressed his son’s face; he tore from his shirt and wiped the dirt on his face; the kid was not crying; he was both confused and hurt, “They are our enemies, son. They are killing to domain our territory,” “Why?” he curiously asked, he was too young to even understan
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“Esmeray Lui Colin!” I heard my name upon entering the school; I sighed; I didn’t even have to look who was it, there is only one person who have the guts to yell her name. “Calliyah, I told you to tone down your voice, didn’t I?” she stopped running and acted as if zipping her lips and throwing the key; I rolled my eyes and held the strap of my bag pack, I resume walking again. “Finally, you agreed this year,” she was walking happily, even skipping some steps; she clung her arms to mine, which did not bother me, we had known each other for twelve years, and she’s always like that, child-like. It sometimes annoys me, but being able to stand with her for years, it's like a natural routine of her day; Shouting, running, gossiping, being too excited. An optimistic girl. “I have no other excuse to skip this year,” some of the students were greeting me with the same energy, but their aura said otherwise, these people; you won't see it on their face, good thing, I can fig
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“Good morning, class.” I was waiting for her to introduce herself to the class, but she did not; I assume this was not her first time teaching this class, “I’m not teaching tactics for this semester; I’ll be teaching mind link,” she must be their last professor last sem, “And for those who still don’t know me, I’m Mrs. Kalida Ramirez,”I heard different reactions from the class; some seemed excited, some were annoyed, and some were, well, including me were, confused about it; I’m not new to the mind link since I’m experiencing it through Liberty, but I didn’t know, they are teaching it here. Bright as gold, red as roses, and dark as the night, the aura surrounds her, but her presence is shouting both authority and warmth; why is that, but most importantly, why is she looking at me like that?Like she knew it was me? “Let’s start with our introduction,” she put down her materials and folded her sleeves before holding chalk, but she didn’t write; she just sat at the edge of th
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