Fated To Love The Cold Lycan

Fated To Love The Cold Lycan

By:  Aula_Mich  Completed
Language: English
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I was just a normal girl, despite not being human. Growing up my life was shitty, but still I was glad to be alive despite how dead I felt inside. There wasn't a single person in the world that I could trust. Not a single person that I cared for. Until HE came. My boring life soon vanished, werewolves hunt me from all corners of the earth. Rogues,Alphas, and kings alike. I was kidnapped, despite him telling people differently. Everyone told me he was a monster, the beast that never loved, he didn't feel pain, or remorse. For a while I believed the stories and rumours, until I came to realise that the beast simply acted on the assumptions of others. They called him a beast. They treated him like an animal. So the animal he became. But I could see the pain, the agony that he feels every day of his life. Unable to see the world in colour ever again, completely blind in human form. Slowly I was falling for the Lycan, not realising that he was waiting to catch me.

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63 chapters
Chapter 1
Rumbling growls shake through my chest as I awaken, my hands already buried into the sheets gripping tight. The same darkness clouding my vision like every day, morning, evening and night. And like every day a small irrational part of my brain questions when it will end, despite knowing it never will.Jumping out of bed I head straight for the bathroom, using the toilet before I get in the shower. Cleaning off last night's sweat.Once I'm dressed I head downstairs, a cold blank expression on my face as I easily manoeuvre my way around. After years of living here I know this place like the back of my hand, eyesight isn't needed to know navigation.The pack members cower away from me in fear as I storm through them, the stench of their fright burning my nostrils. After so long you'd think they'd get used to it by now.Taking three lefts, one right and straight down, I arrive at my office. It's become more of a sanctuary for me over the years. A place where not many people bother me, a p
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Chapter 2
Coughing meets my ears as I leave my office. My lips curl in disgust, it only gets louder as I head closer to the cells. Dehydration and severe living conditions being the main and most likely only cause."Give it some water will you." Icy, my deep rich tone sharp with authority."Yes Alpba." Tony nods, rushing off down the past the cells to the only other entrance. He's a guard here as are many more.Luckily for me I know every inch of my land perfectly so I know exactly where everything is. Opening the cell I head inside to the rogue, I can tell it's angry and slightly uncomfortable. Being in the hands of the most vicious and cold hearted alpha in the entire world, does that to you."Let me guess, your leader sent you to keep me occupied here so that he can continue taking humans." I start, my voice clearly stating my boredom."To torture, kill, and rape. Now you have three seconds to decide your fate." I sigh.1 .. , 2 . .. .."Wait!" He shouts panicked, making me stop my hand mov
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Chapter 3
"Can you stop!" I growl through clenched teeth.Ihear her turn to me, "how about we make a deal?" She says with a steady voice.Ithink it over for a second and realise I'd do anything to make her shut up."Fine" I spit."Tell me what I want to know and I'll be quiet" she replys."What do you want to know" I ask wearily."Let's start with your name" she states.I grit my teeth but know I have no choice.'Steel" I say annoyed"Last name?" She says.'Bain" I grit out."Steel bain .. " she murmurs to herself, testing it out on her tongue.Sighing with annoyance I decide to give her no emotion. It works better.We continue walkingintomyterritory."Do you want to know my name?" She blurts out.I grit my teeth "no" I spit icily.Her movements halt for a second before she walks ahead. She stays silent for the rest of the way.Her pov:I'm done. Fuck him and his bullshit. I tried to play nice for their sake, but he's gonna get as good as he gives.They all walk behind me in awkward silence, me
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Chapter 4
Dakota's pov"I don't want you and your not leaving" he spits angrily before storming out.Pain erupts in my chest, my eyes watering slightly.Breathing deeply I jump slightly when chloe moves. I forgot she was here.She rubs my back "I know my brother ok, if he didn't want you he'd never have brought you here" she says softly.I look at her seeing as we're the same height.'But why would he say that if he didn't mean it?" I ask quietly. My tough facade quickly dissappearing.She sighs "have you noticed how his eyes don't focus on people, or how he seems to hear things a hell of a lot better than anyone else" she whispers hesitantly.I think it over and nod, my through closing up.She watches me expectedly "is he .. blind?" I whisper my voice tight.She nods slowly "he's always had an attitude but since he became alpha, he's turned cold. I've grown to fear my brother" she says sadly."He's not shown any emotion other than anger in six years, he needs you more than he will ever admit.
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Chapter 5
Angel bain's povI hear her turn to me "by the way your eyes are amazing" she says honestly. Suprise ripples through my body, what?Nobody has ever said that before, who the fuck does she think she is?I know what she's trying to do, get my guard down and hit me where it hurts. Does she really think I'm that fucking stupid!?Growling to myself I busy myself with alphawork.Dakota ferns povGoing back to the kitchen I take a seat next to chloe "do you live in this kitchen?" I ask slightly amused.She grins "pretty much, you still hungry?" She asks getting up.Ismile brightly "starved" I say with all seriousness. She giggles and nods making her way to the stove.sit bored as she cooks, nearly fainting woth hunger when she places it in front of me."Thankyou" I squeel happily, quickly digging in. She laughs and does the same.Luckily it didn't take too long to cook.Sitting back in my seat I groan "that was amazing" I say."That was something simple, what the hell did you live off?" She
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Chapter 6
I nod and tie my hair up knowing she's one of those girls who like to pull hair."And when I win, you start searching for your mate or I will kill you. Understood?" I say.She growls "steel is my mate" she says possessively.I feel the familiar adrenaline course through me. Dodging her swift attack I twist and quickly punch her in the sidewinding her. Punching her again ! tackle her to the floor.She flips us and punches me in the face. That's gonna leave a bruise.Biting her arm she growls and moves away. Jumping up I spin and kick her in the face as she runs at me.She flies back, landing a few metres away. She gets back up but I'm already there.I punch her hard in the stomach. She bends over slightly.Grabbing her head I bring my knee up meeting her half way. Her nose slams against my knee before it explodes.She cries in pain but I don't give her time to attack.Pushing her backwards onto the floor I straddle her before laying into her face.I stop after a minute, seeing blood
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Chapter 7
Angel bains pov:There's something off about her, no human should be able to move as quick or swiftly as she can. She shouldn't have been able to break one of my top warriors' arms within seconds.I need to find out what she is, and quick. I need to show her why I'm the most vicious alpha ever known.Chloe senses there's something off about her too but she's going to get closer to her to find out.'Toby!' I call out icily through the link. He enters my office within a minute."Yes alpha" he bows."I need you to take a sample of Dakotas blood, and I need you to mask your scent and search her room" I order.I hear him nod and he leaves quickly.Ten minutes later, his voice echoes into my mind 'her room is empty alpha, he says.'Take five of my men and go to her old house, don't come back until you find something. Tear it fucking down if you have to' I growl.I shut the link and lean back. If she is what I think she is then I have to kill her.Dakotas pov:I laugh at something Chloe say
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Chapter 8
Dakota ferns pov:I step back looking at him with pain-filled eyes."You don't want me. I won't stay and be a burden" I say.His eyes flicker with guilt as they move to my jaw line. Guaranteed I have bruises as well as broken fingers.Some mate he is."I've been here for two days angel, you've hurt me emotionally and physically. I can't spend my life with someone who hurts me" I say softly.He crouches down so I turn and run, hoping he won't catch me.Jumping over logs and dips, my feet sprint through the thick woods. Everything's silent behind me but I don't stop running.A body slams into mine making me gasp, the person twisting us so they're taking the fall. I shut my eyes tightly as he flips me so I'm on my back and he's above me."If I could take back what I've done, I would in a heartbeat. But I can't. The only thing I can do is ask you to let me spend the rest of our lives making it up to you" he whispers hopefully.My eyes slowly open "you didn't want me, you sa-""I know what
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Chapter 9
Dakota ferns povSo that's how I ended up in Angel's dog pits. Aka, prison cell.I'm not in here because I chose my brother, no I'm in here because he realised how dangerous I am.I made my brother unconscious, killed seven hunters and saved Angel's life.Turns out Angel is as lethal as they say.He tore apart eleven hunters, he's got a cut on his arm but other than that he's fine.After he killed eleven, another ten jumped on him at once. I had to step in after killing the ones around me and help kill the ones around him.Let's just say there was a lot of blood, guts, body parts at odd angles, limbs ripped off and torn off flesh.I'll probably have nightmares tonight.But anyway, he's locked me in this disgusting cell for however long he wants.l've tried to escape, but it's no use, the bars are too close together to slide through and there's no windows or vents. Just concrete floors and walls although he did get someone to bring a bed down for me so that's a bonus.Oh and let's not
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Chapter 10
Angel bains pov:I frown as something moves in my arms before remembering Lana's in here.'This will take some getting used to' I say, amused to my wolf. He howls with happiness making me wince and block him out.Her scent puts me in a trance for a while until her breathing halters.Pretending to be asleep, I close my eyes. She yawns and wiggles around in my arms, holding in a smirk I tighten my arms around her. She huffs and goes silent for a few seconds.Dakota's pov:Having the greatest idea ever, I smirk to myself."SPIDER!" I scream at the top of my lungs. His arms instantly let go of me out of shock, his body jumps backwards and lands on the floor dragging all the covers with him. He groans so I lean over his side of the bed. "Are you ok?" I ask, biting my lip to stop my laughter.He glares at me, "just fucking dandy" he mutters angrily.Shrugging, I climb out of bed "I'm taking a shower" I state and shut the door behind me."Fucksake" I mutter wrapping the towel around me, I fo
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