The Mafia Boss

The Mafia Boss

By:  Gee - Gee  Ongoing
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"If I didn't care I would have left you to die but I care and that's why I'm protecting you." Xavier Arivonese A young boss with deadly connections to a deadly organization; mafia. Being just eighteen, Xavier is forced to run a deadly empire and his life has been anything but safe. When he decides one day to go against the wishes of a certain man all hell breaks loose in the mafia and a girl falls right into his hands leaving him no choice but to protect her. Royalty Lemeire A normal girl cheerleader with a few problems but nothing out of the ordinary. When someone tries to kill her one night she is taken into the world of the deadly mafia. She ends up falling into a dark and mysterious lifestyle and secrets about who she really is unravels. Her fall lands her straight into the hands of the mafia's boss and under his protection. Living with the mafia himself is one thing but getting tangled up with him is another and Royalty realizes she that her happily ever after is no Cinderella story..... How will this story end? In absolute rebellion or just like Cinderella?

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28 Chapters
This book is a rough draft from 2017 and has yet to be edited. There are tons of errors. It would slowly be edited. I hope you still enjoy :)My name is Royalty and I'm sixteen years old. I've just turned sixteen though and I had a rather quiet birthday as I'm really shy and I didn't have many friends at school. I really don't mind though. I have curly black hair which I keep shoulder length and a very rare eye color. My eyes were actually silver-white due to a rare genetic mutation. I have a perfect smile with pure white teeth hidden behind sweet light pink lips. I opened the door to the apartment I call my home and looked around and sighed. I threw my bag on the chair and looked around for something to eat. My little sister Lina crawled out from under the kitchen table with her pick teddy bear and ran to hug me."Hey Ro-Ro." she said happily"Hey kid." I took down two yogurtsShe was almost three and starting school in a few weeks when September began. She looked like Cynthia and Mo
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To say I was shocked was an understatement. I froze....completely! Not out of just shock but the mixture of rapid emotions flowing through me.No way! Mafias were killers! How did my parents get their hands in mafia affairs? How?"M-mafia?" I stammered in fear "W-why?""I'm not going to tell you just yet." Cristiano said "There's still a lot of your past which is tangled in the affairs of the mafia."My past? What the heck does my past have to do with mafia?!The door opened making me jump and turn around. A tall handsome Italian boy entered and looked at me then at Cristiano."Is this the girl?" he asked Cristiano"Yes she is and a very pretty one too." Cristiano aid"Hmm... she is rather pretty." he said eyeing mes up and down "What's your name?""Royalty." I stammered as nervousness took over.He came closer to me and took my chin between his thumb and index finger and focused my head on him."Are you scared of me?" he askedHell YES!"N-no." I replied"Don't lie." he saidI shoo
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The next morning I woke up in a room in a strange place. I was on a bed in a room. I sat up and looked around. A pretty normal room like every other.Weird! How in earth did I get here?The door opened and Aria walked in."You're awake." she said"Uh yeah." I said looking around "Where am I?""The dorm you're sharing with me and a few other girls." she answered "It's under the club and most of the girls stay here. Xavier left me to take care of you. He had one of his men drug you then carry you here.""I could walk for myself." I snappedThe idiot thinks I'm weak! I could walk on my own."Xav thought you might resist." Aria shrugged and I frowned "Xav says you could look around if you want. He'll give you today off. There are clothes in the closet. This is your room."I nodded and she left closing the door quietly. I went into the bathroom and showered quickly then dressed in the clothes in my closet.Surprisingly they're my size! Well it's a mafia. They know everything!I went explor
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It was at least two weeks now since I moved in with the mafia bosses. I really didn't mind since it was like living in a house ran by crazy teenagers. Well we were all crazy in one way of another. For an entire week Geovanni had abandoned the stairs and the railing were his ways of getting down the stairs.Xavier was on a constant dating spree and every day he had a new date. Cristiano had gone party-mad and for the last few days he wasn't even home as there was always some party or another to attend. I had grown back into being a bookworm. I finally finished the book Xavier had loaned me and I decided to return it. The others were out by this time and I knew he was around.I rolled off my bed and put my feet in my warm slippers.Should I go? Nah, he might have girls there now. Ro just go. It's just a book. And if he has a girl in there? Then turn right back and run like there's a tiger behind you! Alright fine! I'll take a chance and go.I walked out the dorm and down to his room. I
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I took a few deep breaths as I stood outside Xavier's door. He was sitting on his bed looking at something on his laptop. When the door opened he looked up and motioned me to close the door behind me."Come sit." he said motion to the space on the bed next to him as he closed down his laptop. Not good....I sat down on the bed, playing with my fingers to distract myself and calm the nervousness. He sat up and pulled his shirt over his head."Look at me Royalty." he said softlyHe got up and took off my shirt and threw that somewhere on the bed then gently pulled down my pants. I shook in front of him. He sat down and looked at me up and down and I shifted uncomfortably and looked down at the floor. He stood back up to the 5'10 inches he was. Yep he and Chrissy weren't far part but Xavier had the tendency to be taller than 6ft as he was still growing.He tilted up my chin so I looked into those blue swimming pools of his."You're really cute Rei." he said softly "I seriously want to t
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I followed Xavier out the club. I stopped short when we reached outside. I was looking at a 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder in silver."No way." I exclaimed "We're riding in that?!""Yep." Xavier said laughing at me shock "Like it Cinderella?""I love it." I laughed "Is that Chrissy's.""No it's mine." Xavier said leaning on the expensive car"Wow." I said dropping my jawXavier laughed."I'm a billionaire so I have all the cars I want." he said then opened the door on the passenger side for me "Shall we go Nobildonna?""We sure shall." I said letting him take my hand and seat me inside the car before gently closing the door.He whipped his keys out his pants pocket and got in the driver's side."Ready?" he asked me starting the car"Y-yeah." I answered raising and eyebrow as to why he was asking me that.Well I soon found out. I remembered Aria told me Xavier was a drag racer and that is why he had extremely fast cars. He stepped down on the pedal and we speed through the streets of Italy. H
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I woke up the next morning in a soft white bed with extra soft pillows. I got up slowly and looked around. I was still in the dress from last night and my shoes were on the mat by the side of my bed. I looked around confused.How did I get here?The room was pretty big and spacious. It had big glass windows and a balcony and I could smell the faint smell of roses. There was a big glass mirror in one corner and I huge white walk-in closet. Next to it was a door which I suppose lead to the bathroom. There was a small table next to the bed with a phone and a lamp and a whole lot of space. The bed I was on was king sized with small drawers at the bottom. I swung my foot over the side of the bed and got up slowly.Really though, where the heck am I? The last thing I remembered was blacking out. Who brought me here?I went over to the window and looked down into the garden and a huge wall separating it from the steep drop of the cliff. Beyond the huge wall where roses grew wildly up it I co
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It has been a month and a half since I had moved in with the mafia bosses and two weeks since I moved into the mansion with them. Lethe and Mnemosyne had bought me a cool black skateboard with white hearts. Yep I did skateboard! Currently I had turned the mansion into a skating park. "You seem to be having fun." Xavier said as I flopped down on the large sofa, completely out of breath."I guess living here is not so bad." I said "I'm hungry after all that energy gone to waste."I got up and started to walk towards the kitchen."Hold it!" Geovanni said and I turned around to face him "We've got bad news bambina."I was used to being called that."What?" I asked putting my hands on my hips"We're going out to the movies tonight but you can't come." Cristiano explained"Why not?" I asked furiously"Because we can't risk you getting spotted by the Swedish." Jianan shrugged"And why can't you watch a movie at home?" I questioned"Nah. We want out." Xavier saidI scoffed and stomped away f
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I couldn't wait until morning and it took its sweet time coming knowing it was annoying me. I jumped out of bed at around seven the next morning and showered and dressed in a cute jumper and hopped down the stairs excitedly. The boys were in the kitchen sitting at the kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen eating pancakes and frowning intensely over papers. There was also a seating area with a table a little way off and a glass door which lead to the pool. The papers were scattered all over the table and the boys were frowning so much that their sexy and handsome face looked really ugly at the moment. They looked up when they saw me and I took a step back."S-s-sorry to i-interupt." I stammeredThey smiled."No worries." Jianan saidI sighed in relief and walked back into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I spotted the cake still in one piece and I took it out. I smiled so wide that you could wrap it twice around my face."What's so good?" Jianan asked"Nothing much J-J." I sa
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I left D.'s room and went up to mine a little while after he came back. I met Xavier and the others and I walked right past Xavier so it sent him a message I was still furious with him.You asshole!I went into my room and I could feel Xavier staring after me as I walked but I didn't care. I went into the shower and showered quickly then changed clothes and went back to D.'s room. He was in the bathroom showering when I got back. I put on a loose shirt and short pants. I opened his door and closed it then walked towards his bed and stopped when I heard the shower turn off and my body heated up rapidly.Was he going to come out shirtless or naked? Bad timing Royalty or is it?I heard the bathroom door open and I went red when I looked up. Damanico was there. His towel was around his waist and he was dripping wet. His hair looked really sexy. He smiled at me and I stared at his sexy abs and muscles."You like what you see?" he asked me smilingI noddedHoly cow he was hot!He came close
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