The Possessive Mate: Alpha Reui

The Possessive Mate: Alpha Reui

By:  Ferrari Wrights  Ongoing
Language: English
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As a werewolf who grew up as a rogue, Katia did not follow any rules, nor even know what the law was. She doesn't even know that her mate exists. So when she unexpectedly met the other half of her soul, Alpha Reui, the alpha of the Exodus pack, Katia was baffled and shocked. She was given the option of attending a werewolf university or becoming fully mated with the alpha and bearing his pup. Katia, who was always impulsive and naive, thought that attending the school would get her away from the alpha's eyes and possessiveness. Or so she thought. For 6 years, Alpha Reui patiently waited for his mate since he had shifted. He was loyal and untouched for her. So to let her go easily is the last thing he'd do. And Katia knew she couldn't do anything to stop him from his craziness, so she just let him be. Unsure of her new life as a student of the strange school for werewolves, Katia was left with no choice but to ask the alpha's help, much to the latter's delight. Katia never thought things would turn pretty much contrary to what she expected it to be. She was a rogue, unwanted, and a monster. She has no family at all. Or that's what she thought. As she unravels the secrets and mysteries of her forgotten past, Katia soon realizes that she is nothing like what people describe her to be. As she flipped through the folded chapter of her life, Katia didn't expect to find love and light in the midst of her dark, chaotic life. And for the very first time, Katia started trusting someone to take care of her heart. But... Was it really worth it? Was it really worth the risk?

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17 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1I awoke in a familiar room, feeling slightly groggy and disoriented. I struggled to keep my heavy eyelids open as I peeled myself from the bed. I fought the urge to lie back down as I got onto my feet and stretched my arms. It's Saturday, nearly midday, and I have a job to attend to, which is my only source of income to support myself and my tuition at college. I have no one to lean on and no family to ask for help. So no one will give me money if I lie here all day. I had to work hard for me to be able to live. To be quite honest, I don't see any reason Why do I have to keep living, why do I have to keep breathing, and why the f*ck do I need to keep working my ass off when I could've just chosen to die. In that way, I wouldn't need to suffer every day for being a lonely creature. I have no family, I have no friends. I have nothing.No one will miss or notice when I die.I shook my head and laughed to myself at the depressing thoughts that had crossed my mind. Silly. I hea
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2“Mine...” A deep, baritone voice spoke against my ear, making me shiver in both delight and fear. I was afraid of the reality that I had just practically met my mate and of the fact that he wasn't a rogue like me, or at least a normal werewolf being. But a damn alpha!I couldn't find my voice as I froze against him. His nose nuzzled in the crook of my neck and shoulder. His hands held my waist firmly as if not wanting to let me go. I could feel my body betraying me, reacting sensuously to his mere touch. My wolf was purring and wanting me to rub myself against this stranger, whom she recognized as our mate. Unfortunately.“L-Let me go...” I struggled to say and tried to pull myself away from him. He didn't let me go, but instead, he tightened his grip on my waist and pulled me impossibly close to him.“You're mine.” A low growl rumbled against his chest. His breathing tickled my skin and gave me goosebumps. His body was hard as steel and his skin was hot as lava, burning me
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3I went back to my apartment, distraught. My head seems to be nearly exploding with too much information I have learned today. First, I met my mate, who was unfortunately an alpha. The second is about mandatory schooling. And thirdly, is about what Fernando told me before I left the shop.“They will take you tomorrow morning. Again, prepare yourself.”I don't know if I'd believe him or not. He must be kidding! It was barely 12 hours since I had met that freaking alpha and it wasn't that long ago when I learned about this mandatory thingy! No way on earth I am going to come with them! I will never belong to any pack! Over my dead body!I gritted my teeth and slumped down on the sofa of my apartment. Since the payment I am receiving from the part time job is quite huge, I have to rent the whole apartment by myself and I have to buy some furniture to add some decorations on this boring and pale room. The most favorite thing that I bought for myself was my bed. It was queen sized
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4I pushed him hard that he went tumbling on the floor. He clearly didn't expected it and fell. I gasped as my eyes widened. I knelt down almost immediately to see if I had gotten him injured. “Oh, my God! Are you okay? I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean to do that! You had taken me by surprise I was so shocked that I pushed you. Oh, God. I'm really s-sorry,” I said, panicking as I inspected his state.He shook his head, smiling a little bit. “I'm fine. Thanks for worrying about me,” he spoke earnestly, making me snapped my head at him. His cheeks were painted with a light shade of pink and his eyes were sparkling with happiness. I almost arched a brow if I wasn't just worried about him.“Are you sure you're fine?” I asked again. The way I pushed him wasn't that hard but it wasn't also that weak. I had literally almost pushed him across this building! Reui cleared his throat as his expression changed. “Actually, I'm not fine. I think I had my bones broken,” he uttered.A loud gasp
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5The car pulled up in front of a huge mansion in the middle of the woods. He got out of the car and opened the passenger's seat before extending his hand for me to take, which I reluctantly did. My heart began beating faster and faster every seconds that passed. Before this huge mansion, we entered a very huge golden gate with a name “Exodus” engraved atop of it. I couldn't hide my amazement. It seems like I'm entering a very prestigious manor that only rich people could go in. I'm overwhelmed.Just... how wealthy is this guy right here?Fresh yet harsh wind hit my face as soon as I got out from the car. I closed my eyes to savour the feeling. The smell of wood and leaves invaded my nostrils, sending delightful sensation throughout my body. I've never thought that being in a place like this are as pleasing as when I am in a library. It almost feels painful to be in such a beautiful place like this.I sluggishly opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was his handsome face.
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6We ended up washing the plates together. I could sense that it pleased him to have me helping him. We didn't talk, but the silence doesn't make us uncomfortable, either. Our arms would brush against each other and neither one of us find it unnoticed. But we kept silent until we finished.“Come, I'll show you to our room.” He wrapped his arm around my waist.I rose a brow. “Excuse me? Are we going to share a room?” He scratched his nape. “Yeah, is that a problem?”I looked up at him flatly. “Are you freaking serious? Of course, it is a problem! You're a man and I'm a woman. It is inappropriate to share a room.”His brows furrowed. “But we're mates. We're going to share room in the near future, anyway.”I gritted my teeth. “Then, wait for that future. For now, I want to have a room for myself. Alone. And if you're going to insist then I'll talk to your mother about it.”He visibly paled. I smirked. I'm an observant person. Whilst having lunch with them, I noticed that the t
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7As soon as the girl was out of our sights, I let go of him and crossed my arms around my chest. I arched a brow while my jaw clenched.“Who was that girl?” He looked lost. His cheeks was still painted with pink and her ears are burning red. “W-Who?”I gritted my teeth. “Is she your girlfriend? If yes, then f*ck you. I shouldn't have really went here! I was peacefully living my life in the city and you've dragged me here, only to know that you are committed to someone before me?!”His brows furrowed. “Katia, I don't understand you—”“Oh, shut up! You know what I mean! That wench is your freaking girlfriend!”“Hey, no. You got a wrong idea—”“I believe this is my room, so therefore, I have the authority to kick you out, too. Go away!” I opened the door and pushed him out. “If you want to be with me, then you have to clear things up with your....” I wanted to say ‘slut’, but then I remembered that Catherine was the daughter of the former beta of this pack. I immediately come u
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8Things became awkward for the next few days of my stay in this pack house. After Reui swore to the Forest of Life, I finally realized he was saying the truth and all that I said to him were nothing but only an accusation. I was embarrassed. It feels like someone just punched me in the gut at the realization. Because of that, it only gave me more reasons not to go out of the room. Some maids would just bring my meals because I wasn't going down. The twins also visited me and I've became close to them somehow. They are sweet and a little bit psycho like their big brother but I found myself liking their company. It keeps me from losing my sanity.I don't know when are we going to depart towards the Ythuel University. I can't wait to leave because the awkward in this house was becoming more and more thicker. I can't freaking face Reui without blushing furiously out of embarrassment. Although he reassured me that it was all okay and he wasn't going to tease me with it, but still!
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9It's been been 2 days since Reui went to the neighbor pack to discuss things with his co-alpha. Just what he had suggested, I interacted with some members of his pack. Now that he was gone, I no longer feel awkward. Mommy Cam and Ingrid toured me around the pack house during the first day since Reui departed. Ingrid was just the same age as me and she's gonna be my aid while I stay here and she's also gonna come with me in the university since she's 18. I've learned that the class will start 3 weeks from now, which meant the school administration along with the werewolf authorities were still searching for every werewolves whose age are of 18 to 19.“Why do they need to forced teens to attend it? We're just having a peaceful lives out of any packs!” I whined as I slumped down on the couch with a junk food on my chest.“Well, it is already a law few centuries ago,” Ingrid tried to reason out but I just couldn't wrap my head around this stupid law they made. “You know what? T
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 “Ugh!” I groaned loudly and massaged my head as it throbbed. I felt my stomach churning as I suddenly had an urge to throw up. Without even opening my eyes, I rushed up towards the bathroom and puked my stomach's out on the sink. Damn it! That's why I never drink before. The first time I got drunk during highschool ball, it was the most horrible experience ever. I threw up everywhere and my schoolmates were laughing at my stupid drunken state. Not only that but I smelt horribly and the headache afterwards nearly killed me. I would never get drunk again! “Ma'am, I have prepared a pain reliever for you,” a servant came with a pill. I immediately took it from her and swallowed the small tablet. “Gosh! My throat hurts!” I whined. “Anyway, can you tell me where Ingrid is? She was with me last night.” “Ingrid is in her home, ma'am. Her father took her home last night.” I nodded my head and said my thanks before I dismissed her. I headed straight to the shower and strip dow
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