Don't Hate Me, Love Me Instead

Don't Hate Me, Love Me Instead

By:  Nanahemaah  Ongoing
Language: English
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There are a lot of twists and turns in this romance novel about a billionaire and his assistant; it's unlike any other story. Raven Snow meets Ace Black at a party where she almost kissed him. When she goes for a job interview and enters the office of the CEO, she then recognizes Ace Black as the CEO of Black Global Group of Companies. Ace denies her the job she applied for because she didn’t kiss him. Raven grows to hate Ace. But little does she know that the story of how love grew from hate begins here. Ace eventually employs Raven to be his assistant. Raven has no choice but to work for him since she is in dire need of a job. Things get interesting in the office as they work together and that’s when Raven starts falling for Ace. When her ex, Todd, appears in the picture, Ravens get entangled in a love triangle and things get complicated. Life, or Ace’s mother and Raven’s father in this case, hit them with the news of an arranged marriage. This complicates things further as they learn that they are betrothed to each other. For some reason, Raven hates the idea of being betrothed to Ace. But love always conquers. Ace and Raven find themselves so badly in love with each other that they can’t seem to have enough of each other. But with all the good thing that come are also the bad things. Lana, Raven’s best friend and Ace’ ex, grows jealous of Raven and Ace’s relationship and plans to separate them with Todd’s help. In the end, their plan fails thanks to Ray, Raven’s sister. Raven and Ace continue to love each other unconditionally. Love conquers all.

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25 Chapters
“Raven whether you like it or not, we’re going to that event.” “A classy event full of rich and mostly snobby people from your old high school for rich kids. Is that an event I want to attend? No Lana.” “Raven, please go with me. Please.” She pleaded. “For the last time Lana, no. Don’t worry about leaving me here alone, I’ll be fine. It is my flat after all.” “If you go with me, I could help you find people interested in art and maybe they’ll let you paint for them. Or you could find an actual job.” I stared at Lana through the mirror. “I’ll go with you, for the people who like art. But I’m not dressing up in fancy clothes.” I said to her and rushed to my room to put on something simple. Black leather pants and a white tank top with a black leather jacket matched with black boots. I applied little makeup and tied up my hair nicely to give me that biker girl look. Yeah, I like bikes. But I don’t own one. “I’m ready.” I said to Lana, picking up my car keys since she asked me to dr
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I stopped and pulled back when our lips almost touched. “I’m sorry. I have to get back inside.” I said.Ace cleared his throat and nodded. “Before I forget, please don’t tell Lana you’ve already met me.”“Sure. It was nice meeting you Ace.” I said and ran inside before he could reply. My heart was racing but I managed to calm it down. When I entered the gymnasium, the party was almost over and I was glad that it almost was.“Raven, what took you so long?” Lana asked. Her friends weren’t at the table and I was glad.“I got lost.” Lana gave me a questioning look. “I also didn’t make the effort of looking for the washroom fast because I didn’t have to use it urgently.”“Raven.” She dragged my name. “Misbehaving won’t help you at all if you’re looking for clients and a job.”“I can find myself a job on my own Lana.” I used a firm tone. “But sure, I’ll need the clients.” Lana has been trying to help me find a job and I appreciated her efforts but since she’s a rich woman managing her fathe
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“What was that about? I have never seen you so nervous before.” Lana laughed at me.“What are you talking about? I wasn’t nervous.” I denied. “I just didn’t feel like talking.”“Right.” She kept laughing.“Alright, get out of my car and quit laughing at me.” I parked in front of her apartment building, where she owned a big penthouse.“You know, if you’re interested, I could be your wing woman.” She teased and winked at me.“That’s it. I’m kicking you out of my car.” I playfully pushed her.“Ok. I’m leaving. I wouldn’t be treated this way if this was my car.”“Well, it’s not. Bye now.” She opened the door and got out.“I’ll call you later. Let me know how the interview goes, okay?”“Sure. And get your car fixed so that I can stop using my free time to drive you around. Or get a driver or something.”“I hear you. Good night.”I nodded and drove off back to my flat. Kicking off my boots after entering, I jumped on the couch and decided to fall asleep there.I couldn’t fall asleep becaus
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“Calm down and tell me everything that happened.” I nodded and began my story.I sat down for about two hours before I was called in. I thought maybe they had changed their minds about offering the job or something. I almost gave up and walked out. Then a lady came to me, telling me Mr. Black wants to see me. I straightened my dress and recited the words that Mama taught Ray and I, before I followed the lady into Ace’s office.Ace was sitting there calmly behind his desk, as if he had been waiting for me. I took the empty seat he offered me in front of his desk. Ace stared right into my eyes and I froze. That is unlike me, but in my defense, he caught me by surprise. He trapped me with his beautiful blue eyes. They reminded me of that night when we almost kissed. Then he glanced at my lips and I glanced at his, remembering our little moment yesterday which I ruined.Ace cleared his throat, startling me. Then I realized he just messed with my mind. I did a great job forgetting about ye
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“So you mean to tell me that he denied you the job because of that?!” Lana asked in disbelief for the tenth time. I groaned. “I’m sorry I asked again but I know Ace very well, he wouldn’t do that.”“Well, he did Lana. Can we move on to the next topic?”“You look and sound terrible. We’re not going to move on to the next topic because there isn’t any next topic. What we’re going to do is to call Ace and give him a piece of our mind.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m sure you already did that but we’re going to do it again.” She paced in front of me while I fixed my eyes on the TV.“Don’t make things worse for me. Who knows what he’s capable off? What if he calls other companies to tell them that I’m incompetent? And that I didn’t kiss him.” I mumbled the last part.“He won’t do that because you have me.”“Let’s just let this go. I’ll think of something else while I look for a new job.”“But you didn’t deserve to be treated like that.”“I’m not going to waste my energy on him. Let’s just let this
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“I hate you, Lana.” I grumbled.“I love you too. Now be good and obedient. Don’t murder him even if you feel like it.”“You’re making me sound like that’s what I do.”“Alright, step out. I also have to get to work early so good bye and good luck.” Lana pushed me out that I almost tripped and fell then she shut the door and the driver took off.Now, I know I said that I won’t step foot here but, I’m here because Lana forced me out of my flat and because I decided to work and not stay idle until I found another job. But Lana also managed to convince me, telling me that Ace didn’t find anyone ‘competent’ and suitable for the job and that’s why he came back to me to offer me the job. I kept it at the back of my head to prove to Ace that I’m competent enough for the job.Today I wore brown pleat pants and a matching blazer with a black blouse. I don’t care what he is going to say about it. I recited Mama’s words to boost my confidence and then I entered the building, heading straight to Ac
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“Mama.”“Yaa, I heard you got a new job.” Yaa is my Ghanaian name. Mama likes to call us by our Ghanaian names because she doesn’t want us to forget our roots, even though we’ve only been to Ghana less than six times. Yaa is the name given to a girl born on Thursday. Ray’s Ghanaian name is Abena. She was born on a Tuesday. Names given to children on based on the day they were born are called soul names or kradin in Twi -Mama’s native language- and they are very important in the Ghanaian culture.“I did, Mama.” I replied, trying not to sound exhausted. I returned home after 10:30pm today. If today was just my first day, I wonder how the rest of the days are like. Luckily, Lana sent her driver to pick me up after Ace left me alone in the empty office building.“What job is it?”“Have you heard of Black Global Group of Companies, Mama?”“I haven’t.”“Well, it’s a very big company with branches all over the world and they deal with a lot of things. It’s a group of companies and I happen t
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“Ray, you will not believe what happened to me today.” I said into the phone while I sat behind one table near the window in the cafeteria. I waved over a waiter.“Aren’t you supposed to be at work right now? I’m making dinner before Justin brings the kids home.” The waiter came and I gave him my order before I left.“It’s really important. You’ve got to listen to this.” I heard her noisily putting down a utensil.“What is it? You’ve got my full attention. But make it quick. I myself am starving.”“Ace and I had a really intense moment in the elevator this morning.”“I thought you hated him.”“I do. But this morning I took the elevator with him because as his assistant, I’m supposed to. When we got to our floor, he did this thing where everything happened so fast and I was pinned between him and the elevator wall.”“And what did you do about that?”“I couldn’t do anything. I froze.” Ray burst into laughter.“Finally, someone who can tame you.” She said in between laughs.“This is not
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“So I decided to arrive unannounced today because the production rates were dropping when I last checked. I wondered what was going on here. To my expectations, all that I saw as I walked to the office proved it. Can anyone care to explain to me why this is so?”When we arrived at the brewery, Ace immediately went CEO mode. He grew calm but looked broody and he walked with power and authority. When the employees sensed our arrival, they all scurried back to work. They looked frightened when they saw us walk in. I thought Ace smiles to his employees like he does to me but I thought wrong. He shows no emotion when he’s in front of his employee. I wanted to question him but I knew that wasn’t the right time.Ace asked me to take notes of the things I notice as we walked and I did so obediently. We headed straight to the manager’s office to find the manager smooching with some lady - an employee - on his desk. They were startled to see us. The lady ran out and the manager immediately gave
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At 3am, I heard my phone ringing. I didn’t want to answer it but the person just kept calling so I picked up. I didn’t even look at the name or number. Then I heard his voice. That voice that sounds so sweet in my dreams but is now annoying me.“Miss Snow, you finally picked up.”“Why are you calling me at 3am in the morning? Didn’t you think that I would be asleep?”“Miss Snow, I think it would be convenient if you came to my house every morning before we went to work. You’re my personal assistant and I need assistance at home.”I sat up properly. “Can you repeat that? I don’t think I heard you clearly.”“You heard what I said. I’ll be expecting you here in an hour.”“An hour?” I screamed into the phone. He hung up. I cannot believe this guy. I’m going to call Lana later and tell her how crappy my job is and I will find a way to get myself fired. I can’t take this anymore. But wait Raven, if you give up now, he’ll be triumphant. maybe he’s testing me to see if I’ll cave. Well chicken
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