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Finding herself in the middle of a bar attack, she ends up in Denzel's arms. A Mafia boss and the CEO of a technological company. He is dangerous but she is dangerously attracted to him. He can't allow her into his world but destiny brings them back together. What happens when she is caged in his love but it's too dangerous. Can he always protect her from his enemies?

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41 Chapters
Bar attack
Purity walked into the filled bar and squeezed herself through the people looking for Andrew. This was not the first time she came here but she still got scared and anxious each time she was here to buy drinks for her stepsister Sandy, something she always does every Sunday evening. She spotted Andrew at the other side of the bar serving the customers and she opted to wait for him on the table close to her.There were glasses on the table a clear indication that people were using it but with the thought of being there for only five minutes gave her the courage to sit and wait. Andrew was her friend and always gives her, her orders immediately she arrives a way of protecting her from the wolf's eyes who are always ready to attack.To her Andrew is more of an elder brother she never had and always helped her whenever he could. She met him in the bar the first time she came to get the drinks and was attacked by one of the customers.Purity had never been that scared in her life the wa
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Purity is missing
Rita took her phone and called Sandy. "Hello mom, have you found her? I told you, that guy is spoiling her. Does she have bottles of alcohol? You should just come with the drinks because she was gifted," Sandy said. "Do you drink?" Rita asked startling her. Sandy had managed to hide from her mom about her drinking habits and always found a way of blaming Rita for any alcohol smell in the house. Her dad caught her on different occasions when he came back early from work but her mom never did. "Of course not mom, why could you think of something like that? Remember the other day, dad's visitors drank it. I was just thinking in that line nothing else," she lied. "Ok, the bar she supposedly went to, was attacked, switch on the television and see if the hospital where the injured have been taken will be mentioned, I'm on my way," Rita instructed. "I'm doing it right away," she responded, hunged up and rushed to the living room to watch the television as
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So handsome to be dangerous
Waking up in the morning both Wilson and Rita were expecting to find Purity back as the door was left open but she didn't come back.Rita got scared, remembering what she found out yesterday, being worried was an understatement. The day was here, they needed to go for the will reading, she couldn't report to the police as it wasn't upto twenty four hours since she disappeared. "You mean she isn't back?" Wilson asked as they were having breakfast. "I wonder where she could have gone," Rita replied. "Sandy, is there something we need to know?" Wilson asked her. "Of course not dad, I don't know where she went," "I have seen on the internet about the attack at the bar down the street. Did you send her to buy you drinks?" Wilson asked. "That is a grave accusation. Sandy doesn't drink," Rita intervened. "You are telling me or are you trying to assure yourself?" Wilson arched his eyebrows and she too was taken aback.She wasn't sure but it seeme
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Is there something you are hiding?
"Ok, I will try, let's talk later," Purity replied. "Take care of yourself and be safe," Andrew hanged up and she handed the phone back to him. "Thank you," she appreciated. "Have you taken your drugs?" He asked. "No, I don't even know which drugs I'm supposed to take," she answered. "Freshen up and I'm coming," She nodded and left the room. Getting to her room she headed to the bathroom and as much as she didn't want the water to get to the wounds, there was no way she could achieve that on her own. Limping out of the bathroom, with a towel on, she had a chance to look around the room. It was a blend of black and white unlike her room which had blue and pink, her favorite colors.She didn't have a change of cloth and was scared to check the closet fear of invading his privacy. She sat on the bed and started checking the drugs on the lampstand.Denzel walks in with another set of pajamas and handed to her. "Use that," "Thank you," She
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Denzel didn't have a reply or maybe he didn't know what to say. "Why was he even helping her?" That was the same questions he has been asking himself since yesterday. "Maybe because she is too innocent for this wicked world," he thought trying to convince himself. "Stop talking nonsense, what could I be hiding or am I not supposed to help anyone?" He asked Dan back. "I didn't mean it that way just that your enemies won't think the same way, I will be on my way now I have something to sort out. Should I send a girl to your hotel room tonight?" "No, I'm not interested. Call me if it is urgent," he declined the offer and informed him.Dan nodded and walked out of the study. Denzel remained in the study thinking. He had to set his mind straight and know what he was really doing before things get out of hand. Purity took the plates to the kitchen and washed the dishes. She was finishing up drying the dishes when Denzel walked in. "You shouldn't have
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Wayne Anderson
"Just do your best," William responded getting up ready to leave. He had other things to do in line with finding his daughter.After he was gone, Andrew took his phone and called Denzel's number several times but he didn't pick. "Does that mean, she left the house?" He thought to himself as he dropped his phone on the table beside him.Denzel and Purity were watching a movie before Purity slept off. He wasn't really a fan of watching romance movies and didn't know why he even accepted to watch in the first place. He carried Purity to his room and laid her on the bed tacking her to sleep then he went to his laptop to work maybe they will try the challenge tomorrow when she is strong. Denzel was woken up by his ringing phone and for the first time he woke up at eight. He cursed himself as he quickly got down from the bed. "What is it Dan?" He asked heading to the bathroom. "Are you home?" Dan asked back. "I'm I supposed to be somewhere right now?"
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Waiting for him
"Son," Emily called out as he headed to his car and he stopped.She always called him that anytime he was angry something his mom never did and he wasn't surprised. "Don't drive in that state," "I'm fine, you will come over to the house," "I love you as my own," he smiled and she waved as he went into the car. Emily went back into the house and bumped into Millicent, Denzel's mom who was watching them through the window. "What did you give to my son?" She questioned her eyes digging boreholes into her skin. "Nothing ma'am," "What she gave him doesn't matter, he listens to you so tell her the benefits of marrying this girl," Wayne spoke. "Sir, I'm just a maid and in no position to tell him what to do," Emily replied facing down. "Wow, you got some guts. It seems you don't like your job. You have to options, convince him to marry her or lose your job," Ian his brother threatened and she looked up to face him.She has been work
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He knows about it
Sitting up on the bed Purity was surprised to find herself on the bed, remembering quite well that she was on the couch waiting for him then she fell asleep. It only means he came back, where could he be? She got down from the bed, went to the bathroom and after she was done she went to check the closet for something to wear. "Maybe he forgot to get me the clothes he promised," she thought to himself taking one of his shirts to use. She took the stairs heading to the living room and he was there setting the table for breakfast. "Good morning, do you have guests?" She asked walking closer and he looked up to face her then chuckled. "I don't bring guests here and I don't cook for guests. I call someone to cook, I cooked for us," he shrugged. "Wow this is amazing, thank you," she smiled and appreciated. "What time did you come, I was waiting for you," she added. "I'm sorry but next time just go to bed don't wait up for me. Have a seat," he pulled up
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Greg gave everyone twenty four hours to find Purity but seemed like she disappeared in thin light, no trace left. The surveillance cameras in the bar only showed her get in and the rest was deleted but the question was who did it and why? "Sir nothing about her was found, I think the attackers did something on the cameras to avoid being seen," One of his men reported and he dismissed him.He took his car keys and left for the family house, he would have called but there is a lot to be discussed about this. Maybe their enemy has her but how come nobody has called to make a demand?He wasn't in the mood for all the greetings to this morning, so he ignored all of them and headed for his father's room, meeting him reading a file. "Dad the doctor said you need rest to get strong faster," he told him sitting in the couch in the room. "Rest, I'm not working, I'm only going through a file. Any news about her?" "More reason why I came, it seems like the surveillance
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"I appreciate everything you have been doing for me but I shouldn't get used to all this, this is not my home," Purity replied. "You can make this your home, what do you think?" He arched his eyebrows. "Sooner or later my grandpa will know I'm missing and you will be in deep trouble if they find me here," "You care about what happens to me?" "Yes, the same way you cared for me when you helped me. If not for anything at least I should return the favor," "After lunch, we will go to my pent house, then allow me handle everything," he said tasting the food. "How is it?" She asked nervously. "Let me eat, you should also eat to add weight, is that not what your friend said the day you talked to him?" "I would have wanted to talk to him but I guess by now they are tracking his every move," she shrugged. "Can you tell me more about your cousin, Georgina?" He requested. "She didn't study in the country and I rarely go to fam
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