The Alpha's Fight for His Omega

The Alpha's Fight for His Omega

By:  Jess K  Ongoing
Language: English
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Chastity is an Omega in her pack, and made into the slave to the pack house at age 12. For years she suffered abuse in silence at the hands of her step-mother, and several other females she slaved for. Despite the life she lived she dreamed of two things. The first to be allowed to go to college to become a nurse, and midwife. The second was to find her mate. Unfortunately she discovers her mate is the future Alpha of her pack Rowen, and he rejects her, but instantly regrets it.. His rejection was followed by a beating that almost cost her her very life. It was her oldest brother, and the only one to ever really show her love. Now Chastity has a chance to live her dream while Rowen has to fight to gain her trust. and get her to accept him as her mate. It's going to be hard, but he's willing to do everything he can to have her. Even though she will be living away from the pack for the next 3 years to finish the education she worked so hard for. TRIGGER WARNING: CONTAINS PHYSICAL AND VERBAL ABUSE!

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138 Chapters
Chapter 1
***Chastity*****Beep Beep Beep**I lifted my head, looked at the ratty old alarm clock on the table by my bed, and groaned. It’s 5 am already. With another groan I rolled off my bed, stood, and pulled on a pair of old jeans, a black t-shirt, and a grey sweatshirt. Without even looking at the broken mirror in my room, I pulled my hair into a ponytail. After I slipped on my worn out sneakers, I grabbed my toiletry bag, and snuck down to the wash room on the first floor to wash my face, and brush my teeth quickly. After returning my bag to my little area in the attic I went to the pack house kitchen to start breakfast for everyone, thankful I had done prep the night before, even though it left me exhausted this morning.After the prep work I had spent the majority of the night finishing up a project for my science class. It would be my last for high school. Graduation was in 2 weeks, and I wanted to make sure I maintain my high grades. Finals started next week then I was done. I was exc
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Chapter 2
***Chastity***As I had said earlier I am in the kitchen beginning to make breakfast for the residents of the pack house. I pulled out the cartons of eggs, the premade pancake mix, cut up fruit, sliced bacon, and the dough for the croissants. After putting the croissants in the oven to bake, I start the pancakes, and bacon. I’ll use the bacon grease to cook the eggs. I made sure to start the premeasured coffee right on time too. As I am going thru the motions of preparing the meal, I am also thinking about the project I finished the night before.I want to run thru it mentally to make sure I didn’t forget or miss anything. I am pretty confident in what I have done. I can only hope I am right. This project is pretty important to me, not only for the grade, but also as an idea I would like to one day suggest to doctors, once I finish nursing school. Something to consider for another time though.With a sigh I get back to work on breakfast, and pull out what is needed to prep lunches for
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Chapter 3
***Chastity******Beep Beep Beep***With a groan, and a sharp inhale of breath I rolled off my bed, and started my routine all over again. Thankfully no one entered the kitchen this morning as I prepared breakfast. The quiet was a relief from the previous day. As soon as I heard people descending the stairs, I loaded the food on my cart, and moved into the dining room.This morning I left my hair down, and wore long sleeves to cover the bruises, and split lip from view. I learned long ago that if I didn’t the punishment for allowing any of the ranked members see the damage would be fierce. I had just set the last dish on the table when I heard someone growl.“What the hell is this?” I heard Braxton growl as he threw a plate of food across the room.The plate shattered on impact, and food splattered all over the wall and floor. I jumped, and trembled, as I backed away from the table.“I asked you what the hell this crap is you disgusting piece of shit!” Braxton screamed.“Biscuits and
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Chapter 4
***Chastity***Even though it was graduation day, my day started out just as it always did. Making breakfast for the pack house, serving, and prepping lunch. It wasn’t a regular school day, but with graduation not being until 2 pm, I knew I wouldn’t be home to make lunch for everyone. Thankfully I had no run ins with anyone during my time downstairs.As soon as I was finished I went to my room to put the finishing touches on the skirt, and shirt set I made myself for graduation. I made it out of fabrics I gathered from thrown out clothes by others in the house. It wasn’t perfect, but it would do. Besides it would be under my graduation gown. No one would see it. I just knew I couldn’t get my diploma wearing my tattered jeans, and a t-shirt. Even though no one would be there to cheer me on, I wanted to look decent. The only thing I didn’t have were nice shoes, so I was walking across the stage in my old, worn out sneakers.Once I had finished, I grabbed my toiletry bag, and went down t
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Chapter 5
***Dimitri***As soon as the office door closed behind that girl, my daughter, I slumped back in my chair, and sighed. That was the first time she has looked me in the eyes in years. I can’t remember the last time I saw her face, and her eyes. I forgot how much she looks like her mother, my fated mate. The woman I loved more than anything in the world. She had been my everything for the short time we had together. After Brinna died I couldn’t bare being around our daughter for long. She was like her mother in everyway. It killed me.Her being an Omega was only an excuse to get her away from me. The older she got the more she reminded me of Brinna, and I just couldn’t take it. Her not being in the same living quarters as myself helped me a lot. It removed the main reminder of the mate I had loved, and lost all too soon. It was easier for me, and I didn’t even think about how it might have effected her. It didn’t matter to me.Aurora didn’t help matters either. She hated my daughter bei
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Chapter 6
***Chastity***I will admit that I was thankful that the night of my graduation Fiona, and the rest did not come back home until very late that night. Only Alpha Joseph ate dinner in the dining room that night. I didn’t see Aurora or my father. Alpha Joseph went as far as Alpha command me to sit at the table, and eat with him. We didn’t speak to each other, but I did actually eat something. He promised that he would not tell Aurora, and said if she found out, he would deal with it.I did also end up going for a run that night, after the Alpha went to bed. I snuck out thru the back door, and ran off into the woods. Leila and I ran for hours. We chased a rabbit, watched an owl fly thru the sky, and starred at the stars while sitting near the lake. Leila took over while she allowed me to curl up in the back of her mind to cry, and lick the wounds caused by my father’s words. Leila encouraged me thru the whole thing not to give up. That I could still become a nurse, but instead of going t
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Chapter 7
***Rowen***Jax, his mate Molly, and I had been on the road toward home for hours. I was tired of being on the road. It felt like I had spent a lifetime in this car, and I was done with it. It didn’t help that my wolf, Duke was also itching to get out of this tin can, and stretch our legs. We had spent so many years away from home, and we were ready. We missed our family, and our pack. The last time we were home was when mom passed away.I perked up as soon as I saw signs of Moonlight Pack, our pack becoming visible. There were no street signs or anything like that. Just symbols of our pack border. The symbol of the moon with her guiding light shining down, etched into tree trunks, doting the border. Home. It was as perfect as I remembered it. Beautiful green trees, wisteria vines hanging along the way. Even the smells were unique to home, and no words could describe it. In the distance I could hear wolves, my wolves, howling with joy at our return. Jax, and I quickly put our windows
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Chapter 8
***Chastity***Working this party is hard now that I have found my mate, and I know that he will not be accepting me. I struggle to hold back the tears, and keep a smile on my face. I cannot make any mistakes tonight. I know if I do the punishment will be beyond anything I have experienced before. I can feel Aurora, Naomi, Gina, and Fiona’s eyes on me, watching my every move the whole night. I know they are waiting for me to make a mistake. Every once in awhile I catch sight of Braxton glaring at me as well, but I do my best to shut him out.I can say that I’m glad Alpha Rowen has not approached me, at all. I don’t know how I would handle it if he did. I do all I can to make sure I don’t try to look for him in the crowd either. I simply keep my head down, and continue to pour drinks for everyone. I am working along when I hear someone clear their throat, and I catch a familiar scent. One I haven’t smelled in 4 years. I peek up to see Jax standing there. He has a pretty gi
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Chapter 9
***Jax****I’m so confused about what is going on. I can’t seem to understand why my sister was not given the night off to celebrate my homecoming. Ross had called me, and told me what Braxton did to her. To say I was furious is an understatement. Seeing the healing bruises all over her face, and arms ignites that anger even more.That stupid pup just made a mockery out of our family. We are the Beta family, and we are expected to set an example to the rest of the pack on how to behave, and how to treat others. He showed everyone in this pack that it is ok to treat others, lower rank wolves, especially like trash. That it is ok to beat them, and disrespect them. The Omegas are the backbone, and care takers of every pack, and deserve to be respected, not beaten.To make it worse, he showed the pack that it is ok to disregard our law on hitting females. He showed it was acceptable to do such a thing because someone in the Beta family did it. He set an example that should have never been
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Chapter 10
***Chastity***With a whimper, I tried to open my eyes. I hurt every where. There wasn’t a part of my body that wasn’t riddled with pain. I couldn’t remember why though. The last thing I remember was coming out of the bathroom in the pack house then seeing Alpha Rowen.Oh yeah. That happened. As soon as I remembered his rejection I felt tears spill down my cheeks. I could hear Leila whimper in my head. I could tell she was curled up in a ball, shaking. My poor wolf. She didn’t deserve this pain.“Leila. Leila my sweet wolf. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for all of your pain.” I called to her softly.She only whimpered, and did not respond. I imagined myself running my fingers thru her soft fur in comfort. I wanted to make sure she knew some one loved her no matter what. As I did this I tried to remember what happened after his rejection. Slowly it started coming back to me in flashes. Being hit, and voices screaming at me. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what happened, or who had hit me this ti
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