Torn between two Alphas

Torn between two Alphas

By:  Ava Jean  Ongoing
Language: English
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After a nightstand that was bore out of drunkenness, Eleanor could never understand why she was ghosted by her partner. Two years later, he appeared and under the most complicated situation wanted her. Even though she belonged to another! She was torn between two Adonis and needs your advice. Who should she go for?

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30 Chapters
Knight in shining armor
CHAPTER ONEEleanor’s povThe music booming from the invisible speakers immediately eased my nerves. I just clocked eighteen and my parents had permitted me to have a good night. Whatever that meant. My two best friends, Sarah and Clara were already dancing and I realized it was time to join them. I was the birthday girl after allSmiling broadly I was suddenly in a very good mood. Eleanor, you just turned eighteen and life is mostly good. I told myself as I moved my body to the music. Sarah and Clara soon joined me and we went one, two steps clapped, shook our butts, and twirl in that other. We were soon laughing and I knew it was not a mistake coming to this place.I swayed my waist and threw my hands in the air as I wiggled my waist from side to side while singing along. I was screaming at the top of my voice and smiling. I was young and free and healthy. “These are the days that never die. The days I’ll look back to in the future so if I don’t live now when will I live”. I said to
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Entranced| 18+
CHAPTER TWOEleanor’s povAfter two vodka shots, I finally was ready to start my night afresh as I allowed Jett to lead me for the second time tonight to the dance floor. The Dj had begun playing sensual music but it didn’t discourage either of us. We followed the slow rhythm of the song with my leg encircling his thigh while his crotch pressed deep into my stomach. I ran my hand all over his upper body starting from the back of his neck, to his hair, his chest, and lastly, his waistline. I pressed tighter into his erection which elicited a hiss from him. His green eyes got darker with lust and his breath heavier and hotter. His hands caressed my lower body from my waistline downwards as though it belonged to him. He pushed one of his hands under my gown, skimming through all the skin he could roam while I battled with the dampness that got heavier on my spot and the moan I was letting out. His hand on my lower body moved lower and lower until he cupped my ass cheek with only the lace
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Two years later| blues and regret
CHAPTER THREEEleanor's povYou would think waking up to people screaming your name would get easier since you have been waking up to it every day for the past 20 years. News flash, it doesn’t. The door to my room slammed open and my brother stood there, arms folded. “Breakfast isn’t set and the pack would wake.” He continued to stare at me most condescendingly, I fought back the urge to actually scream at him to get some damn manners because he looked like he needed quite a lot of them.I held back the urge to snap back at him. I wasn’t ready plus the scars on my back tend to be a sore reminder. “I am coming.” He tsked, walking off. I started moving because if my mom got here, she wouldn’t use words. I threw on the first gown my hand landed on and made my way to the kitchens.Emery, the only person I could call a friend in this entire pack, was already there, mixing eggs. “Hey, Lea.” I hugged her and took the bowl from her.“Hey, mama. How’s the leg?” Emery got her left leg amputated
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Call to duty
CHAPTER FOURAlpha Jett's povIt was surely a hectic day for me and to think I was just getting started. I just wanted to go back to my bed and sleep for the whole day but I'm the Alpha, I couldn't do that, I had duties to fulfill for the pack's sake or we'll probably collapse due to my incompetence and I didn't want that to happen so I had to always be at my best all the time. My father had always pressed words of wisdom into my head and I know I learned well from him. It could be seen in my pack and our rapid progress ever since I became Alpha of my pack, the Altra pack. I sighed as I took off my gloves and gave them to the errand boy beside me. He took it with a bow and went to place it where it's meant to be in the gym.We were at the training ground and today I was training in my human form, perfecting my boxing skills even though I was perfect at it years ago, it wouldn't hurt to keep in shape and not lose such a potential skill though so I didn't mind training every single morn
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CHAPTER FIVEEleanor’s povI stopped liking parties. I stopped liking alcohol too. Blasting music turned into poison and did raw hot buzz. Unlike many other teens, adults, and old people alike, music and alcohol stopped offering me solace. In truth, nothing has ever had since the past two years. For someone who stopped liking music, you would be wondering what I was doing at one of the wildest clubhouses in the pack all by myself with about four vodka glasses of my tequila shots and that too. Sarah left the country with her parents after the death of Alpha Donovan while Clara was away in Germany for studies.Yes, the idea of a hot burning spirit in my mouth, throat, and stomach never appealed to me, but on this night, I hoped it would give me the peace I’ve always wished for. I hoped it would lessen the pain I carried around every day and everywhere in my heart for the last two years. I hoped it would help me tame my running mind but it didn’t. Just like every other night, I was a mes
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stunned to her core
CHAPTER SIXEleanor's PovIf only I could bring back the hands of time, not only would I change the last decision I made, I would gracefully destroy any dream I had of leaving my uncle's home because what I thought was hell with him was paradise when compared to what I suffered in the hands of the Alpha.Had I known….Just like most girls, growing up I've always dreamed of living in a big castle with a ballroom and chandeliers, grumpy butlers, and my very own wing where I can wear my princess dresses and do princess stuff and let's not forget the part where the prince comes to whisk me away to his even bigger castle and we all live happily ever after and spend his money. Yes, I'm materialistic—A girl has got to dream, sue me.But unlike most girls at almost twenty years old, deep down inside that abused heart of mine, I still cradle that dream like a newborn. Maybe it's a coping mechanism or maybe I'm just stupid.I chose to be with the Alpha because I was stupid. Because I let materi
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A new quest
CHAPTER SEVEN Alpha Jett's povMy alarm rang and I groaned before tuning to my left and faced the window where the rays shone on my face. I stared at the window for a while before I decided to sit up and yawned for a while. I stood up from the bed and walked over to the bathroom.I looked in the mirror and ran a hand through my hair as I stared at my face, I looked completely stressed; I had to do some things at my office before I could leave for the Paz pack and ever since I came, I'd been thinking of the perfect way to interrogate Luca that he wouldn't have the opportunity to deny anything or even escape the question. Body language was important and I had to be able to read his eyes in the short time I'd get after asking him the question to know if he's lying or not before he answers. I was still deep in my thoughts and plans when I unknowingly slept off… only to wake up late this morning. The event of two nights ago still heavy on my heart. I was a complete douche!I sighed and to
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CHAPTER EIGHT Eleanor's PovWaking up to the sound of the bell going off had become a norm for me. However, for the first time in years, I woke up content and enthusiastic. I hope it lasts for a while at least until I decide on what to do with my life or make it better by seeing my prince charming. I couldn't believe I dreamt about him.The same man that had haunted me in my sleep for the past two years suddenly showed up and I was having wet dreams of him!I knew he was bound to come to the pack at some point but I never expected it to be this soon…or late?Whatever…."Eleanor! you can't possibly stay in bed all day long the house isn't going to clean itself...we have quite a lot of things to do" Cora's voice reverberated in my head. I grunted and used a pillow to preseason my head."Eleanor fucking…." "Fine am up, am up OK?" I whispered to myself as I got up from my comfort zone.First, it was Angelo and Hunter, and now Cora. Soon it will be Alpha Luca himself coming to wake me up
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CHAPTER NINEELEANOR's POVWait what?“You are my mate, Lea. you are my destined wife” he growled.I hiccuped and swallowed. “It can't be…I obviously cannot be your mate…It must be a drunken mistake made by the Goddess.”I began to panic but Alpha Jett held me by my shoulders and shook me.“What nonsense are you saying? This…” he motioned between the two of us “this cannot be a blunder. It definitely isn't a mistake” “Oh, it is," I shook my head. “Everything about you has and always would be a mistake. I'd never accept you as my mate. Not after all what you did to me. As if fucking me and disappearing after wasn't enough, you suddenly showed up but completely ignored what happened between us. You did it as if it never happened. And now…now you say I am your mate? What a joke!'' I hissed. “I won't accept you as I'll never forgive you. You can go ahead and cry or search elsewhere” the hurt on his face was palpable and almost touchable. My wolf was grieving too but I was pulling every
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10| Plans and execution
CHAPTER TENAlpha Jett's povHer hands were a work of wonder. Her tiny fingers played on my chest and I fought the strong urge to sigh or moan in satisfaction at the feel of her soft delicate fingers against my body.She was really close too, and her scent was strong and flooded my nostrils. I felt ecstasy bounce through my whole body and I felt like I was on cloud nine when my eyes met hers and saw how vulnerable she looked at that moment.Her lashes fanned her cheekbones and her lips parted in shock, I could see the shock on her face from bumping into me but there was also a glimpse of want in the way her fingers lingered on my skin like she didn't want to let go and I was glad I wasn't the only one feeling this way. I masked it perfectly though because I had to be sure to not give myself away or whatever it was I was thinking.The satisfaction of seeing her affected by my presence and body made my insides tingle and I instinctively smirked at her as she looked up to look at me agai
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