Her Oasis; His Destruction

Her Oasis; His Destruction

By:  Twisted Ink  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Mariana, you know we shouldn't. . ." Lucius finally got the courage to speak. "Hush! Do not speak to me about that. It is you I want," She protested. "You are betrothed to my prince and the heir to the throne. I am nothing but a mere guard to the prince. If word gets out about what we're doing then he will surely have our heads," Lucius pointed out. Mariana stopped and gazed into Lucius' eyes. For a moment, she looked serious. Lucius was beginning to feel that he had succeeded in breaking past her stubbornness. Until she broke her silence. "Screw him. It is you I desired before. It is you I desire now. And it is you I will always desire. He can have my head, I don't care!" She exclaimed. *** When a dangerous love affair between a guard and a Prince's betrothed comes into play, what cruel fate will befall them? When love happens in the wrong places, can it ever be corrected? When a love triangle becomes a dangerous game with an obsessed prince, will the guard survive it? Mariana Rosette moves in with her aunt after losing her parents to a rabid beast attack. She comes home to find that her aunt has arranged her wedding with the Prince of Asgaria. Prince Leonard Luther. Instead of Mariana falling for the prince, she ends up falling for his scarred guard, Lucius. Amidst the dangerous love affair that comes into existence; strange beasts attack Asgaria and wish for it to crumble to its feet. War breaks out within the kingdom because of the dangerous game of love and the battle outside of the kingdom. There's nowhere to run to. None of the three are ready to give up. Only in death will it end. Who will get the girl?

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15 Chapters
He was sweating profusely.His heart hammered violently against his chest. The cold air around him was not helping his situation. He had found refuge in the empty barn as he believed this was the only place he could truly be left alone to face the devil of what was happening to him.He could see the shadows threatening to attack him. The only thing keeping them at bay was the little window which let in the crescent moonlight.The moonlight not only kept the shadows away but also illuminated his features. His dark curls were messed up above his head. One of the locs stuck to his wet forehead and he paid no attention to it. His light brown skin glistened in the moonlight. This was partly because he was still sweating. The light went on to fall over the silk white shirt he wore. It was opened at the chest, therefore, exposing the rich contours of his smooth chest. Sadly, the view came to an end above his navel. His dark brown breeches had become dirty due to the fact that he was sitting
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1. Glowing Gray Eyes
~ONE MONTH EARLIER~The atmosphere was cold, despite the fact that the sun was shining high in the sky. Maybe it was because of the towering trees that shielded the lives beneath from the sun's warmth. It could have also been because the sun had just begun to take its place in the sky. Or maybe it was because of the emptiness in Mariana Rosette's heart.Mariana's horse trotted through the quiet woods. Her two companions also followed quietly behind her on their horses. No one said a word.Her white mane suddenly neighed. This caused Mariana to reveal the hand that had been hidden safely behind her dark cloak. She placed her palm on its neck and gently caressed it."Not now, Calliope. Be calm," She told the horse.She moved her dark boots slightly on the dark saddle of the horse. The movement caused her brown riding dress to make ruffling sounds. She ignored it.She threw a short glance at her companions again. They were both of the male species and were old enough to be her fathers. T
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2. Threatened For Marriage
Mariana Rosette couldn't forget the gray eyes that she had encountered in the woods. Even as the iron gates of her aunt's courtyard came into view. Even as she examined the elegantly constructed mansion in which her aunt resides. Even as the horses came to a stop and she dismounted Calliope, the thought of those intriguing gray eyes never left her head."We're here Lady Mariana," Quin announced behind her.Mariana nodded and threw another scrutinizing stare at the mansion. It was still the way she remembered it when she visited as a child. It stood on its own in its magnificence. It had a rich mixture of expensive and exotic woods from the best parts of the world as well as bricks that decorated some parts of the wall. The house was the family home of the Romans, her mother's home. The Romans never had a male child and with Mariana's mother dead, every riches that they had was inherited by her aunt, Lydia Roman. Lydia was the same person who had become Mariana's new guardian as her
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3. Fiery Brown Eyes
There was confusion on his mind as he strolled through the castle corridors.He had tried to get her off his mind. He had tried to forget the incident but no matter what he did, her flawless skin kept coming back to his mind.Lucius made a right turn and spotted the stone stairway that he was about to ascend. Some maids passed by him and giggled suddenly. He chose to ignore them.His mind suddenly took him back to the forest. The only reason why he had been there in the first place was that he had been tracking down one of the beasts that had been terrorizing Asgaria. He had heard of the beast's stories in the pubs and inns that he visited. There had been people turning up missing or dead. The threat had become too much that even before Prince Leonard brought up the matter to him, he had already taken it upon himself to go hunting for it.He subconsciously brought his left hand to the scar on the left side of his face. When he realized what he was doing, he dropped his hand to his sid
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4. The Meeting
Mariana's eyes were squeezed shut."What is the name of your horse again? Ah, yes, Calliope. It will be really devastating if some bad misfortune were to befall the poor horse. It's up to you though, if the horse will remain safe or not," Lydia's threat came back to Mariana's thought.It still baffled Mariana that her aunt had dared to threaten her. All this was happening because she was an orphan now. It was happening because those beasts had murdered her parents that day. If her parents had still been alive, then she would have been in the safety of her room, not bothered at all about some rich and spoilt prince that whom her aunt had arranged a marriage for her."I am done my Lady," Leandra whispered.This caused Mariana's eyes to fly open. She had totally forgotten that Leandra was in the room with her. She had forgotten that Leandra had been dressing her hair. She had zoned out to another episode of her many thoughts.Mariana stared at herself in the mirror. She looked different.
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5. A Chat Alone
"Let's go sit in the dining room and have some breakfast. I'm sure you're hungry from your journey here," Lydia began. She was trying desperately to kill whatever atmosphere that her niece had managed to create. She was hell-bent on making the marriage proposal work."That is a good idea," Leonard agreed and he followed Lydia to the dining room.The place was already prepared with all sorts of food. It was like a mini feast. Leonard corked his brows in amazement. He had heard that Lydia also knew how to play a good host but he had not known to what extent. She really was good at it.Lydia gestured at the seats for them. "Please, do sit here," She announced and both men took their seats.Then Lydia turned to Sarah, Leandra and Cassandra who had been waiting in the room for them. She gave them silent instructions to begin serving the prince. They nodded and immediately began to fulfill their duties.Mariana was about to take her seat when her aunt gave her a naughty look."Mariana dear,
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6. Hunting The Beast
He stalked through the woods.He was as quiet as ever. He moved like his feet never touched the ground. He moved like there weren't thorns in the bushes. His eyes glowed as he listened for any other sound that was unnatural to the forest. He listened for any disturbance. Any extra sound.Lucius could feel that he was close to catching the beast. He had to put an end to it immediately for it was terrorizing too many people.There was a thick fog around him. Probably because the sun was yet to rise. His cloak gave him some form of cover and the fog also hid his location. His gray eyes glowed even brighter as he moved. He could feel it in his guts that he was close. Suddenly, he heard a twig snap behind him. He whipped his head to the back immediately to see what it was. It was pointless for he could barely see due to the fog.The forest immediately grew too quiet. Even the birds which had been calling before had stopped. It was as if the forest could feel the tension in the air. Lucius
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7. A Message From The Prince
Mariana Rosette rode Calliope in silence as she neared her aunt's home. There were multiple thoughts in her head. She was thinking about Lucius' gray eyes. She was thinking about the beasts he described. How much they resembled the beasts who had attacked her hometown.Had these same beasts followed her all the way here? Was the world not safe anymore? Where had these beasts been this entire time? Why had they come up now? Why were they attacking and terrorising humans now? What did they hope to gain?Mariana rode into the courtyard. She dismounted her horse. "You did good today Calliope," She patted the animal.Calliope whinnied in response. Mariana led Calliope to the stables. She reached the entrance and met Jasper at the doorway looking worried. When he spotted Calliope, he breathed a sigh of relief."For a moment, I thought I had lost your horse. You could have informed me that you were going to ride her. I would have prepared Calliope for you myself," Jasper began.Mariana shru
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8. Alone With Him Again
Lucius could not take his eyes off Mariana. He felt something deep within him fighting to be unleashed and run to Mariana. He wanted to grab her badly and pull her into his arms. He wanted to plant kisses on her neck. He wanted to plant kisses all over her delicate body. He craved to plant kisses at that spot between her legs. He broke away from her intense burning brown eyes. She wasn't his. She was Leonard's. It was treason to think about the prince's woman in this way. He could be killed for it. It was dangerous to have her on his mind.But her smile was too beautiful to ignore. The smile she had on her face made his heart pump out blood faster than normal. It made him feel more alive than he had ever felt. That was going to be pure torture. Why had Leonard chosen him to get Mariana to the castle? He was going to have to spend the entire ride alone with her. How was he going to control himself and stop himself from touching her? He was very sure that the moment he made contact wit
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9. A Royal Breakfast
Leonard Luther stirred in his bed. Yesterday had been quite tedious with all the travels. But it was worth it since he got to set eyes on one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever crossed paths with all his life.His eyes flew open and he sat up. There was a naked woman lying beside him. She hadn't satisfied him as much as he had imagined she would. She was one of the new maids that were assigned to his wing of the palace. Probably she hadn't been satisfying enough because his brain was already thinking up ways that he could have his way with her. For that reason, no one else satisfied him."My prince, you're awake," The maiden said as she sat up.Her blond hair fell over her back but her breasts were left exposed as she sat up. She had seductive eyelashes which she never missed a chance to flutter around. Her green eyes stared at the Prince's icy blue eyes hoping to get him to have another go at her.Leonard only stared at her disgustingly. He was already bored with her but t
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