Again with the Billionaire

Again with the Billionaire

By:  nabi  Ongoing
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After a rollercoaster year of joy and loss, Noah Darius Dalton has handed the divorce papers to Averill Hursen, his wife. He married her because of the child she was carrying but now that the child is dead, he has no reason to stay married to the woman. Averill left without a word. Leaving Noah confused with his feelings after dating her for a month. And what made him even more mad was when he learned about her pregnancy again. She's, for the second time around, carrying his child. Noah knew what to do that time, still confused whether he had feelings for the woman, he looked for her in the pretense of searching for his child.

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113 Chapters
Noah's head felt like splitting in half. He could not even remember what had happened last night. He looked around the room, and rage filled his nerves. The woman, still sleeping soundly beside him, looked disgusting in his eyes. Noah felt like vomiting at the sight of the woman and the idea of what could've happened between them last night. Noah immediately sits up and wakes her up. She slowly opened her eyes, blinded by the rays of the sun that were eating up her sight. The woman did not recognize the man. Not until she recovered her vision. She's fucked up. She jumped out of bed and covered her naked body with the comforter, leaving the man sitting on the king-sized bed naked. "Shit." he cursed. Averill covered her eyes and sat on the cold floor. She could not breathe well. Her mind is full of whats and whys. What the hell happened last night? Why is he here with her? What did they do together to wake up naked to each other? And what will happen now that something might re
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Chapter 1: The Agreement
Averill woke up with an unfamiliar ceiling. She groaned in pain when she tried to sit. Sam entered the room and was surprised to see her awake. "Avi! My god," she helped her sit and gave her a glass of warm water. "I'll call a doctor. Wait here," but Averill grabbed her hand. "W-What happened?" her hoarse voice sounded so weak to Sam's ears. She caressed her cheek and smiled. Sam doesn't know what to tell her. Averill looks like a frail figure in Sam's eyes at the moment. A young girl, eighteen years younger than her, had to experience this. She got a bright future ahead, and she couldn't imagine what her reaction would be once she heard the news of her pregnancy. What happened? Averill is the type of woman who refuses to date anyone despite it adding a boost to her image. She simply refuses to enter into any relationship. Was this connected to what happened to her last time? When Sam saw her walking lifelessly three weeks ago? That was her sister's engagement party if Sam recall
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Chapter 2: Bad Memory
Noah tossed and turned on his bed all night. He couldn't get a wink of sleep at all. His mind kept returning to the image of Averill walking away from him at the hospital to take care of the reporters. 'She set that up herself to corner me, tsk.' "Here is your schedule for today, Sir-- did you not sleep well last night? Come to think of it, you asked me for a plane ticket and canceled it at the last minute," Karl complained. He had been Noah's secretary since he was in his teens, and he had already memorized the character of the young man. He's not the type to change his mind at the last minute. "What did you talk about with Ms. Averill Hursen?" "Our marriage," Noah casually replied, like what he said was as simple as watching a movie together. "Your what? Are you insane? Didn't you say you love her sister? You even proposed to her!!" Karl cannot wrap his head around what's happening. Marriage? With that woman? Averill is a lovely girl, but she is someone that Noah hates to the
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Chapter 3: Preparation
Everyone has their own wedding preferences. Be it in church, beach, garden, or even yacht. Someone can even get married while scuba diving as long as they can get their wedding administrator to deliver the ceremony. Throughout the generations, silly and creative ideas about weddings have been brought to light. And every woman has their own dream wedding. A wedding where they can get genuinely emotional. A wedding they will never forget for the rest of their lives... A marriage that came out of their dreams. Even Averill Hursen, who never really cares about anything fancy, has her own dream wedding. It wasn't anything grand. It won't be about a vast church with gracious decorations nor a lavish wedding to which everyone was invited. Averill never thought of any of those. She... she just wants to get married to the man she loves. The man she dreamt of marrying every night she knelt and prayed. The man she never thought she'll marry... 'A week? Sounds good,' she thought when she hea
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Chapter 4: Runaway Groom
Averill has been staring at the ceiling for hours now. She didn't sleep at all, be it excitement, or maybe she just could not sleep. It is understandable. It's her wedding day. She tried getting up and instantly felt dizzy. She pushed her arm against the wall for support and closed her eyes. 'I need to prepare early,' It would be a simple wedding. A few of Averill's senior and junior colleagues sent a confirmation for their presence. Well, they could not decline despite their busy schedule... A famous director will not take on their projects if they don't attend the wedding. Averill got closer to them... she naturally attracted them with her pure personality. Most of them even attend her fan signing and movie launch. Averill's eyes widened when she saw Sam and Ken in her unit early in the morning. "It's thirty past five. What are you doing here? The wedding will be at four in the afternoon," "And when will you prepare? You are beautiful, Averill, but let us do this to make yo
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Chapter 5: The Wedding
Chapter 5 The waves of reporters subsided after Noah ran through the door. They eventually followed him and left the place with no more than three reporters who stayed with Averill. Her eyes were glued to the place where she last saw Noah. His back vanished into thin air, "Ms. Averill Hursen?" She regained her trance as the camera's flash hurt her eyes. She then smiled at them and continued walking in the aisle. To the altar, without the groom waiting for her. 'It was supposed to be like this anyway. He doesn't love me. Of course, he'll choose his sick girlfriend,' Every step seemed like a thousand pounds that'll make a hole in the ground. At last, Averill takes the last step onto the altar. The noises from around the chapel became visible to her hearing, but she stayed composed. Averill hugged her manager and director before they unwillingly let go of her hands. She walked to the altar alone. Faced the priest and held the bouquet of white roses tight. "Should we wait for the g
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Chapter 6: Stranded
Noah arrived with the sun setting. He waled out of his car and went inside the huge villa. He found no one welcoming him. It was oddly quiet. He wrinkled his nose and looked at his phone. It's a weekday, helpers should be around by this time. He walked around the place and finally found an old woman carrying a tray of cookies. She recognized him immediately and greeted him. "What are you doing here, sir? If you would let me ask," "Where is that woman?" he hurriedly asked. "That woman? Oh, you mean your wife?" She laughed awkwardly. She was confused for a moment but smiled at Noah. 'My wife? Hah! She's going around announcing that absurd thing?' "Forget it, lead me to her," she simply nodded and led him to the garden where Averill is staying. They are meters away from it but Noah can visibly hear the laughter from the place. He felt light in his heart and surprisingly, it catches his attention. At sight, the woman who caused him so much dilemma is laughing with all the other staf
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Chapter 7: His Reason
Noah opened her eyes when the ray of sun landed on it. It's morning. And the weather is already calm. He looked around the room and found a beautiful woman, sleeping beside him. Her long lashes casted shadowon her face when the sun's ray visited it. 'Last night...' Noah doesn't know what to feel about what happened last night. *** The staff running around stopped when they saw Noah carrying Averill down the stairs. They looked like a fantasy couple, like a prince who saved the princess from war. They all smiled inside their hearts before continuing what they were doing. Noah went straight to the dining and carefully placed her on her seat. He was about to leave but Averill did not let go of her. "Must I feed you now?" he sarcastically asked. No one was inside the dining but the two of them. "The utensils are too heavy for me," she told him. Averill let go of his shirt before trying to eat by herself but her weak wrist gave up. The spoon fell on her lap along with the hot porridge
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Chapter 8: New Mansion
As what Lea had told them, after a week, they both moved in the new mansion that Noah's parents bought. It was a huge one for Noah's preference. He's a minimalistic type and all the fancy decorations; paintings, sculptures, and luxurious displays that welcomed them in the hallway gave him a headache. He gave his coat to the maid that reached for it before heading upstairs. There are a bunch of room, it's a two-storey mansion but the land it occupies is quite big. 'Why would they buy this bg of a mansion when we'd only have a child?' Noah checked each bedroom before proceeding to the master's, as he presumed. There's one huge bed in the middle, unlike the interior downstairs, the room suits his taste. Everything inside was how he wants a room should look like. The colors were neutral, almost the earthly ones. There are few plants that accented the place and the huge glass window with thin curtains from ceiling down to the floor is just perfect for his preference. The only thing
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Chapter 9: Lies become truth sometimes
After the meeting ended, Karl gave Noah his next agenda. The latter gave him a glare before walking to his office. Karl was left dumbfounded, he wsa just doing his job on reminding him that he still got plenty of meeting to attend to that day but he glared at him?Is this a sign to finally resign? He sighed, remembering the amount Noah's paying him. 'It's too good of a catch for me to just let go. Few more years, Karl. Few more years,' he told himself until he reached his boss's office only to find Noah packing his things.Karl looked at his newly bought wristwatch, 'This can't be broken, I just bought this last Wednesday! So, are my eyes fooling me? Is the workaholic Noah really packing his things at 4 in the afternoon?!!' he could not get his eyes off Noah until the latter gave him a soft punch on the side."What are you looking at? Follow me, you'll drive for me. I didn't bring my car," he walked out of the office, leaving Karl speechless."Where should I bring you?""To the new ma
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