When Arrows Fly

When Arrows Fly

By:  XxBlueBlusherxX  Completed
Language: English
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She was a cupid sesperate of finding love. What happens when she finds the original Cupid? What if he doesn't want anything to do about love? And what will she do when she realizes that she has a past with him? Will she be able to endure the pain? Would he care about her? There are things that are better to be left in the past but sometimes, the past doesn't need to be left out. Will they be able to fall in love again?

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99 Chapters
Chapter 1 CAELUMI stared.I couldn’t believe how a human can appear so perfect like a god, with no traces of faults. Her beauty is incomparable: Her supple lips, her glowing skin and her eyes that lure me closer. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.Her face held some kind of sweet innocence to them, I find it hard to believe. She looks serene and peaceful–I wanted to lie down and look at her all day. Her eyes caught light and I have to remind myself to breathe as I got lost in the deepest forest that held my entirety. “You are here again, ” I whispered, careful not to break this moment. My heart that was gone, seems to have jumped inside of my chest, thudding in a hopeful way.I felt like the ground was pulled under my feet. She smiles at me and held out her hand. I trembled, quite ashamed for I feel like I am not worthy to touch her. I look down and noticed that she was naked, holding a leaf over her private parts, merely covering her glorious body.She looks lovely. “How come
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Chapter 2CAELUMI watch as the little kid ran to his parents – He looks so vulnerable, so innocent for he is young.He isn’t corrupted by life yet, his innocence still intact.The sight of him made me reminisce the day I arrived here on Earth as a young child as I felt like it happened only yesterday. Oblivion is a blessing and it is the only thing I brought with me, along with a new identity–a new soul. I was crying even if it was a beautiful day after a storm, scared and lost, just as a little child should be. The mortals took pity on me and they took me in. They were kind and treated me like their own–they became my parents.They love me greatly only to die because of what I have done. I shouldn’t have changed those steel arrows into gold. If I knew that it will help Hades in tracking me down, I would’ve abandoned the thought of shooting arrows. I am not aware that I had the power to give love and that’s my greatest mistake. Love made me bitter, and love is the reason why I am
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Chapter 3CAELUMI blew a sigh, deciding that I should let my feet lead the way. I sneaked at the couple who are fighting over diaper duty, and sniffed on the argument, puffing more chaos. Ha! Serves them right. They can fight all day for all I care. What matters is my beats and the arguments they have. I take my words back; I love this life.My next stop was the restaurants. Not here for the food for my body, but for my soul. They are the source of every heated argument, from jealousy to misunderstanding to chaos. Getting into work, I push the man who is holding his girlfriend on his arms so that they trip. It seems that the situation is not worse so I made a move with the girl’s hair and make it tangle over the foot of table of the couple nearby. This is getting heated! Couple A was bickering and it didn't help that couple B were also joining in, rapid French spouting from their mouth as they fought over whose fault it is. I took a plentiful of sniff before a puff of white f
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Chapter 4 RUBIN“Don’t yeh mention this stupid selection ever ‘gain, George. I am warning yeh!” I paused, trying to strain my ear, not believing my ears of what I am hearing. Of those seventeen years I have spent living with them, I have never heard Aunt Lilia argue with my Uncle George like this–very unlikely for her to lash out so early considering that she was a morning person. “I am warning yeh, George, not a word of this to her!” “Lilia, dear, you don’t understand–”“What point do I need ter understand? Rubin stays ‘ere as long as she likes. I don’t care what yer mother says, or yer blasted brother–end of discussion.” Her paddling feet made me retreat back upstairs to my room but she saw me, a wrinkle in between her furrowed brows. “Rubin! Have yeh been eavesdropping?” Her solid blue eyes were freezing me on the spot that I have to avert my eyes and shake my head ‘no’. Aunt Lilia appeared in her fluttery pink apron that hug her rather plump body I’ve grown to love ever since
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Chapter 5 RUBIN“Heather, Dew,”“Here, miss.”“Hearthrowe, Isabelle,”“Here, miss.” I rolled my eyes as I hear my cousin’s voice that resembles a poisoned honey. Ugh.I let go of the door silently, cringing as it creeks, while I hasten, proceeding up the middle row. “Hearthrowe, Rubin,” Professor Bow look up from her list and saw me halfway through the room. She reckoned me to a seat next to my cousin Belle and repeat my name, “Hearthrowe, Rubin?” “He-Here,” I cleared my throat and huffed, “Here, miss.” Professor Bow gave me a kind smile, mentioning the students on her list and finishing it with Zeal, Rose. “Good morning my dear students!" I glance at Professor Bow as she flew up the platform, her bright yellow wings trailing behind her along with her long white robe, resembling a wedding trail. "Today, we are going to have the Sagittis : focusing on the art of making arrows. Everyone, please bring out your sets." My fellow students shuffled on their seats as they took their twigs
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Chapter 6RUBIN“Get a move now, George!”“But Lilia, she is still sleeping. I do not–”“What? Tell me more of yer lame reasons, aye? We know we cannot delay. She have a hard time alrigh’, but she has to prepare. Like righ’ now!” I could hear a set of feet shuffling across the floor and I hastily turn my back against the door, biting my lip as I hear it open. "Rubin, I know yer awake. Yeh don't sleep with yer mouth closed." Oh, okay then. I opened my mouth, and continue to pretend to be asleep. "Francesca Rubin--""Okay, okay. I'm up, already! Don't get your knickers twisted up your bottoms, Aunt Lilia." Well, that earned me a pillow zooming on my direction and hitting me on the head. I collapsed on the bed dramatically, snickering. “A-a-ouch!” I put both of my hands on my forehead, pretending to be hurt. Aunt Lilia shakes her head at me before throwing another pillow. Uncle George sat down on my bed and gave me a smile, “I’ve heard what happen, I can’t believe you finish as first.
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Chapter 7RUBIN"Rubin, I know. I'm sorry, if I say that but we love you so much and we don't want you to end up with the same fate as your father. And if I might add," Uncle Cedric sigh, his hands still on my face. "Well, we do not know... we have not confirm it but," Uncle George’s voice trembled as he continued "we–I mean, I–think that your mother is still alive." That made me stare at my uncle, examining his eyes of any trace of tricks or maliciousness but I saw nothing. With a watery smile, I captured the both of them in my arms and cried. After a few moments, Aunt Lilia told my Uncle to go off since she is going to prepare me for the ceremony. I had my bath, consisting of precious oils and scents from the tree blossoms, allurements essential for my mission. After I had finished my bath, I help myself on some plain white cotton dress, the sleeves shrug down on my shoulder like wings as she hang the nets on my back.Oh wings! I'm going to have my wings today.I wiggled my shoul
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Chapter 8RUBINLet me get this straight, the entrance to earth is through a door. I can’t believe it was just behind a door! I carefully put my foot down on the platform and was shocked when the crowd of people come bustling out of the door with me. They carried me out, muttering about clothes and businesses and how I’m so slow. Once I am down on my feet, I look back and see the door quickly closing. The arrow on the sides began moving upwards and I was momentarily struck with curiousity as I look at it.What a fascinating door it was! I wonder how humans master this locomotive magic that they have– I might be able to learn it as I settle here on earth. Shaking my wings on my back, I smiled and turn around, observing the humans as they talk so differently. They almost sound like bees, buzzing.It wasn't really annoying , in general, I find them very entertaining!“I can’t believe this,” I bounded towards them, delighted of what I am seeing. I lingered next to the hustle and bustl
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Chapter 9RUBINI drift through the crowd, smiling at them. Though, as time pass by, I grew tired of smiling and my lips turned into pouts. Why are these people ignoring me? Am I invisible now? But how? I haven’t tried to put some enchantments on me, yet. I started crossing the street and stared at my reflection in the mirror. Well, I am pretty much visible still, so why are they ignoring me?Maybe they just do not care.This is what Gaeans do all the time: they live to work in order to survive. Not like us, Erosians, who are free to roam and do whatever we like. I pity them sometimes. Still feeling down, I decided that I should probably start taking my job, seriously. It is better if I get to finish my job earlier so I can have more time to search for my mom. I wonder if she is still alive. Would I recognize her even without remembering her face? I have to find her even though I am not certain of her whereabouts. I know it will be hard since I have no idea how and where to start bu
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Chapter 10RUBINI held on the lamp post as I struggled to stand. I regret looking behind me to see one of my wing fluttering hopelessly while the other hang on my back like an over size cape, limp and wet with pink liquid– Erosian blood. I look around to see the streets empty, the crowd gone because of the sudden rain.To my great luck, the rain poured harder upon me, soaking me through. I sigh and pulled my wings closer, hoping to provide warmth to my drenched body. I thought rain is pretty sight here on earth like how they tell it in the books, but now I know that it isn’t. Specially when you were kicked out or should I say, pushed down? I shivered as thunder rumbled in the distance, already regretting my decision of chasing after the guy. Oh, please don’t make it rain harder!I was so used to being safe and sound back in Eros watching over earth as it rained. I had longed to experience the feeling of raindrops on my skin but now, I do not know if I should be crying because I cou
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