The Mysterious Wife

The Mysterious Wife

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Eve Bloom is not the type of woman to open her legs for any man she comes across, but Henry Richards was a different treat. After being kicked out from her ex's engagement party, she has a One-night stand with Henry Richards, the Billionaire who has an invincible wife no one has ever seen. Eve Bloom hates cheaters and is determined to reveal to Henry's wife that he's cheating on her—except she actually doesn't exist.

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162 Chapters
Chapter One
The sound of alarms is traumatizing. Eve let out a loud groan and aggressively pushed her mobile phone out of her bed. The lucky phone landed on her rumpled clothes on the floor, closer to the bed. "Bloody alarm." she blurted and sat up. Sleep had eluded her and after finally falling asleep around 5:00 am that morning, the disturbing alarm had to awaken her to the reality of life. It was 7 am. Eve had been trying to reach out to her boyfriend all through the night but all her efforts were futile. "Oh my God!" she gasped and jumped out of the bed. She grabbed the phone from the floor and flipped it around, checking whether it had sustained breaks from the fall. After being satisfied with her inspection, she swiped up the phone screen but the phone seemed to be glaring at her. "What the hell?" a disappointed Eve lamented and moved to the white tiled floor with her back against the bed. Her boyfriend didn't return the twenty-five missed calls and neither did he text her back. Eve imm
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Chapter Two
Eve and Olivia stepped out of Eve's apartment and about an hour later, they were seated in their favorite hair salon. After making their hair, the ladies agreed to meet at the entrance of Romeo's club that evening at exactly 6 pm.Back at the hair salon, Olivia noticed how lost Eve was. She was as silent as a ghost and didn't respond after the hairstylists repeatedly asked her about the hairstyle she wanted. Olivia had to choose one for her.Olivia felt sorry for her best friend. She knew how much Eve loved Devin and how she revered him. She always talked about settling with him and him breaking up with her without any valid reason was what Olivia found cruel. She knew Eve was in so much pain.After they were done in the salon, Olivia offered to accompany Eve back to her home and comfort her but Eve wouldn't oblige. "I will be okay. I'll see you by 6 pm sharp," she replied with a reassuring smile. Olivia reluctantly agreed and they departed to their various apartments.Eve sluggishly
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Chapter Three
Olivia ran to Eve's side and held her hands. "Are you okay?" she asked with her gaze fixed on the shattered glass that slipped out of Eve's hand. Eve's eyes were fixated on the stage.Eve slowly lifted her hand, pointing toward the stage with her lips trembling. The people were engrossed in the speech still ongoing by the master of the ceremony."What is wrong with you Eve? Who are you pointing at?" asked a confused Olivia. Eve tried to speak but no words came out of her mouth.Meanwhile, Devin and Eve had been dating for four months and Olivia had never met him. Whenever Eve fixed an appointment with Devin to meet up with her best friend, he always came up with an excuse that prevented him from meeting with Olivia.He claims to be always on business trips and Olivia only got the chance to speak to him once in a while via Eve's phone."Devin... That's Devin." Eve stammered with two fingers pointing at the soon-to-be groom on the stage. Devin and his fiancee were exchanging smiles.Oli
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Chapter Four
The late evening breeze blew cold air outside and there was no doubt that the night was going to be a cold one. For those in a romantic relationship, it was the ideal night to make love.Outside Romeo's bar, Eve had just been dumped like a piece of the garbage next to Olivia who had gotten up from the floor and was dusting off dirt from her dress.The bouncer dumped Eve next to her best friend at a corner outside and before he returned to the club he charged the security guys outside to prevent Olivia and Eve from getting inside if they dared attempt.Even sat on the cold floor with her legs stretched forth and was crying uncontrollably. Olivia moved closer to her, she bent over and wrapped her arms around Eve, pulling her into a tight hug."Everything will be okay. That man doesn't deserve your tears." Olivia consoled and stroke Eve's back tenderly."Devin had me thrown out like a piece of shit." Even lamented with tears streaming down her cheeks. "He kicked me out and..." she stamme
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Chapter Five
"Olivia is that you?" Eve demanded and placed her left hand on the hand around her waist. Then she felt a bulge behind her and she knew it was a man standing behind her with his hands around her. "How dare you?" Eve screamed and turned around with her left arm lifted to the sky, ready to strike the man, standing hard behind her. Even though she was in a drunken state, Eve could sense the situation she was in. When she saw the face of the culprit, Eve gasped for breath and her lifted palm slowly went down. "Are you okay?" came his deep voice. "I just want us to dance," he added. Eve's jaw dropped. Who could this man be? she thought with her eyes fixed on his well-sculptured eyebrows. His hands were still around her waist. Eve moved her eyes to his forest-green eyes and then t
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Chapter six
Eve ascended from the large bed with the sheet wrapped around her naked body. She went to the window by her right and looked down at the vacant balcony. She instantly felt a sharp pain across her forehead. She held her forehead with one hand and slightly groaned while taking a few steps backward. She sat by the edge of the bed."What on earth have I gotten myself into?" she lamented while shaking her head in regret at how much she had to drink the night before.Eve then shut her eyes and flashes of a strange man dipping his head in between her thighs came running through the screen of her mind. She opened her eyes immediately and jumped out of the bed again.She couldn't deny the fact that the man-made her feel good and his energy was unmatched. However, what bothered Eve the most was that she couldn't recall what he looked like and his name had suddenly been wiped off from her memory. She groaned. "You are so stupid Eve." she cursed herself for getting entangled in such a sweet mes
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Chapter Seven
 "Why are you staring at your phone like that?" The driver questioned Eve and folded his arms across his chest. Eve lowered the phone from her face to her chest and sighed. "I'm sorry. My battery died." "What? " The driver smiled mischievously and moved closer to Eve.  He eyed her and smirked. "Listen to me." began Eve while placing one hand on her forehead, the other on her waist. "I don't mean for all this to happen." "You are such a liar." "What? How dare you call me that?"  "Yes. You heard me right. You are a lia
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Chapter Eight
Henry came out of the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist. He rolled his eyes around the suite looking for the woman who made his night remarkable but she was nowhere to be found.Henry smiled as flashes of last night's event came running through his mind. Such a bold lady he commented in his mind as he recounted the way she kept guiding his boner into her. Most of the women he had been with would prefer to lie still like a plank while he thrust till he was done. Last night was different. For the first time in forever, he felt that he wasn't the only one doing the dirty work for Eve reciprocated every move and he loved the way their bodies communicated even though it was their first sex.He couldn't deny the fact that he loved the way Eve told him to go harder and when he stopped to wonder whether she loved it slowly. Henry chuckled and hopped on the bed. He liked the way she guided his mouth down there and brushed his hair while he ate her. He also loved the way she wrapped
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Chapter Nine
Dane put his right hand into his left pocket and drew out a slim plastic lid containing mint, he popped a mint into his mouth and kept the plastic back to its previous position. He stood up from the sofa and sales towards the bar stand opposite Henry, he took calculated steps all the while flashing Henry a leering grin. It was obvious he was testing Henry's patience and Henry wasn't having any of it. "Cut the crap Dane, how do we find her," Henry snapped dashing towards the bar stand Dane was headed. He was sure Dane wanted to pour himself the half bottle of scotch he had left. Henry glared at Dane and poured himself a large quantity of the scotch, slamming the remaining on the table. The both of them shared a knowing glance, they both were aware of the game Dane was playing, sometimes in the previous week, Henry had something of importance to tell Dane and had pushed him to his limit before finally spewing the news. Henry knew this was Dane's way of paying him back. Meanwhile,
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Chapter Ten
Eve groaned as she saw the name popping on her phone screen, it was Olivia, and the call ended as she was about to pick up, she tried calling her back and was astounded to see she had missed Olivia's call ten times already.When She rang Olivia back, her stomach was tied in a knot in fear, Olivia didn't call this repeatedly except she was in trouble. Olivia picked up the call in seconds."What the hell Eve, I was about to come to your place, I was worried sick when you didn't pick up, are you alright?" Olivia asked, sounding very worried.Eve sighed in relief. "I'm fine Olivia, you scared me, why would you call ten times?".Eve could hear Olivia curse under her breath. " You didn't pick on the second and third rings, which was unusual, so I kept calling." "That was absurd. Why did you call?""I just wanted to be sure you weren't home moping for that bastard and also confirm if you were ready to go back to the bar." Eve's eyes flew wide, she had forgotten she was supposed to be at th
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