Claiming the Ruthless CEO

Claiming the Ruthless CEO

By:  xxJabami  Ongoing
Language: English
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Beatrix Fernando, a waitress in a club destined to be the pretend wife of one of the most sought after bachelors in the world. Just to pay for her brothers’ operation, she agreed to be Apollo’s bride. She promised herself that she would not fall for Apollo but her life became more complicated when one day, she woke up deeply in love with him. Apollo Cartier is strict and heartless. In order to secure his position as the president of his father’s company, he needed to bring a wife so he made a deal with Beatrix. She pretends to be tough and endured everything even though she’s broken inside, not until she finds out that she’s carrying the heartless man’s child. Will she tame her heartless husband or will she run away keeping the fact that she’s pregnant?

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6 Chapters
The First Encounter
RIX P.O.V“Rix, table number 6!” Harley, our bartender shouted."Coming!"I picked up the tray containing beer and some food before heading to table 6."Here you go gentlemen!" I put their order to their table.“Thank you Rix!” One of them shouted.I winked at them before returning to the counter. The bar where I work is full as usual, it has just opened but it seems that the name became famous among the people already. Thanks to that, it was not difficult for the management to get a customer, we’re also grateful because apart from more customers and good business, our manager is kind enough to give us a bonus apart from our salary. Just like today, the night isn't that deep yet but the place is almost full.People don't care about the expensive entrance fee, drinks and other services."Rix, room 3 please!"I went to the counter again to pick up the order. It isn't much this time. A bucket of ice, an expensive drink and a few snacks are the only included.Looks like someone's going
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Meeting The Bestfriend
RIX P.O.V"Good morning Rix," nurse Joana greeted me."Good morning too."Several other nurses greeted me as I walked down the hallway. Carrying the bouquet I had bought from the florist that I passed. I went to Andrei's room.It was on the second floor of the building. When I arrived, I found the nurse watching over my brother's condition. She's fixing items inside Andrei's room."Good morning, nurse Josi," I said.She also greeted me back. I put the flower on the table next to the hospital bed."How is Andrei?"She smiled at me, "He's okay, Rix. He'll get better soon as long as he continues his medicine."I smiled at what I heard. "Thank you."We talked a little more before she said goodbye and that she still needed to do more rounds with other patients.I approached my brother after the nurse left. Compared to his appearance when I first brought him here, he is in good condition now. He is no longer that thin and pale.“Get well, Drei….” I caressed his forehead. It's been almost
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Strange Things Started to Happen
RIX P.O.V The man beside me said, would he be just fine if this man kill's me? I want to shout at them but I am too afraid because they're holding a gun right now. I can feel that I am too powerless and I am just a small prey standing between them."I will really shoot her." Said by the man in front of me again.No, please… Don't shoot me! Please! Don't do this to me, I am innocent!"I told you I don't care if you shoot her, so do it."The man beside us points the gun he is holding to the man in front of me.What is he doing?Isn't he supposed to help me? I didn't do anything wrong to deserve this!I look at him with pleading eyes but he seems not to notice me because his attention is directed to the man in front of me."Shoot her, I will kill you no matter what anyways." The man in front of me looks hesitant. He looks mad but there's something in his eyes showing that he is having a hard time shooting me.Please don't shoot me! I close my eyes as I don't want to see this anymore.
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The Official Day of Serving Elite Customers
RIX's P.O.V "Ha…" I opened my eyes because I felt the sweat on my neck. It's early in the morning but I am sweating… I suddenly remembered what happened yesterday and the other day. There are lots of nerve wrecking events that happened and if my life is in a movie I am sure that I would be famous by now because of the plot twists and life lessons in my life. Sometimes, I wonder what my life would be like if both my parents didn't die. Will I be professional in the field that I chose? Maybe if both of my parents are still alive they are giving us the love and care that we need then I don't need to do something like this. I know that my father left a huge sum of debt to us but for sure if they're still alive they will not let us suffer like this. Although my parents seem to be troublesome, they never neglected us and they never wished for us to suffer at a young age. They're working hard even though the number of work that they know is limited, they never went home without fo
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Where Am I?
RIX'S P.O.V"Come one, strip now, baby." A man with a trashy attitude said, teasing me. I just laughed awkwardly to avoid showing my disgusted face on him.I am now serving elite foreign customers as per Madam Glo's command.Although she doesn't want to put me here, she doesn't have a choice as we don't have anyone free when the customers arrive. I, myself, don't have a choice since I need money desperately. These customers come here often when it's the end of the month but except Carla, one of the girls here, there's no other girl who would want to serve them.That's because they're disgusting…I wonder how Carla can keep up with them,. they're perverts and corny, to be honest. Plus, their breath stinks… "I like seeing new girls here, I'll give you tips!" My eyes widened when I heard it, that's right! Give me that! My smile automatically brightens after they give me tips, all those hardships paid off! "Phew!"I wiped the sweat on my forehead."That's rough!" I exited the eli
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RIX'S P.O.V"What are you talking about? What do you mean you kidnapped me?"I look at them confused, are they serious right now?The one in front of me met my gaze and said."We have something important to say to you, Miss.""What is it? But can you let go of me first? It's uncomfortable…""Oh yes sure of course!"The guy on my right removed the tie on my wrist."So what are you going to say to me?"I ask them while I am massaging my wrist, it's aching a little because of the rope's friction on it."Maybe we should change location first?'The guy on the left side.We all agreed to him because it is really uncomfortable talking here as we are all seated on the floor.They guided me to a room where everything looks expensive. I feel like we are in a five-star hotel and everything around me might break when I touch it.Just who are they and what do they want from me? Who is in their right mind to kidnap someone just because they want to say something?What if they are bad people and th
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