The Captured Rebel Is The President's Pair

The Captured Rebel Is The President's Pair

By:  Nora_S  Completed
Language: English
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This story is about fated love and second chances, a beautiful and strong female that has many suitors, each of them has something different to offer. So who will she choose? In a world where women and men have drifted miles apart and no longer live together, Amalthea, one of the first supporters to have tipped the scale towards a successful women revolution, discovers by accident that her fated pair is in fact the current president of the much antagonized men living on their own island and preparing for a revolution of their own.

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87 Chapters
He Rejected Me
Legends said that when a drop of blood from a nymph fell to the ground, a red rose grew in its place. Having never experienced it before, Amalthea wondered if she was soon to find out. As she surrendered herself to the cross in the middle of the colosseum, her eyes that were glued to the ground rose lazily after detecting his magnetic field. He was finally approaching, she suddenly felt alive again, and her eyes were eager to hug the image of the man behind her current dilemma. She whispered a now familiar plea to the water that hid deep in the ground where no man can see, a couple of obedient drops formed in her eyes on command. Once her pair looked her way, and she became sure that she was in the line of his mortal visual perception, the water drops slid down her cheeks, creating the perfect special effect she asked the water for. “Do you come to me with an answer?” Her voice shook like the notes played by the mournful autumn breeze. His steps took a faster pace, almost stomping
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It all began two days ago on the peaceful sanctuary of the Women’s Island, or ‘Paradise’ as the women themselves call it, it is another word that is used to describe her birthplace. Amalthea always understood how name tags had a big influence on how the two divisions of the world interact with each other, in a similar way, her followers in Paradise had their own name that they had invented for the Men’s Island, they called it ‘Odd World’. According to the same book of legends that talked about blood and roses, the two islands were once one nation, ruled by discrimination and sexism, women were abhorred by the very same sons that they raised or fathers and husbands they loved, that was until the great revolution that was started by a few women who had the aid of the nymphs changed everything, the table of powers flipped over that very same day. From that moment forward, women continued to live separately under the protection of the nymphs who came to their rescue on that fateful occa
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The Sinking Ship
Every day, a new sun rose above Paradise, slowly but surely embracing the sea, the land, and all living creatures that took shelter in either one of those two. Life pulsed throughout Paradise just like blood is pumped through a mortal’s heart, Night followers got replaced with the followers of the day, both relying on each other to complete the many tasks that needed to be done to ensure the cycle of life continued without fault, and still got their much-needed restoration period as they took turns hibernating. Being a nymph meant being a part of the ever-unfolding secrets that the universe kept to itself, much like hormones were the magic that organized a mortal’s body, nymphs were the magic that organized the elements of the mortal world. Amalthea, however, was a different story. Her extraordinary life force meant that she rarely needed restoration, a few days a month were more than enough for the heiress, she was committed to her role with every particle of her being, which made
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My Fated Pair
The Heiress conducted a quick assessment of the situation and immediately understood what was going on, it was not strange that the sea issued then conducted the death sentence over the men. ‘I cannot communicate with the fire’ Whatever was going on aboard that sinking ship, it was not a natural occurrence, it has got to have happened because of something that men have created. Nymphs were superior beings when it came to the world that naturally existed around mortals, but when it had something to do with technology and the inventions the humans came up with, the nymphs fell way behind, they did not need to understand the things that were not natural, and so, there was no way for Amalthea to fully comprehend what went wrong with whatever that was threatening to turn the men’s ship into ashes. One thing was for sure, that thing was not fire. The winter wind intervened implying that a trick might have been involved, the men could be scheming to land over Paradise with the aid of the
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The First Embrace
Amalthea whispered to the wind to help push her pair over to her, he pounced at her like a majestic hawk, arms wide open, about to embrace her. Her inner energy exploded with an unknown sense of anticipation and she whispered to the wind to let her go, not wanting the air to separate them from each other. She tried to identify the heat that she felt under her human form’s skin, a sense of despair took over her with the need to name this new feeling. ‘Desire’ was the name that rightfully described the melody that was played by the components of her inner energy, longing for this man’s touch. It took over her like the fire that consumes the dry wood, and when the collision happened, she welcomed him like the thirsty summer earth welcomes the first drop of rain after the drought season. Her breasts perked as they were pressed to his wide chest, her arms surrendered control to his firmness as he locked her in his blissful cage, her long long legs intertwined around his waist, and thoug
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Sex Appeal
Someone else was approaching. She detected a safe field when an older man closed in from behind her, carrying human clothes, he stopped and looked at the president, then carried on when he got a nod from him, his cold wrinkled hand grabbed her arm and supported her upward, he stood in the way between her and her beloved, even though the man was short enough not to form a barrier between pitch-black and midnight connected eyes, she simply hated it. The man draped the wide shirt that had his energy and surely belonged to him over her shoulders, he tied together her hands then started closing the buttons one after another, avoiding direct contact, when his finger brushed over her breasts once, her eyes looked down at him, he looked up at her apologetically. The vibes he emitted were those of a mother, and she immediately understood that he was a father to someone somewhere. 'Children do change everything' She brought her eyes back to her pair, already missing him after their very sho
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The Proposal
The witch fell to the ground abruptly.The president had to restrain his arm that almost went on its own to steady her, she looked up at him from beneath long coal-colored lashes, the contrast between her fair skin and her dark eyes and hair was a heavy load for a man to carry, but this was not the biggest contrast this fake woman showed him.Her eyes wore the manliest of all looks, it was fixed deep within them, making way for her fearless soul to gaze upon him. For three seconds or maybe four, he imagined he was looking at himself in his mirror. The thought was..."Extremely disturbing...""...Marry me."She said, desperately."... Fuc*ing hell?"..."Did you hear what she just said to our president?""You are just hallucinating you fuc*ing idiot.""I did not even tell you what I heard you as*hole!""Are we all under the influence of the nymphs' spells now?""We are doomed! Doomed I tell you""SHUT THE FUC* UP MEN!"The president shouted over the panicking statements that were hum
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An Afternoon in The Sea
Far away from the drowning men and the nymph that was about to save them, deep inside a ship that had set sails to Men's Island, Amalthea sat down on the floor.From the looks of the tiles that spread over the entire area, the men had transformed a corner in the kitchen to form a small prison, the cook left as soon as he locked her behind the iron bars while two men wearing black suits stood by the door on guard duty, they never once looked her way, would she have noticed them if they did?The heiress's mind was filled with her pair, leaving very little room for anything else. Her normally sharp senses were dull, she did not want to waste even one percent of her energy in the wrong place right now.'I doubt they will let me harvest the sunset today'Beyond Amalthea's control, a little of her life-force slipped out of her fingers after what her pair had done to her, when he pressed his forehead to hers emitting nothing but hostility, her energy exploded willing her to change into her s
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The Paint Job (Neck Access)
Generation after generation, from desperate fathers to lonely sons, there was one conclusion the men as a community had reached about the darkest time of their history, the so-called women's revolution.The current president, Hylas, was not only in agreement with this conclusion but also its biggest supporter and advocator.The manipulative nymphs had used tabooed witchcraft to brainwash their obedient mothers into following the witches out of their island, Men's Island, the women's revolution was a myth, and a lie cannot cover the ultimate truth just as a man's finger cannot cover the sun.The truth that was passed in the Men's Island was that the Women's Island, or Paradise as the deceiving nymphs called it, was just an open-air jail.The wicked nymphs had taken their women hostage, they were held there only to be human shields, they remain obedient to the wicked witches because of the tabooed sorcery that took control over their brains, being the tender weak creatures they were, th
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The Paint Job (The Frenzy)
The president gave up on getting an answer out of the rebel, so he unpinned her hand from the bars and then half dragged her back to where she was lying down in the corner of the cell. Her consciousness warned her that she was about to slip away into hibernation so she tried reasoning with him some more."If you do not take me up, I will have to sleep the night away."He turned his attention to the nearby barrel and opened the lid."What a twisted way to say that your strange as* electricity would disconnect otherwise, so what is so bad about that for me?"Right there from where Amalthea limped, her hand reached out to clutch his foot in panic."Now that I have found you, I am just not ready to leave you alone, my beloved."After measuring her pair, she knew he was not weak, far from that actually, he was perhaps the strongest human being she had ever met, he took great care of his body that looked and felt like a man's armor, the quality of his magnetic field was also healthy, she kn
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